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To approve a migrant’s application for a permanent visa, the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) focuses primarily on the authenticity of every official document presented.

And this is more so when the applicant’s official documents are in a language other than English. In such a scenario, what turns essential is not only a grammatically flawless translation but that which meets each official translation standard set by the DIBP.

Therein, to get in touch with a real quality translation agency remains the prime pursuit of every immigrant possessing native language documents.

If you are one such seeking for Khmer document translation services, then our firm is the exact direction to turn.

Our principle of employing ‘Only NATTI Professionals’ ensures that the work delivered to you will be flawless, concrete, and at par with every relevant DIBP rule.

What more? The responsible NAATI Khmer Translator will certify each of your translated copies by the inclusion of own official NATTI seal. Learn that DIBP recognizes such a practice as one of the best ones to execute immigrants’ document translations.

Resultantly, to date, every migrant Cambodian to Australia, banking upon our Khmer translation services, claims to have experienced the speediest of documentation approval from the Immigration Department.

Check the ‘Testimonials’ page to learn about the success stories, especially of clients availing our Khmer translation in Perth service.

Not Sure Whether You Need Full Or Extract Khmer Translation Services? Allow Australian Translation Services To Help You.

It is quite probable that your migration agent may not have an answer for your every doubt related to documentation.

And whether to avail full or extract translation for specific document (s) is one major confusion we have seen migrants to have. And that so even after discussion with own immigration agent!

Acknowledge that concerning the applicant’s purpose and type of documents, the Australian government accepts both the translation types.

If yours is the need for a short-term/tourist visa, or you require marriage certificate translation Khmer, then an extract translation turns out to be sufficient in both cases.

Are you seeking Khmer translation in Adelaide for translating your own birth certificate? Extract again is the way to pursue.

Driver’s license, payslips, family papers are some more documents where Cambodian migrants to Australia can avail of our extract Khmer translation services. What’s best to this end?

We completely abide by the extract translation templates provided by AUSIT or The Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators. So you face no issues like ‘this not included’ or ‘the important part has been left out’ and smoothly progress through the approval process. However, if the documents for translation are your academic records or those representing your financial position, then the full-form translation services Khmer to English is ideal. Also, for legal contracts and where a particular document requires a lawyer’s review (divorce decree, employment terms, etc.) a full text-to-text translation appears apt.

To have the soundest advice over which translation type your situation needs, simply click at Australian Translation Services. 


Wishing The Khmer Translation Services To Be Up-Scale And Cost-Effective As Well? Australian Translation Services Is Your Best Option

What chiefly scores for our growth as a prestigious agency for Migration translation in Khmer in the Australian nation is our holistic dedication to client satisfaction.

No matter how complicated a migrant’s documentation case is, the pros put in ultimate of knowledge and efforts to serve with the best effective solution.

Our Khmer language translation model is especially renowned to help those migrants find success, whose first-time application to DIBP got rejected solely for document mismatch. (Explore the case-studies we made while offering Khmer translation in Brisbane service to know how this model works.)

Moreover, to ensure perfection through-out, every project gets re-checked by a senior translator before delivery.

And the strategy of using progressive tools and a concentrated work approach allows us to cater to people premium Khmer translation service in Australia at an ultimate pocket-friendly budget.

Can you expect any more from Language Translation Services? No, right? Then why wait to hire us? 

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Need Three Reasons To Hire Our Khmer Translation Services? Well, Here They Are

  • From translating Driver’s License to medical report translation Khmer – we can adeptly cater to your every documentation need in the ‘versatile-est’ manner possible
  • Whether requiring Khmer translation services Sydney or looking for Khmer translation in Melbourne , be sure to spot us! Australian Translation Services possesses the largest network of NAATI professionals spread across Australia.
  • Fastest completion of project in comparison to any competitor firm; Record of never missing a deadline until now

Allow no approval deadlocks hinder your Australian dream. Our Khmer translation services wait to be your guiding star.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Do Translators Charge Per 1000 Words?

Each translator will often charge a different amount for their services. Hence, a 1000-word essay may cost between $100 and $500. The anticipated cost of the translation is calculated by multiplying the word count by the translation agency’s rate per word. The translation of a standard page usually costs $25 at 250 words per page, or 1,500 characters, when spaces are considered.

2. How Much Do I Charge For Translation Services?

The dialect, topic, and other variables influence how much translation costs per word. A translator can determine their charges if only one translator works for a specific language. Dependent on the pair of words being translated, a professional translation typically costs between $0.10 and $0.30 per word. When calculating the price to translate a document, the source text’s size is typically considered.

3. How Much Should I Pay For A Translator?

The average hourly wage for a translator will be between $30 and $70, depending on the number of languages involved, the volume, the turnaround time, and the subject matter. Prices for Translation Services Per Page: Very Rare! While it’s uncommon, some translation service providers base their prices on the volume of pages in a document.