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Is the NAATI certified translation costly and expensive?

The NAATI certified translation is costly but they can be offered at negotiable and reasonable rates too. Also there are translators worldwide who are not accredited with NAATI, but the certified translators deliver quality work and are the documents are accepted throughout Australia.

The translation service is totally NAATI certified?

Oh yes! All of the translations are totally NAATI certified and all the translators are totally NAATI accredited. You get the stamp and signature of the translator on the translated document.

How do I get proper translation services?

You will get your translated documents via Email. If you need a hard copy of your documents, we will post to your address within your specified time. You can chose between regular and express postage options.

Are the prices fixed?

Yes, the prices are mostly fixed. They can be negotiable in certain cases of bulk order, you can email us to know the best prices that we can offer for a particular order.

Are refunds possible?

No, once the request gets processed, we do not provide refunds.

Do you provide the translation services in all languages?

Yes we do provide translation services in all the languages. Some of the popular ones are Chinese, French, German, Vietnamese, Italian, Arabic, Khmer etc

If I am outside Australia, will you be able to translate all my documents?

Of course! All you need to do is to scan your documents and email them to us.

What is a certified translation service?

A certified translation service, such as us, is a professional business that specializes in translating words and phrases from one language to another. The translations can be legal, medical or technical documents as well as books, websites and articles. The certified translator will work from the source text to produce an accurate translation, taking into consideration factors such as specialized vocabulary and grammar that may be unfamiliar in order to create a natural sounding result in the target language.

How do I find a certified translator in Australia?

Whether it’s an individual who can translate your documents or somebody to teach English classes at  your company, here are three ways to start the search: -Find a translator’s certification status by entering their name in the “Certified Translator” field. -Search for translators who speak your language and have an English proficiency score of at least 500 points (equivalent to  a score of 80% on the Culture and Language Assessment for English Translators). -Search for translators in your city. I hope this is helpful!

How long does the translation take?

The translation can take anywhere from a few hours to several days depending on the length and complexity of your content. Our writers know how to produce quality work in a timely fashion, so you can rest assured that we will get it done quickly.

Do you translate immigration documents?

There are a variety of Australian immigration documents that we can translate. You may be required to provide the following documentation: – A birth certificate translation;  – Immigration form (e.g., application for permanent residence) translation;  – Certificate of English language proficiency translated transcript/s, or letter from accredited institution confirming enrolment in  course; – Criminal records check (a police clearance certificate) translated.