Multilingual Typesetting

Step into the Future with Our Multilingual Typesetting Services! Whether you’re crafting a brochure for Berlin, a magazine for Mumbai, or a banner for Beirut, our expertise uses Adobe InDesign and Canva and ensures your message shines everywhere. Embrace the world; let’s make your content global! 

Multilingual Typesetting

What is the Importance of Multilingual Typesetting?

Unlock the power of multilingual publishing! With today’s global audience, presenting content in multiple languages is crucial. And yes, it’s more than just translation. It’s about getting every detail right.

To start with, various scripts demand distinct fonts. While English employs the Latin script, Russian is scripted in Cyrillic, and Hindi uses Devanagari. Hence, by choosing the correct font, you’re already making a step in the right direction.

Next up, direction matters. While you read English left to right, languages like Arabic read from right to left. And get this: some even read top to bottom!

Next, consider line breaks. In English, we often use hyphens to split words at the end of a line. However, this practice isn’t universally adopted. Each language has its unique approach to it.

What is the Importance of Multilingual Typesetting?

Then, there’s punctuation. English has its quotation marks, and German? They’ve got their own unique style. So, always keep an eye on those tiny details.

Spacing isn’t just about aesthetics. Some languages have rules about it. And numbers? They’re not always the 0-9 we’re used to. Some languages play by their own rules.

Lastly, stay culturally savvy. Colors, images, and layouts mean different things in different places.

Our Expertise in Typography  

Our Expertise in Typography

AustralianTranslationService‘s got your back. Our typesetting pros tackle even the toughest character sets. We format your text, making sure it’s easy to read. And don’t worry; we keep cultural nuances in mind while addressing foreign language challenges. Here’s what we promise:

– We’ll pick the right fonts, ensuring your text fits perfectly in layout files.

– We’ll stick to the typography rules – from punctuation and spacing to page setups.

– Across languages and file formats, we’ll keep your design consistent.

Reviewing Post-Typesetting  

After setting the text, our linguists do a thorough check. We ensure your translation remains spot-on during typesetting. And those graphic files? We’ll hand them over, ready for print or digital use.
From A to Z, whether it’s typesetting with translation service or standing alone, we handle it all.

Quality Delivery

By blending typography know-how, linguistic insights, and a solid quality focus, Eriksen ensures your materials look tailor-made for your audience. Simply put, we make sure you shine, no matter the language.

What Documents We Translate?

Business and Commercial Documents: 

  • Contracts and agreements
  • Business reports
  • Annual reports
  • Marketing materials, like brochures and catalogs
  • Business plans
  • Corporate websites and digital content

Medical and Healthcare Documents: 

  • Medical records
  • Clinical study reports
  • Pharmaceutical documents
  • Patient information and forms

Government and Official Documents: 

  • Passports
  • Driver’s licenses
  • Public communication
  • Legislation and laws

Real Estate Documents:

  • Property deeds
  • Lease agreements
  • Property listings

Legal Documents: 

  • Birth, marriage, and death certificates
  • Patents
  • Court documents
  • Wills and trusts
  • Immigration documents

Travel and Tourism Documents: 

  • Travel guides
  • Brochures
  • Promotional material
  • Websites for tourist destinations

Financial Documents: 

  • Bank statements
  • Financial summaries
  • Tax documents

Why Choose Us?

Top-Notch Quality Control

We’ve fine-tuned our QA process using the newest industry insights. So, with us, you’re always getting top-quality.

Translations That Get Culture

Government messages need the right cultural touch. That’s why we make sure cultural adaptation sits at the heart of our community translations.

Over 150 Languages

No matter the target language, our QA and project management skills pair up with the industry’s best translators.

We Speak Plainly

When it’s about government messages, clarity is king. We invest time to know your target audience, ensuring you get the clearest results.

Local Multilingual Typesetting Experts with NAATI Certification

Our multilingual typesetter team isn’t just in Australia; they’re NAATI-certified translators. Because getting health translations right means understanding the Australian vibe.

Frequent Asked Questions

1. What is typesetting in the context of multilingual content?

Typesetting in the context of multilingual content involves arranging and formatting text in multiple languages to ensure it’s presented correctly and clearly in print or digital formats. This includes choosing the right fonts for different scripts, ensuring proper text direction, handling line breaks and punctuation appropriately, and maintaining cultural accuracy in design and layout.

2. Is multilingual typesetting only relevant for printed materials?

No, multilingual typesetting is relevant for both printed and digital materials. Whether you’re publishing content online, in apps, eBooks, or traditional print, ensuring your text is properly typeset is crucial for a clear and professional presentation.

3. How do you ensure that the original design intent is maintained across different languages?

We prioritize design consistency across languages and file formats. Our expertise in typography allows us to pick the right fonts and adhere to typography rules, ensuring the design’s original intent is maintained regardless of the language.

4. Can I use my own fonts or do you recommend specific ones for certain languages?

While we have a vast library of fonts suitable for various languages and scripts, clients are free to provide their own fonts. However, we can also recommend the best fonts for specific languages to ensure optimal readability and aesthetics.

5. What if I need typesetting in a rare language not commonly used in the industry?

We pride ourselves on offering services in over 150 languages. Even if you need typesetting in a less commonly used language, our network of industry’s best translators and our expertise in typesetting ensures we can handle it.

6. How long does it usually take to complete a multilingual typesetting project?

The duration for completing a multilingual typesetting project can differ based on the project’s intricacy, the languages needed, and any unique specifications from the client. Nevertheless, our primary focus is on delivering exceptional results promptly, without compromising on precision and clarity.