How To Greet The World With A ‘Hello’ In 15 Different Languages

A smile, a handshake, and a ‘hello’ will endear you to the different parts of the world. When a traveller is venturing out to explore the globe, the first word would be a ‘hello'.

If you learn how to say hello in different languages of several countries you visit, it will show your effort to communicate with the people. Greeting strangers with a “hello’ is a marvellous way to begin your conversation.

The language you chose to communicate with the persons sets the tone of the conversation and even plays a part in building your relationship with them.

Not only this can help you to get closer to the people of different countries, but also you can roughly get an idea about the language.

A simple ‘Hello’ or variations of it like ‘nice to meet you’ or a ‘good day’ is the few expressions and phrases you should adopt when you are trying out a new tongue.

Even if you cannot master fluency in a language, one little word can endear you to the native speakers you meet abroad.

Do not stress over to learn so many languages together! Neither you need to sweat, nor you need to pay an Australian dollar (AUD) to pick up a new language. We have got you a list of 15 styles of uttering ‘Hello’ in 15 different languages.

1. How To Say Hello In French?

Are you going to France for any business venture? Then you must learn how to say hello in different languages including French to carry on the business meeting and any seminar.

To welcome the guests, or greet the business partners, you can say ‘Bonjour’! Otherwise, in a friendly affair, you can utter ‘Salut’ informally.

2. Visiting Spain For Vacation? Learn To Say Hello In Spanish

While you are visiting Spain to explore the scenic beauty of Spain, you at least pick up a few common words to communicate. Hello is one of them.

There are two or three ways you can say hello depends upon the events you are participating in. In Spanish, the formal style is ‘Hola,’ and the informal style would be like ¿Qué tal? (What’s up?)

3. How Will You Greet The Native People Of Russia?

When you are visiting Russia, you can pick some Russian words to communicate with the native people over there. This will help you to know the natives, their lifestyle, and the local culture better.

The Formal style of greeting is ‘Zdravstvuyte’ in Russian, and the informal way of saying hello in Russia is ‘Privet’

4. Say ‘Hello’ In Chinese In Two Different Ways

China is the largest country and has the highest population around the world. Even within China, the natives can communicate with different dialects. Moreover, it is a great business hub in the world. Hence, if you pick up some words in Chinese, it will help you to spread your business in China.

Let’s check out two different ways you can say hello in Chinese-

Formal: ‘Nǐn hǎo’

Informal: ‘Nǐ hǎo’

5. How To Say ‘Hello In Italian

Many married couples choose Italy for their honeymoon destination. You can spend time amidst the mesmerizing locations like Vatican City, San Marino, and Switzerland. You will enjoy it more if you gel with the local inhabitants.

While learning hello in different languages, the people should also pick up the greeting style in Italian before hitting the fancy locales in Italy to gel with the inhabitants over there.

Learn how you can say hello in Italian here-

Formal: Salve

Informal: Ciao

6. Greet The Japanese With A ‘Hello’ In Japanese

Are you planning to travel to Japan soon? Grasping a few Japanese words will help you to communicate with the native people. The travellers must learn both the formal as well as the informal style of uttering a ‘hello’ in Japanese. In an official event, you can greet people with ‘Konnichiwa’. In a causal venture, you can just start your conversation with ‘Yā, Yō’.

7. How To Say Hello In German?

German is the official spoken language and most widely spoken language in Germany, Austria, South Tyrol and a part of Switzerland. Pick up some basic German words to talk with the German.

Here you will know the two ways of saying hello in German-

Formal: Guten Tag

Informal: Hallo, Hi

8. Do You Want To Learn How To Say Hello In Portuguese? Scroll down-

Portuguese is used in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, and Macau, Cape Verde as the official language. If you know how to say ‘hello’ in Portuguese, you can communicate with the people belong to all these countries.

The formal style of greeting German people: Olá

The informal style of greeting German people: Oi

9. How Will You Say ‘Hello’ In Arabic?

Whether you are visiting Algeria, Chad, Djibouti, Israel, Iraq, Sudan, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates, you need to speak in Arabic. The first word you must pronounce to start your conversation is ‘hello’. Do not forget to pick up Arabic greetings word while mastering hello in different languages.

In the formal affair, you have to say, ‘Asalaam alaikum’ whereas; you can say ‘Ahlan’ in a casual conversation.

10. Are You Travelling To Denmark? Learn To Say ‘Hello’ In Danish

People belong to Denmark, Greenland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, a part of Canada and Germany use Danish for communication. If you are visiting these places, learn how to gree them in their mother language.

The Formal way of saying hello in Danish is: ‘Godda’, whereas the informal style suggests saying ‘Hej, Halløj’.

11. How To Say ‘Hello’ In Dutch?

When people visit the Netherlands, Flanders and the northern provinces of Belgium, the visitors speak in Dutch. The Formal way to say ‘hello’ in Dutch is “Goedendag”; whereas the informal way is: Hoi, Hallo.

Some people also visit there to cement the business relationships with the clients. In that case, only a hello in Dutch is not enough to carry on a business meeting. Besides, they also need to exchange many written documents in Dutch.  You can avail language translation service to translate all the required business documents into Dutch.

12. How Will You Say ‘Hello’ In Greek?

Around 10.8 million people in Greece communicate with Greek. While visiting Greece, travellers can greet the local people in their language. It would be more endearing, and you can make a place in their hearts instantly.

While you are meeting your business clients, you can greet them “Yassas”, a formal way to say hello. On the other hand, the informal way of saying hello is: “Yassou”

13. Say ‘Hello’ In Indonesian

People residing in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei speak in Indonesia. If you communicate with the habitants staying there, you can greet them with an Indonesian hello. The formal way of saying hello in Indonesian is: ‘Selamat siang’ and the informal way is ‘Halo’.

14. Say ‘Namaste’ In Hindi Instead Of Saying An English ‘Hello’

India is a diverse country, but Hindi is the national language. It is a country where a simple greeting can endear you to the people. It would be wonderful to say ‘Namaste or Namaskar’ by closing your palms near your chest in replace of an English hello.

When you are meeting your friends in India, it is preferable to greet them in a casual way with ‘Hai’ or ‘Helo.’

15. How To Say Hello In Turkish?

The people residing in Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Iraq, and Macedonia communicate in Turkish. If you have a business affair with the citizens of these countries, then you need to greet the trade people with a formal hello in Turkish. In that case, you must say, ‘Merhaba.’

Besides that, if you meet people casually, you will say, ‘Selam’ informally.

These are the 15 ways one can say ‘hello'. Take note of these greetings as per your next venture. You will notice a difference in the gesture of the people and the hosts after greeting them ‘hello’ in their native language.

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