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Terms and Conditions of Australian Translation Services

The company gives the client a medium to arrange and buy translation and interpretation services. These administrations are offered using the Web or as otherwise indicated by the company. These administrations are provided on an “AS IS, AS Accessible” premise. The company does not ensure accessibility and will not be held dependable for information misfortune or service interference.

These terms and conditions establish a complete understanding of the parties and supersede all earlier versions, agreements, and negotiations on the company’s subject matter.

Translation Rights And Copyright In Source Material

The company acknowledges an arrangement from the client on the understanding that execution of the translation assignment will not violate any third party rights. The client embraces to keep the company and the translator safe from any claim for the encroachment of copyright or other intellectual property rights in all cases. 

Moreover, the client embraces keeping the company and the translator safe from any lawful activity, including but not constrained to criticism, which may emerge from the content of the initial source fabric or its interpretation.

Cancellation And Refunds

All payments are final and non-refundable. After the translation assignment is commissioned and started by a translator, any requests of cancellation, reduction in scope, or frustration by an act or exclusion of the client or any third party cannot be accepted. In that case, the client should pay the complete contract sum, unless otherwise agreed in advance.  

A discount can be given on the off chance that the client cancels an arrangement before the Translator has begun the translation/interpretation. The company reserves the right to choose whether an ask for refund merits a full or halfway refund.


The client must receive the completed work by the due date and in the way indicated within the order. The client or its authorized representative must affirm the receipt of the performed work promptly, which at the same time implies that the work was performed by the concurred due date and conveyed in the concurred manner. 

Suppose the client fails to fulfill his or her accountability of this Article and postures no questions with respect to the work inside 24 hours taking after the conveyance due date. In that case, we will assume the client to have gotten the performed work by the specified due date and agreed. 

The date of delivery may be extended in-case there is further information required from the client, for example, a query about spellings, or illegible text. The client must send the requested information as soon as possible to avoid delays.

Payment And Charges

Orders from clients must be 100% paid ahead of time. Upon approval of credit, installment terms will be set in the next seven days from the invoice’s date.

Change Requests

The translators will do their best to provide high-quality, translated documents. Should the client not be fulfilled with the work item, at that point, the client is to request for changes. Please note that NAATI certified translators will only accept requests that are in-line with NAATI guidelines. They will not be able to add or  remove information from the documents as per the clients requests, if it does not abide by the NAATI guidelines. Such alter requests and quality concerns don’t entitle the client to a cancellation or a rebate.

Other Terms

  • Any additional work outside of our proposed project scope will be cited and charged separately. The ultimate installment amount may vary in case extra components or items have been asked for this project.
  • A claim based on the duty for mistakes might be considered invalid if recorded after the time-limit for complaints has expired. The client must quickly yield a request to the contractor after finding the error in the performed work, but inside 30 days following the work’s receipt.
  • In case of an unanticipated delay, we will inform the client of the delay as early as conceivable. Late delivery does, however, not entitle the client to a cancellation. The discount for any late conveyance is set at 10% of the order esteem.

These above-mentioned terms and conditions lay out the legal confinements of duty of the site owner for any harms or harm incurred during the utilization of our site. For further data, get in touch with our 24/7 chat support without any delay!