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Brisbane Travel Guide: Ten Simple (But Important) Things To Remember

After the panic of the pandemic crisis of covid19 2020, if you are looking to explore one of the most happening places for the best recreation, Brisbane is the ideal break-free destination for you. Look through a perfectly structured Brisbane itinerary to make some memories.

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Where is Brisbane?

brisbane map

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland, Australia, and is located along the Brisbane River. According to the statistical reports of 2021, it has a population of around 2,406,000 and a destination with no dearth of attractions. Situated in the heart of Australia, Brisbane becomes the third-largest city in the country of Australia.

Why do you need a Brisbane travel guide?

At Brisbane, you can enjoy day trips, outdoor activities, concerts, and shows. However, to write a Brisbane travel blog, or for exploring Brisbane systematically, you need to have a perfect guide to Brisbane. Whether you are traveling from overseas or a domestic traveler, visiting Brisbane for a business tour or taking a degree, you should design the best travel guide and get your legal papers corrected by translation service Brisbane to make the most of your tour.

10 things to do in Brisbane according to Brisbane travel guide

Brisbane is one of Australia’s most iconic cities with its laid back atmosphere. Starting from a piece of quiet music or contemporary art, the city has everything to create a cheerful ambiance. The Streets beach, art gallery, spectacular landscape, thriving markets, and cordial enthusiasm makes it a perfect place to relocate. Also, the migration from Southeast Asia and other regions has resulted in the formation of a strong, diverse culture. Let us learn more about the things to do in Brisbane through this amazing Brisbane travel planner:

Explore the story bridge

explore the story bridge brisbane

The story bridge is one of Brisbane’s major tourist attractions. Here you stare at the spectacular river and the picturesque city. The bridge is 777m, which will take around 2 hours to walk. On a delightful stroll, you will find a picnic shelter, park, playgrounds, sculptures, a mini-mangrove forest. The magnificent LED lighting display makes it a great structure, and you can see the light along the Brisbane River. 

Enjoy the local food

Brisbane’s specialty is the food that it offers. Some of the must-eat plates of Brisbane are as follows:

Gnocchi with pork and fennel sausage

The best seller for seven years with handmade gnocchi and fennel-flecked pork sausage


The perfect patisserie with flour and chocolate and a host of different flavour ideas.

Bee sting wings

The great dish of bee sting wings dipped in honey and sprinkled with sesame and chili.


The delightful fried cheese stick or a couple of maple smoked bacon can give you the most authentic taste experiences.

Get around the marketplaces

Brisbane’s weekend local markets are open from 6 am to 12 pm. Most of the markets offer you local handicrafts at reasonable prices. It is a great idea to enjoy an iced coffee in the morning time or grab some bagels or fresh bread for a snack. There are stalls with earrings and handmade clothing. Hit the Suitcase Rummage for an out of the box experience.

See the nightlife

To have a great time, you can choose to see the nightlife in Brisbane. Just take a walk along the coast, a city park, or tickle your taste buds by stepping into the many eateries of the city. The delicious dishes of meat and some skewered vegetables with some friends and beers can make your tiring day end with a great feeling. Do not forget Sonny’s House of Blues for a jazz session.

Visit the Roma street parkland


roma street parkland

The Roma street parkland is situated in the centre of Brisbane and covers around 16 hectares of land. With its housing free barbecues, playgrounds and several events throughout the year. You can board into the trackless train to encounter the rocky peninsulas, the meadows and the misty fern gully.

Go to the Mt.Coot Tha

The tallest mountain of Brisbane city, Mt. Coot Tha, is located in the West of the CBD district. Here you get an amazing view of a thick forest and explore the view of the entire city at one go.

Enjoy the famous brewery

The brewery of Brisbane forms the main source of tourist attractions as it has the cheapest breweries. The brewery business has successfully completed 140years.

Explore the fortitude valley

fortitude valley

The fortitude valley is crammed with excitement. It is best known for its nightlife, hip laneways, leafy streets, and elite swimming experience. The street art greet and a salsa dance at the Cloudland will make your day.  

Be at the bayside of the Moreton bay

At Moreton Bay, you come across the most exciting sights in Brisbane. Here you can explore the national park, take a drive over to the Bribie island, enjoy skydiving and other adventurous sports.

Access the Brisbane festival

Tourism in Brisbane is incomplete without focussing on its major festivals. It is an explosion of art and culture that brings together people from every corner.

Major attractions of Brisbane 

The lush Brisbane city is an amazingly vibrant place that depicts the true picture of urban art and culture. At Brisbane, you can enjoy day trips, outdoor activities, concerts, and shows. You may include private day trips in your tours, museums, explore forests, day cruises, sailing, lunch cruises, ferry rides, and other water tours. On the Gold Coast, you get the maximum number of Brisban’s site for tourist attractions. What’s more in store?

The cultural precinct in south bank

Visit the South Bank to get an idea about Brisbane’s premium quality lifestyle and culture. The South bank parklands are Australia’s most promising site that hosts several remarkable events, world-class food joints, lush green parklands, and the river water view. The precinct is Brisbane’s epitome of culture. Here you will find the Queensland Theatre Company, State Library of Queensland, Queensland Museum, Queensland Performing Arts Centre, Australia’s most prominent Gallery of Modern Art. Brisbane’s South Bank parklands give an added amusement to the tourists because of the manmade Streets beach, cafes, restaurants, bars, green spaces, picnic spots, the park, and riverside dining experience.

Lone pine koala sanctuary

Lone pine koala sanctuary

The most vivid lone pine koala sanctuary is home to hundreds of species of Australian animals. It has received recognition from the Guinness Book of World Records. Encounter the real Kangaroos and wild lorikeets and koalas and get the pleasure of feeding them. You will undoubtedly like to see the Koala Forest and the experience outback farm to get the rural feel of the place. The sheepdog handlers and their loyal dogs are never a miss

Brisbane Botanic Gardens

The Brisbane botanic gardens is Queensland’s exclusive site of a world-famous collection of plants. It comprises 128 acres of horticulture and has the largest collection of bamboo, cactus, and other indigenous plants. While visiting Mt. Coot Tha, you can step into this subtropical botanic garden to fulfill your knack for studying the native plants.

Boggo Road Gaol

The Boggo Road Gaol offers you an excellent and informative historical tour. It was primarily a prison in the Twentieth century, which became a famous site for some unfavorable reasons. At present, the place is recognized as a cultural heritage best for conducting educational tours, functions, and events. It takes around 2hours to bring back the historical people and their stories into life.

Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art

Queensland Art Gallery & Gallery of Modern Art

Nurture the art lover in you by exploring the Modern Art Gallery. Along the riverside of South Bank Cultural Precinct, these two adjacent buildings are a sharp contrast. There is a classic display of 1700 works of art and the most impressive glass-enclosed building. The contemporary artwork, the international and Asian collection, and the indigenous Australian collection make it the most stimulating exhibition. The Children’s Art centre is a place to keep your little ones engaged.

Queensland Museum

The Queensland Museum is a cultural heritage that displays the different aspects of science and human achievements. The wide range of public programs, educational events, early childhood activities, and exhibitions in the museum successfully nurture the curious individual in you. The museum is centrally located in the business districts and hence becomes easy to navigate.

The Brisbane river

Spend a day cherishing the mesmerizing Brisbane river. It flows through the city of Brisbane and forms the longest river in South-east Queensland. Get the real view of the backdrop for a while and explore the outnumbered outdoor activities and dining experiences. If you avail a CityCat to head towards the New Farm Park or aboard a cruise, you can gather the many different perspectives of Brisbane. Visit during the sunset to relish the best scenery.

Suncorp Stadium

suncorp stadium

One of the best outdoor concert venues of Australia, the Suncorp Stadium of Brisbane is home to the fantastic sporting teams of Queensland. The stadium has a capacity to accomodate 52,000 people and conducts around 40 sporting events every year. It also organizes live music programs of high profile artists and bands.

Queensland Performing Arts Centre

One of Australia’s major attractions is the Queensland Performing Arts Centre. The programs of QPAC are carefully designed to give you the wildest experiences. A day at the QPAC allows you to come across the world’s top-notch musical theatre productions, world-class musicians, orchestras, ballet companies, leaders, actors, singers, and magicians who invest in the new performing arts. After experiencing such premier new performing arts, you would surely like to eat in the Lyrebird Restaurant or The Cafe and The Bistro.

Moreton Island 

For a perfect day trip, enjoy the 75minutes ferry ride offered at Moreton Island. Most of the island is recognized as one of the national parks in Australia. The beach is filled with charismatic white sands, and the island offers many sports activities like biking, snorkeling, quad biking, whale watching cruises, etc. It is the world’s third-largest island.

How to travel from Brisbane to Melbourne?

Read the Melbourne attractions and make a perfect travel guide. Before that, know about the transport facilities:

1)You can book a direct flight from Brisbane(BNE) to Melbourne(MEL). The journey is around 4hours 17minutes, and the flight fares start from 7600/-

2)Avail of a train to the Gold Coast(OOL) and then board a flight to Melbourne(MEL). The duration of the journey is around 6hours.

3)Go from Brisbane to Avalone by bus, which takes around 7hours and 25minutes.

4)Get into a train to Maroochydore and then a flight to Melbourne

5)Avail of a budget night train which takes 26hours 5minutes and might cost you from 9000/- to 23000/-

6)Look for a direct train from Brisbane to Melbourne, which takes 26hours.

7)You can even look for a bus. The duration of the journey is 28hours 20minutes, and it costs you from 10000 to 23000 based on your preferences of seat and facilities.

8)It is a great idea to board a bus which runs via Brisbane and the journey time is 30hours 20minutes.

9)If you are comfortable driving all by yourself, it will be best to drive to Melbourne city, which is 1749.7km and takes around and can take 18hours 29minutes.

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Restrictions to travel Brisbane

When an international traveler applies for the immigration process, he needs to upload all the legal documents to undergo the approval process. This may take upto 3 business days. The documents must be transferred. 

According to the official reports of the government of Queensland, temporarily, there are certain restrictions to entry to Queensland. A domestic traveler needs to get a Queensland border declaration pass. The government has declared a few states or territories as COVID19 hotspots. An individual living in such zones must adhere to the rules of the government to get a declaration pass. Any individual who is traveling from international borders must follow the quarantine rules. As the visitor steps into the state, he is directed to the best accommodation arranged by the government, where he needs to complete 14days. 

The most important part, however, lies in the checking of your official paper. Find the best Translation Service in Australia to get your reports interpreted or translated by certified professions. 

Best time to visit Brisbane


The best and the most comfortable time to visit Brisbane is during the Autumn. Autumn in the city falls from March to May. The temperature remains between 50degree Centigrade to 30degree Centigrade. Pack the sunscreen and never not get surprised to experience a little rainfall. During these months a wide range of discounts is available in various activities as well as accommodations.

Winter and Spring 

To know how busier Brisbane can go, visit the place from June to November. The temperature remains dry and hot. Also, get around the city to experience the happening Festivals of these times. Do not forget to make the pre-bookings to cherish the festive mood of the west end.


Make budget travel and get the most exciting deals on accommodation at this time. Although the temperature remains wet and humid, you can still be a part of the local and enjoy your Brisbane trip. The season covers the months from December to March.

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Best accommodation in Brisbane

South Bank

If you plan to reside at the south bank, you will have the availability of restaurants, beaches. It is the home to the cultural precinct of Brisbane.

Fortitude valley 

Plan for a home at the fortitude valley for amazing entertainment throughout the day. The shopping areas and the nightlife are the most enjoyable.

New farm

The New Farm is the best area to shop and dine. You can join the local crowd and enjoy the local shopping to complete your tour.

Transport to get around Brisbane

City public transports

Brisbane has a wide network of city public transports and has an option of a common ticketing system through Translink. The go card is a hassle-free way to access the terminals.


Scheduled trains of Brisbane are well connected throughout Australia and inner cities too.


For an out of box travel, join the ferry ride to traverse up and down the city.


A bus from The Greyhound Australia can connect you to all the major cities.


The black and white cabs, yellow cabs are standard in Brisbane. They accept cash and credit cards throughout the city.


These are preferred in the rush hours and are widely available. You can use a prepaid or postpaid service.


Enjoy the freedom of exploring the place in your self-paced mode by hiring a bicycle.

Whether it is a casual stroll around the city or a quiet evening beach walk, you would love to get around with the local ambiance. Thus a Brisbane tour is fulfilling.

Visit Brisbane once in your lifetime to feel the real vibes of the magical place.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Brisbane a good place to travel?

Yes, Brisbane is an excellent place to travel. Brisbane offers many sightseeing spots to visit for a couple of days, and if you plan to cover all surrounding attractions, it will take about five to seven days. Prime tourist attractions around Brisbane include South Bank Parklands, South Bank Parklands, Roma Street Parkland, Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt. Coot-tha, etc. 

Also, Brisbane has the best beaches in Queensland, and the weather is soothing throughout the year. You will love Brisbane once you taste local restaurant foods among friendly folks.

2. What is the best month to visit Brisbane?

Autumn is wonderful in the Southern Hemisphere. Most people visit Brisbane between March and May to enjoy the pleasant weather and beautiful landscapes. Also, many visitors choose the months from May to September and January to witness sunshine and local festivals.

3. Is Brisbane a walkable city?

The soothing topical climate and beautiful pavements make Brisbane one of the most walkable cities in the world. You can move without a car in Brisbane because it has an excellent public transport system, viz. bus, train and ferry services. And visit the surrounding places on foot.


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