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Business Translation: A Case Study

Business translation involves converting spoken or written content from one language to another to facilitate communication in multi-cultural corporate environments. This case study delves into the significance of business translation and its impact on a company’s global competitiveness.

The Background

Throughout the world, Paniry Corporation conducts business in several nations. Australia is home to the business’s main offices. Nevertheless, the business has a sizable presence in many nations where Spanish, French, and German are the most widely spoken languages. It needed help connecting with its clients and partners in these nations.


Our Work

The Problem

The language issue in non-English speaking areas was one of Paniry Corporation’s main obstacles. Customers and partners in these regions found it challenging to grasp the company’s products and services because all of the company’s marketing and sales materials and website were written in English. The issue impacted the company’s revenues and reputation significantly.

The Solution


To translate its website, marketing materials, and sales collateral into Spanish, French, and German, Paniry Corporation contacted Australian Translation Services. We were specifically selected because of our proficiency in the different languages used by the business.

To help clients better comprehend the company’s goods and services, Australian Translation Services correctly translated all materials to match the branding and purpose of the organisation.

The Results


Paniry Corporation saw a return on its investment in business translation services. In places where English is not the primary language, clients and partners now have a greater understanding of the company’s goods and services. Sales went up as a consequence, and customer satisfaction climbed.

Additionally, the firm observed a favorable effect on its reputation. The organisation was successful in cementing itself as a critical participant in the worldwide market as a result of helping to develop confidence and trust with clients and business partners.


Paniry Corporation, by surmounting language barriers, not only increased its sales and enhanced customer satisfaction but also cemented its position as a key player in the global market. In the realm of international commerce, the necessity for business translation services is paramount. Companies stand to benefit immensely from these services, as effective cross-cultural communication is crucial for those seeking to expand their market presence and establish a robust reputation in the global economy.

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