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Australian Translation Services provides English to Sinhala translation services for corporations, publishers, academics, and more. Our specialised pool of Sinhala translators comprises native Sinhala speakers with years of experience in English to Sinhala translation and industry expertise. Our Sinhala translation services are readily available at very affordable prices. Our Sinhala translators have a wealth of expertise supporting companies with international trading in the private sector.

Additionally, we offer public sector and machine translation services in fields like migration and visa, marriage and child’s concerns, crime, property, mental wellbeing, health complications, social care, social benefits, and more. Translations from English to Sinhala are among our most popular language services. Our English to Sinhala translation is done by qualified translators and native Sinhala speakers.

English to Sinhala Translation & Interpreting Services

About the Sinhala Language

About 12 million people in Sri Lanka speak the Indo-Aryan language of Sinhala, often known as Sinhalese. In addition, there are sizable populations of Sinhala speakers in UAE, Thailand, Singapore, and Canada. The earliest preserved works of Sinhala literature are from the ninth century. Between the third and second centuries BC, inscriptions began to use the Sinhala alphabet, a Brahmi script ancestor. Since then, both the alphabet and the language have undergone significant modification. Meanwhile, you can click here to learn about the Karen language.

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Which countries speak Sinhala?

Sinhala is a primary language only within Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, there are roughly 16 million native speakers. Additionally, there are 500,000 Sinhala speakers spread all around the globe. Meanwhile, you can know here about the Dinka language translation services.

Want to translate directly

Anytime you can avail unlimited translation from English to Sinhala with translation software and machine translation. These types of translation software are simple and free. These programmes also offer online English to Sinhala translator services. You may acquire a free translation of Sinhala phrases, words and documents from English to Sinhala and more than 110 other languages with the assistance of Australian Translation Services and a Certified Sinhala Translator.

Want to translate directly

Variations in Language and Culture in Sinhala

To provide correct interpretation and Sinhala to English translation, interpreters and Sinhala to English translator must be aware of the local and cultural variations within the Sinhalese language. Although the way that Sinhala is spoken is pretty uniform across the nation, there are slight variations among residents of various regions. Furthermore, you can also ask for Maori Translation services at affordable rates.

How does English To Sinhala text translation works?

How does English To Sinhala text translation works?

Online translators help you find the appropriate translation tool to translate English to Sinhala online when you are unsure of the Sinhala dictionary meaning of a text or sentence in a foreign language. Use the free Sinhala Translation Tool on your PC or mobile device to convert English to Sinhala. Using Sinhala translate to English services, you can translate up to 500 characters or texts in English to Sinhala translate tools.

Sinhala Translation tool takes a fraction of a second to acquire the translated text or sentence. Professional translation services, such as Australian Translation Services, may translate any medical terms you provided in English to Sinhala or closer to the original text’s intended meaning.

How you can take help from Australian Translation services

1. Converse with customers

Communicating with people in their language is especially important if you are a business person or entrepreneur offering services or products and someone is interested in purchasing your service or product. To translate in English to Sinhala, you should have a basic understanding of that local tongue, and Australian Translation services may help you with Sinhala Translation. Apart from this, you can also ask for a Tongan Translator if you want an English to Tongan Translation.

2. Converting messages and documents

By using Australian Translation Services, you can verify that the text of any email or document you send to a client in a different location accurately conveys the information you need to express when translating English to Sinhala with the help of a translation service.

3. When you use social media

Most people use social media globally so that they may connect with pals in different places. With the help of Australian Translation Services, you can make your interaction more fascinating and engaging by English to Sinhala translation.

4. Visiting other nations

Australian Translation Services will help people travel to other nations by removing language barriers and facilitating effective Sinhala translation English between speakers of different languages. Australian Translation Services are sometimes used to place orders, get instructions, and get certified translated text with just a click. Even our clients rely on us for certified Spanish translator services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I translate Sinhala to English?

Open a Sinhala document in Google Docs on your computer. Click Tools, then English to Sinhala translation from the top menu. Give the translated document a name and choose English to Sinhala translation. For your convenience, you can access Australian Translation services by clicking Translate Sinhala translation online.

2. What language is Sinhala?

One of Sri Lanka’s two official languages is Sinhalese, often known as Sinhala and also written as Singhalese or Cingalese. Around the fifth century bc, people from northern India brought it there.

3. Is Sinhala easy?

Spoken Sinhala’s far less formal and rigorous grammatical structure makes it simpler to learn and use. 19 million people in Sri Lanka speak Sinhala, of which 16 million are native speakers. Along with Tamil, it is one of Sri Lanka’s officially recognised official languages.

4. Which language is Sinhala closest to?

The Maldivian language and the Vedda language, an endangered indigenous creole still used by a small portion of Sri Lankans and made up of Old Sinhala and an unknown isolate from which Old Sinhala incorporated numerous elements into its primary Indo-Aryan substrate, are the closest relatives.