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With more than 320,000 speakers (representing 1.6% of the total population), Italian is one of the most spoken languages in Australia. However, since only English is recognized as the official language of the Commonwealth of Australia, this gives rise to a need for a professional and NAATI approved Italian translator in Australia, who can translate legal or official paperwork from Italian to English. 

It is very important to choose a proper and reliable translator for your immigration needs, such as Australian Translation Services. Here, all your questions regarding the Italian language, and language translation services in Australia will be answered.


  • Italian is a Romance language descended from Latin. In fact, it is one of the closest living languages to Latin! Other Romance languages include Spanish, Portuguese, French, Sardinian and Romanian. 
  • It is an official language in Italy (obviously!), Switzerland, San Marino and the Vatican. It is also understood in Corsica, parts of Libya, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Malta, Istria and Albania. 
  • With around 90 million speakers (15% of the EU population), Italian is the third most spoken language in the European Union. It is also used as the common language of the Roman Catholic Church. 
  • There is also a large Italian speaking diaspora in countries like the USA, Argentina and Australia. 
  • Due to Italy’s global influence in the fields of art, fashion, opera and luxury culture, a large number of Italian words have become terminology in these fields. Thus it is known as a global language of high culture.
  • The word Ciao in Italian means both hello and goodbye!
  • Though most of the Italian language is descended from Latin, there is also some French, Spanish, German, and, more recently, English. 
  • Most Italian words end in a vowel, which makes rhyming in Italian very easy, and an ideal language for poetry and literature. 
  • Italian is a very decentralized language, having different dialects that are almost separate languages in their own right! The standard version of Italian is based on the Tuscan dialect spoken in Florence during the Renaissance period!
  • The most famous Italian writer is Dante Alighieri, who is called the father of Italian for standardizing the language in his ‘Divine Comedy’. Other famous figures include Niccolo Machiavelli, Petrarch and Leonardo da Vinci!
  • Some English words of Italian origin include villa, presto, tempo, opera, veranda, duet, caricature, cartoon, graffiti, pasta, balcony, grotto, replica, terracotta, ditto, motto, sonnet, stanza, finale, mask, punch, scenario, grotesque, picturesque, studio, orange, banquet, candy, biscuit, broccoli, coffee, pizza, salami, costume, jeans, umbrella, lagoon, archipelago, bank, capitalism, cash, credit, finance, management, money, cannon, infantry, citadel, assassination, bandit, casino, mafia, discrimination, embassy, fascism, ghetto, manifesto, propaganda, influenza, malaria, lava, quarantine, volcano, zebra, zero, carnival, confetti, and America! As we can see it has had a deep and pervasive influence on English!


Australia is a land of migrants, and over a fifth of its population is foreign born! As the dream destination for millions of migrants, there is a strong demand for immigration to Australia. However the correct submission of paperwork is mandatory for this, and most migrants come from countries that do not speak English. 

Since the Australian government only accepts English as a language of documentation, it then becomes necessary to get accurate, affordable and timely translations of the required documents. But not just any translation will do, as only NAATI approved translations are accepted. 

Italians make up a large chunk of migrants to Australia, and since Italian is an extremely decentralized language, with several unintelligible dialects, it becomes important to find a trustworthy professional to translate your documents without any errors. That’s where we come in!

We offer great, accurate and error free translations at extremely competitive prices. All our translators are NAATI accredited and experts in Italian. We have services in all Australian locations like Sydney and Melbourne

We specialize in all documents that a migrant might need such as medical reports, driving licenses, birth certificates and marriage certificates. Apart from English to Italian translation services, we also offer error free translation and interpretation services in various other languages like Japanese, French, Persian, German, Russian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Chinese, Polish, Greek and many, many more!

Our extremely affordable prices, 24/7 support helpline and strong commitment to deliver excellence all coalesce to make us the best NAATI language translation service in Australia! With our help, the Australian dream of every Italian migrant can be fulfilled! So don’t just keep waiting, get your English to Italian translation, Italian to English translation now!

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We only employ NAATI translators and have been operating translation service in a wide range of categories for more than five years across Australia.

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