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Jun 27, 2020 | Naati

Know How To Get Naati Translation

Many people wonder how to get a NAATI translator in Australia. Most people don’t even know what NAATI means! Today, we are here to solve all your queries and tell you how to get a NAATI translator easily and quickly!

If you need the “official” or “certified” translation within Australia, you’re actually talking about a translation by a translator with current NAATI translator accreditation. So what is NAATI accreditation and recognition? NAATI certified translators in Australia go through a certification, testing, or recognition process that is highly regulated. It means that you get a high-quality translation that is sure to be accepted by many authorities in Australia and beyond.

If you are trying to migrate, study, or work in Australia, any legal document that you translate has to bear the NAATI accreditation stamp. All Australian universities, government bodies, and employers require document translations to be completed by a NAATI translator. We provide document translations from certified translators for thousands of people across Australia, so get the best NAATI translation with us today! The most common document translations are:

Birth Certificates Marriage Certificates Death Certificates Divorce Certificates Police Reports
Identification Cards (IDs) University Degrees Academic Transcripts School Diplomas Passports

What Is NAATI Accreditation?

Basically, NAATI allows people who are fluent in more than one language to become registered as a professional interpreter or translator.

NAATI is a short form or the abbreviation of the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters and it is responsible for setting and maintaining the national standards for any language practitioners in Australia. It is the only organization authorized by all states of Australia to give accreditation for translators and interpreters to provide professional language services in Australia. They grant certification to practitioners of common languages and recognition to language practitioners for rare languages. The organization is present across every state and territory in both Australia and New Zealand. If you wish to know how to be a NAATI translator, you can visit the NAATI website. Watch the full video here to know more about how to get a NAATI translator!

NAATI is a not-for-profit organization, limited by guarantee, organized in Australia below the Corporations Act 2001. The company is controlled jointly by the Commonwealth, State and Territory governments of Australia, and is administered by the Board of Directors, who are appointed by owners. The members of NAATI are nine ministers responsible for multicultural matters and citizenship in Commonwealth, State and Territory governments. Members appoint a representative to exercise their powers concerning NAATI. These Member Representatives are separate from the NAATI board of directors. Naati translators are an important aspect of the international migration process. Check out the Key Findings of NAATI Translators About International migration over here.

NAATI offers many levels of accreditation and certification. They are an acknowledgment that an individual can meet the professional requirements of the translation and interpreting industry. These accreditation levels are based on the level of skill of the interpreter or translator and go from basic to very advanced accreditation. Professional Translator accreditation is the most common level of competence for professional document translation. This accreditation level is recommended for work in most settings, including law, medical, social, banking, courts, and community services. Luckily for you, our No.1 translation service in Australia has extensive experience across these fields and many others.

Below is the list of all certifications and credentials offered by NAATI –

Translator accreditation and credentials:

  • Advanced Translator (Senior) – Formerly Level 5
  • Advanced Translator – Formerly Level 4
  • Professional Translator – Formerly Level 3
  • Paraprofessional Translator – Formerly Level 2
  • Translator Recognition – Dialect and language accreditation not offered by NAATI

Interpreter accreditation and credentials:

  • Conference Interpreter (Senior) – Formerly Level 5
  • Conference Interpreter – Formerly Level 4
  • Professional Interpreter – Formerly Level 3
  • Paraprofessional Interpreter – Formerly Level 2
  • Interpreter Recognition – Dialect and language
    accreditation not offered by NAATI
  • Language Aide – Awarded for completing a NAATI test

You can also explore the NAATI Test Dates & More!

How Much Does A Naati Translator Cost?

Australian Translation Services is proud of how pocket-friendly our NAATI certified translation service is. If you need documents translated into English for official purposes such as for Australian Passport application or to submit it to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), or maybe even a driver’s license translated, we can help. We provide NAATI certified translations for a low price of $20 per page.

Our awesome NAATI translations are carried out by professional NAATI accredited translators who have the relevant qualifications to carry out NAATI translations. You should be aware that several factors influence pricing. These include the dialect that the documents are in, how quickly you need the translation, and the digital copy sent to you. You can also read some other Frequently Asked Questions to learn how to get a NAATI translator!

There are many reasons you should have your translation completed by a translator who is accredited by NAATI. It is the only accrediting organization for translators in Australia. For instance, you can read this blog on why should we choose NAATI Translators for translating a driving license. NAATI’s minimum standards that it expects from translators, in terms of quality, professionalism, as well as ethics, set the benchmark for what is required by the community.

When you submit a document to any Australian Federal, State, or local government department or authority, they will most likely have a requirement that the translation is completed by a translator who holds NAATI accreditation. Your translation will probably be rejected by authorities in Australia if it is not NAATI certified. By having this requirement, the Australian state can have some peace of mind that professionals with accreditation are maintaining a good standard for translation in Australia – just as you would expect from other professions like lawyers, doctors, plumbers, or electricians. You can read our reviews to learn more about how to get a NAATI translator!

Our NAATI accredited and recognized professional translation service is available in all languages. Some of the languages that our NAATI certified translation services are available in include Arabic, Chinese, German, Nepali, Greek, Ukrainian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Persian (Farsi), Urdu, Czech, Dari, Korean, Latin, Polish, Japanese, Malay, Serbian, Bosnian, Sinhalese, Spanish, Tamil, Vietnamese, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, French, Spanish and Thai. It means that you get a high-quality translation that is sure to be accepted by many authorities in Australia and beyond. Thus, if you wonder how o get Marriage Certificate translated Into English by NAATI translators, you know where to go. 

Moreover, when requesting an interpreter or a translator with Australian translation services, you can count on:











Thank you for reading, we hoped you learned all about how to get a NAATI translator after reading this!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can NAATI translator certify documents?

Regarding verified document translations for immigration, education, or business translations, NAATI translator services are among the most reputable in Australia.

How long do translations remain valid?

A certified translation typically remains valid for the same time as the original paper. However, in some circumstances, the translation may last for a limit of six months.

How many languages are there in NAATI?

High competent standards for the translating and interpreting industry in more than 180 languages are established, maintained, and promoted by NAATI.

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