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We here at australiantranslationservices. com.au are a group of 400+ NAATI certified German translators who can provide the highest quality German translation solutions.

Additionally, we offer on-demand and localization experience that fuels global growth. Our NAATI German translation team can help in managing any translation projects along with finding a flexible, efficient and economical solution for all your translation needs.

German Translation

Significance of German translation services?

The German language is recognized as one of the most spoken languages in the world. English to German translation is necessary as a large sum of the Australian population is from Germany.

Moreover, Germany is also predominant in English speaking nations such as the United States, Canada and Great Britain. Therefore, our language services not only concentrate on focusing on one country but many.

The language skills of the translators of the German language must be extensive because,

  • Unlike most other languages such as English, German, greek, Maltese Maori, Tatar Telugu, Sundanese Swahili, Spanish, French, Chinese and different, there is a steep difference in grammar, dialect, pronunciation, and vocabulary of the German language not just within the country but from region to region. For instance, the German language spoken in the Netherlands is not the same spoken in Austria. One needs to translate the German language even within the country!
  • When other languages have nouns for Males and Females, German language takes it one step further with a "Neuter" gender, and the word is purely determined by grammar.
  • Compared to other languages, all the Nouns in the German language are capitalized.
  • The English German translation must be aware of an additional German consonant he ß, called "Eszett". The letter does not start at the beginning of the word and takes the form of double-s.

Our Language translation services make sure all your documents meet the highest standards of translation quality and accuracy.

Get The Error-free Document Translation in German Language

German Driver License Translation

A driver's license is a very small and inconspicuous document, but it is mandatory to have it with you any time you are behind the wheel in Australia. Australian Translation Services provides accredited German-English translations of driver's licenses. No matter which state has issued your license, our translation agency provides you with a quick, straightforward German translation service that will be approved by the competent authorities.

German Birth Certificate Translation

Who can translate my Birth Certificate from English to German? Our German translation support term is available 24/7 and listens to your questions online. In addition, with quick and fast facilities, the quality of the job is ensured, since it is only handled by trustworthy translators.

German Marriage Certificate Translation

We are aware of all the problems faced by new immigrants and we make sure that they do not have to think about the translation. Therefore, we provide a competent German to English translator for marriage certificate translation. Visit us right away and get your documents translated in no-time!

Additionally We Offer German Translation On Following Documents

Why choose our German translation service?

The German language is made of compound words, usually created to replace a series of the smaller words. Therefore, during the translation of German to English, the translated text gets 35 % lengthier than the original text.

German language translations bring significant impact on the design, meaning, grammar and order of the translation of the language.

Our German translation service has the confidence that your documents will be treated with speedy delivery, accurate translation and with affordable costing. We deliver hundreds of German translations each month easily and at scale.

Along with that, all our English German or German English translations are NAATI certified! have a look at our page Naati Translator to know more about our NAATI German translation.

We do not rely on machine translation or google translate for a machine, such as a google translator, do not understand the lexical items that are unique to a different culture. They do not know the complexity of slangs, idioms, and names.

Our NAATI certified human translator can pick up the development of language quite easily. Moreover, we translate the German English document or vice versa without losing the intended tone and intricate style of the original form.

Other than German, we specialize in Italian, Japanese, Spanish, French, Chinese, and different popular languages are spoken in Australia.

Our translation services centers are located in all major cities in Australia, including Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane. Click on any desired locations, which will be convenient for you.

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We only employ NAATI translators and have been operating translation service in a wide range of categories for more than five years across Australia.

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