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Dutch Translation Services And Why You Should Avail It!

When looking for Dutch translation services, you are already aware of its importance and felt the need for finding one. However, the question mark remains on the reliability of an online translator service.  

Is it hard to find a reliable English Dutch translation service? With more than 310,089 people currently living in Australia who claim Dutch ancestry, there has been a dire need for English to Dutch translation services and vice versa. Keep reading to know about Dutch tongue, immigration history, and also how to choose a language translation service – and why machine translation is not a suitable option!

Dutch Immigration History In Australia

Australia and the Netherlands are not the two countries that are often spoken of together. These two may be very different landmasses located on opposite sides of the globe, although you should be surprised to know the immigration history of Dutch in Australia. For the first time in 1606, Captain Willem Janszoon the Dutch seafarer came to Australia, who was also the first person in Europe to do that. After that, until the beginning of the second world war, the migration rate was on the rise.  

During 1980, the migration rate from the Netherlands started to drop significantly due to several reasons. Again, as per the census data collected by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 78,927 people declared they were living in Australia but born in the Netherlands.

3 Interesting Facts About The Dutch Language

Dutch language is extraordinary in all its glory and evolving on a daily basis. It shares a mutual relationship with German, French, English and many other languages. Here are some interesting facts about the Dutch language:

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  • ‘Gezellig’ is a word that lies in the centre of the Dutch language and counts among the most used Dutch words, which is used to describe feelings of enjoyment and cosiness. However, it is untranslatable. 
  • The longest word in the Dutch language is almost 60 letters long, that is ‘kindercarnavalsoptochtvoorbereidingswerkzaamhedencomitéleden’. This word means the community members who prepare activities for the children’s carnival or procession. 
  • Unlike the German language, the nouns used in the Dutch language are not specified according to cases. Hence, it’s good news for someone willing to learn Dutch text as there are fewer things to memorise. 

With thousands of translate Dutch to English website, translating documents for migration purposes has become easier, and at the same time, finding a reliable Dutch to English translation service has become challenging. To fetch more information regarding the Dutch translation, click here.

How To Pick The Best Naati Certified Dutch Translation Service?

No matter whether it is a Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Medical Report, Driver’s License, Police Reports or Bank Statement, one can translate Dutch to English using australiantranslationservices.

 Besides, we have NAATI certified experts who interpret all documents sincerely and translate English Dutch and Dutch English without error. With our Dutch translation to English our service, you can easily ask for a replacement in case you lose any document. 

Our services are located in different locations in Australia, including Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide. Live a peaceful life in Australia by availing translation service help and for more insight visit here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you fast at the translation process?

Yes, by allocating more resources to work on your document, we can think about performing quick translation without compromising the quality of the work.

Do we maintain privacy?

We aren’t an individual or an agency. We are a reputable translation agency that operates according to certain ethical standards. We must adhere to the government’s guidelines for documenting security standards.

Can you get a certified translation from us?

We provide verified proof of translation accuracy. A qualified Dutch interpreter will manage your translated papers, so you don’t need to worry about quality.