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Sep 24, 2021 | Birth Certificate

How To Translate Birth Certificate In Australia – A Complete Guide

Have you been asked to translate birth certificate in Australia? You might have migrated to Australia either for the job or to reside permanently. There are several vital documents that you need to translate from regional language to English. A birth certificate is one of the vital documents that you must translate. The certificate is meant to show the actual age and the place of birth of an individual. You can now translate birth certificate to English in Australia. 

Translating your birth certificate to English in Australia can be a confusing and challenging process. There are many steps to go through. Also, you need to know about the different types of certificates that you’ll come across. In this blog, we will guide you through all of these steps and even give some tips on what documents you might need as well!

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What To Do To Translate Birth Certificates?

What to do to Translate Birth Certificates?

It is now possible to translate the birth certificates in any language that you desire. Even in Australia, there are various regions where the language spoken is different. For example, if you will reside in Perth, get the benefit to translate birth certificate Perth. 

One of the great ways is by going through a translation service that specializes in translating documents. Since they do it professionally, the correctness that you can get is cent percent. 

It’s also an affordable option as compared to getting it done locally or doing so yourself. It might take up too much time and will be expensive if you approach unauthorized online sources!

If you are thinking about the price, the change of name certificate is quite affordable. You must check out the rates.

It may even not legal, depending on where you are located! So why risk being caught? There’s no need when companies like this exist created explicitly with these services at their core. 

How Much It Cost To Translate A Birth Certificate?

How much it cost to translate a birth certificate?

The cost of translating a birth certificate varies depending on the document type. The other parameters include language and the fact that it is standard or certified. 

A simple translation, for example, from Spanish to English will typically range from $50-$150. At the same time, something more complicated such as Arabic to English, may be much higher at around $300-400. Where possible, try using an online service, so you know the exact cost of your translation before it begins. You can learn here more about the Australian birth certificate replacement.

How Do You Translate A Birth Certificate?

Whether are you applying for permanent residency in Australia or a long-term job, a birth certificate is an important paper that you need to present there. But, the translation must be done in a specific language that is well-spoken in the particular region of Australia. If you cannot allocate it in the right way, it can be denied in the application process. Let us find out a guide to the translation of birth certificate can take place without flaws:

Get certified translators 

You can get such certified translators from well-known reputed organizations or agencies. They usually deal with all types of certificate translation associated with the Australian Visa process. They are highly experienced, which can lead to flawless translation of all the official documents. You can source them online with the search for the right keyword.

How do you translate a birth certificate?

Check the authenticity of translators

You must be wondering about how to check the authenticity of the translator. One of the effective means is to check their document translation. Usually, in Australia, NAATI-certified translators are in great demand. Also, they are pretty authentic with regard to the quality of the work.

Ask the duration they take

Ask them how long it takes to get back with a translation. Also, raise a query about the kind of turnaround time they offer people. You also need to know the duration for those who need urgent services like visa applications filed within two weeks etc.

It’s essential to match the turnaround time with your requirement of the client in Birth Certificate Translation Services. The applicant must need to know all these when applying for visas. Otherwise, things could end up getting delayed. In addition, it may put more stress on both ends than necessary.

Step By Step Guide On Translation Of Birth Certificate

The birth certificate language translation process is quite tedious. It is what most people think. But, with the help of these step-by-step guides, the methods will create a stress-less flow. As a result, you will be able to avail translation of any language you desire. Whether you wish to translate Spanish birth certificate to English, or vice versa, the NAATI-certified authentic people will be there for you. 

Step 1- Research on translators

There are several ways to search for translators. The Internet is a beautiful medium to do so. Try to use not one but several search engines to get the best result. It is just due to the reason that a single search engine might not give you useful results. Even after getting the result on the first page, you must visit the next 5-10 pages.

Step 2- Contact the professionals

Once you have sourced the right company or the agency that deals with translation, the next step is to contact them. You can either reach them on phone directly or send an email with your query. Certified translator in birth certificate in Australia will be happy to help. 

Step by step guide on translation of birth certificate

Step 3- Send all documents

Once you have no problem with the terms and conditions, you must send all the documents to get translated. It includes copies of both sides of ID (birth certificate & passport), application forms completed correctly, any other supporting documents required. You also need to attach payment and a prepaid self-addressed envelope. You can send these off via post or courier, whichever is more convenient.

Step 4- Update of address

The final step on How to get English translation of a birth certificate requires your address listed on the birth certificate. It has been updated in Australia’s national records system. This requires completing an application form with all relevant details filled out correctly. They provide copies of both sides of ID/passport and two proofs of current Australian residency, e.g., utility bills, etc. 

How Long Does Language Translation Of A Birth Certificate Take?

English Translation of Birth Certificate can vary. It can depend upon the agency you wish to use for your translation services. It can take anywhere from a few days to even weeks before you receive the translated document back.

It may also vary based on your country’s laws that govern translation. For example, documents must be legally certified by the Embassy or Consulate.

Decoding a birth certificate needs correctness and authenticity. Only the experts with experience can provide you with the best service. Individuals and families migrating to Australia from Malaysia can now seek to translate Malaysian birth certificate to English. NAATI-certified professional translators are now present to help you round the clock. You can now seek the best help from an expert at a pocket-friendly price. Also, if you have time duration, just let the translators or the authority know. They can process your order on an urgent basis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get papers that are officially translated?

Any qualified translator or translation agency can offer certified translations. A certificate attesting that the translation accurately represents the source paper must be submitted with the work.

How long is the validity of a translation?

The translation should only expire or change over time if the source document has been altered or has run out of time. The translation is still legal even if the notary’s or certified translator’s signature has expired.

Do translations of documents require certification?

Generally, a NAATI-accredited translator must transcribe and certify all formal papers written in a foreign language. This includes documents and credentials like birth certificates, visas, and medical records.

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