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Looking for a reliable and professional Punjabi Translator? We offer a wide range of Punjabi Translation Services for businesses and individuals.

Immigration ranks as the prime driver (even above the natural birth rate) of population increase in Australia. Of the total growth (in the last 10 years) in the nation’s population – 63% has been accredited to the arrival of migrants.

Does this represent migration to Australia as the smoothest journey, in comparison to all other countries? Well, not completely. To gain the desired approval from the Australian immigration authorities, as a core criterion, the documents you present must be correct and up-to-date.

Documentation is one distinctive step in the entire migration cycle, over which offices like Home Affairs, Passport, Family Court, Foreign Affairs, Immigration & Citizenship, Education, etc. put ‘weigh much weight.’ And why?

So, only the most capable and authentic people set foot in the country and enhance its socio-economic fabric in their best possible way.

Verification of immigrants’ papers turns even graver for these government bodies when applicants submit translated copies.

Grammatical integrity, rendering-of-the right meaning, and mark of overall professionalism come up as the three original features they depend on. And as per the government database, only a handful of Language Translation Services are competent to offer work meeting each of these standards.

What? Do you, too, require having your official documents translated? In Punjabi? Why not avail of our Punjabi Translation Service? Do we feature in that government ‘list’ mentioned above?

Well, at foremost rank. Australian Translation Services stays as that distinguished agency, whose Translation services Punjabi to English continue to aid every Sikh/Punjabi-speaking migrator over every documentation requisite.

By an ‘every-year’ style, we maintain to hold the record of most successful cases over immigrants’ swiftest document approval (coming primarily from the clientele base for Punjabi translation in Adelaide), amidst all contemporary translation firms in the country.

The one-time decision to choose our Punjabi translation service in Australia ensures you fly past every interview and each communication required to complete your ‘Great Australian’ migration dream.



But How Our Punjabi Translation Service Succeed? Know In Here

The prime factor that plays in our favor is the strictest norm of only appointing NAATI Punjabi Translator. By an apparently ‘curating’ manner, we select only those professionals, who –

Retain NAATI’s Level 3 Certification – thus becoming a nationally recognized Professional Translator


Have passed (with admirable grades) NAATI’s CCL (Credentialed Community Language) examination

And in effect, maintain such a translating team that can readily offer professional, exact-to-sense, and error-less Punjabi document translation services. How many document types we can cater to?

Every possible sort. Whether you hire us for translating your driver’s license or academic records/ birth certificate or identity proof/ marriage papers or (even) police clearance report – authenticity and accuracy are what Australian Translation Services guarantee.

And with every translation done, a letter of certification is attached, where the responsible translator authorizes the work as coherent and concrete.

Some customers of our Punjabi translation in Melbourne service especially admire the standard delivered over translating driver’s license. According to them, if to gain speedy sanction from VicRoads, we are the ultimate choice.

In addition to this unique assurance over quality, another aspect that makes us indispensable for migrants’ documentation is the dedication to AUSIT standards. Now, what are these?

Well, as for approving an immigrant’s translated official records, there is another criterion the concerned governmental bodies look for. That is whether or not every document translated has followed the relevant structure, and style AUSIT (Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators) defines for it or its type.

And like one real-time professional Punjabi Translation Service, we vow for perfection to this very end as well. At each step of a project –

Our translators’ team follow the corresponding AUSIT rule Document’s drafting is done with complete allegiance to the AUSIT template meant for it Care is maintained that no new AUSIT regulation or amendment (related to the project) has been left out

Once completed, every such project passes through thorough scrutiny of team leaders – to ‘free’ it from any probable error or signs of unprofessionalism.

The ultimate height of proficiency? Yes, indeed, we maintain that. And if you truly desire to avail that, then all required is a click at australiantranslationservices.com

Any Special Facility Offered Over The Punjabi Translation Service? More Than One

  • Unique ‘Corporate’, ‘Educational’, ‘Legal’ and ‘Personal’ service models that let a first-time customer clearly understand that we can offer and can’t for migration needs. To know how many, in reality, found help in this, read through the ‘Testimonials’ at our Punjabi translation in Perth service page; No fake promises and therein an ever-growing client database!
  • First-in-kind Punjabi to English translation service in Australia offering both ‘live’ and offline support for translating websites, e-brochures, digital marketing copies, etc.; a ‘Life-Saving’ service as per customers approaching our Punjabi translation in Brisbane service
  • Booking of 1:1 appointment with the very project manager so that you can convey your own requisite by the best of manner – that too at the time and date of your choice only
  • Price cut-offs and exciting deals during national festivals and every occasion highlighting a particular migrant community (of course, the language must be in our list!)

As per the country’s national census, the Punjabi community is one fastest-growing fraternity in Australia. Don’t you desire to get included? Allow our Punjabi Translation Service to prepare your path.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Do Translators Charge Per 1000 Words?

Most translation fees fall within the $0.10 to $0.50 per word range. Nonetheless, the translation rates charged by each translator will often vary. A 1000-word paper may cost somewhere between $100 and $500. By dividing the number of words by the cost per word the translation agency charges, the cost of the translation is estimated. At an aggregate of 250 words per page, or 1,500 characters when spaces are included, the translation of a regular page typically costs $25.

2. How Much Do I Charge For Translation Services?

Depending on the document type you need to translate, the price is set per word or document. You can charge anything from $0.20 to $0.50 for each word. Several variables affect the pace of each word. Most translation companies in Australia also have set prices for “normal documents.” Prices have decreased as the worldwide translation market has become more competitive and technology has improved efficiency.

3. How Much Does Translation Usually Cost?

Each translator and translation agency has its cost structure. This makes it simpler for you and the translator to determine how much to charge and how much it will ultimately cost to translate the papers or files you need. Business documents, private papers, hospital records, and other information that don’t require any change for the translation readers are charged between $0.06 and $0.015 per word for specific translation services.

4. How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Translator For A Day?

Translators could be a necessary investment for businesses entering international markets. Your success depends on the abilities and knowledge you recruit. Unfortunately, there needs to be a correct response to how much a translator should bill. Various factors must be considered before a translator can estimate the translation’s cost. Most importantly, if the task could have been completed for much less money, there is no basis for paying more than the industry standard.