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Australian Citizenship certificates are an essential piece of official papers required for official administrative proceedings in the Australian government. This certificate proves a person is an Australian citizen or permanent resident if the person is not born in Australia. You can get Citizenship if one of your parents is Australian. Losing your citizenship legal papers and finding an exact replacement can become quite annoying. 

You need to contact the Australian Department of Home Affairs to obtain a replacement for this certificate. It is upon us to help you in translating your birth certificate if you require one. Translating your certificate into Australian English is very important to use it as an official document. We here at Australian Translation Services support you during this daunting process.

Here are some reviews left by our satisfied customers who have lost citizenship papers in the past, and we got them a new one. Likewise, we also provide the best interpreting services in Australia. Scroll through what our customers had to say in the testimonials below.

What Is The Certificate Of Australian Citizenship?

The citizenship certificate is a notarised, official paper that proves you are an Australian citizen. The process of Citizenship takes less than six months from the day of registration to get your certificate. A unique certificate number, Australian Citizenship, increases its value. So, what is the difference between the Australian citizenship certificate and the evidence number? 

Meanwhile, you can get detailed info on How To Apply For Australian Citizenship here.

The Home affair Department can verify the following citizenship number types:

tickStock Number: This citizenship certificate number is at the top of the back of your certificate.

tickEvidence Number: The evidence number is usually in the bottom left-hand corner of the certificate, which is your evidence of Australian Citizenship.

What Are The Requirements For Becoming An Australian Citizen?

Getting a citizenship certificate number says, “I am an Australian citizen.” The general Australian citizenship certificate requirements include the following:

  • You need to be 18 years old to register for Citizenship.
  • Must have passed the citizenship application test.
  • Be a permanent resident during the time of application.
  • You should reside or be likely to live in the country or have a good association with Australia.
  • You should be of good moral character.

Residential Criteria To Get An Australian Citizenship Certificate

An individual must have resided in the country for four years before applying for Australian Citizenship. The criteria for certificate number Australian Citizenship include

  • 12 months as a permanent resident.
  • Have not been absent for more than 12 months for a minimum of 4 years.
  • I have not been in Australia for over three or 12 months before applying.

One of the main requirements for the Australian citizenship test is to get your transcripts adequately translated into English. If you come from overseas, it may delay your certificate of Citizenship to be a resident in Australia. You must fulfill Australian citizenship requirements to process the registration for a citizenship certificate.

Here is a list of popular languages that we provide for Translation.

How To Get An Australian Citizenship Certificate?

Once you satisfy the eligibility criteria, you need to pass a test. Generally speaking, you need to clear this test before applying for Australian Citizenship. However, if you are under 18 or over 60 and have been suffering from severe loss of hearing, speech, or sight, then you are relaxed from taking the test.

This shows that the Australian citizenship test helps future Australians understand the country’s values, traditions, morals, and symbols. The test ensures that you can fully uplift society’s moral fabric. Most individuals migrating to Australia have a question in common. Does Australia allow dual Citizenship? You can get the answer right here. To sit for the test, you should:

  • Be an Australian permanent resident.
  • Provide supporting documents and satisfy identity declaration proof to the department during registration.
  • Allow the department to take or provide a photograph yourself. Here, you will get the best translation of your birth certificate.

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How To Get A Citizenship Certificate For A Newborn Baby?

You need to provide,

  • Baby’s name and birth details.
  • The current residential address.
  • Parents’ details of Citizenship certificate
  • Details of Baby’s birth certificate.

What Are The Australian Citizenship Responsibilities?

As a resident, you can choose the best place to live in Australia indefinitely. Being an Australian citizen has its perks. Let’s see what the menu includes.


You have the right to vote! Australian citizens above 18 must vote in local, federal, and state referendums. It’s time to get the best Driver’s License Translation.

Travel to 169 countries without a Visa:

Australian passport holders can travel and visit 169 countries and territories without visa. The official citizenship certificate papers give proof of Australian Citizenship when you apply for your passport.

Eligible to nominate your kids for Australian Citizenship:

If your child is born outside Australia, you can register for your child’s Australian Citizenship by descent. However, one of the biological parents needs to be an Australian citizen at the time of the child’s birth.

You are eligible for Help debt:

Australian Citizenship allows you to get into Australian universities as domestic students. It means paying a lower fee than international students.

Overseas counselor support:

The Department of Foreign Affairs gives overseas support for Australian citizens. The administration provides urgent consular assistance for distressed Australians overseas.

Eligible for Federal government and Defense jobs :

A citizenship certificate gives you the right to be employed in most areas, like Australian defense jobs, Federal Police jobs, Australian Border Force jobs, etc.

What If I Lost My Australian Citizenship Certificate?

The birth certificate is the proof of Citizenship of you being a lawful resident and you have been granted Australian Citizenship. However, if you have lost your Citizenship Certificate, it becomes stressful to get it back.

You can find your citizenship certificate by filling out the lost citizenship certificate form 119. 

The department of home affairs is stringent regarding issuing and processing for official documentation. In general, the fee for replacing an Australian Citizenship Certificate for standard applications is around $265 in 2023. However, there might be additional fees or different costs associated with urgent or priority processing if you need the replacement certificate more quickly. To know more about the form 119 click here.

How We Can Help You?

It gets very difficult for you to stay in the country if you lose your birth certificate. We have helped many people translate their birth certificates to apply for citizenship certificates. Along with our years of experience and utter professionalism, we provide:

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How Do I Get A Copy Of My Australian Citizenship Certificate?

To secure a copy of the citizenship certificate, it is essential to provide legal papers to start your process. In short, without the necessary piece of information like a certified full Australian birth certificate, your form will remain incomplete. The essential documents required for the citizenship certificate application include

  • A certified full Australian birth certificate complete with name, date, and place of birth.

  • Photocopy of Proof of residency and consular report of birth certificate from abroad.

  • Identification proof with an endorsed attached photograph.

How Much Does An Australian Certificate Translation Cost?

By using our citizenship certificate translation services, we will spare you the delay in getting your certificate of Australian Citizenship translated in no time. Our professional translation services include a range of exclusive offerings starting from $ 69. There are pocket-friendly prices for the translation of all legal documents. Our professional NAATI-certified translators provide document translation services at a minimal cost.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the documents apart from the birth certificate required to prove Australian Citizenship?

A passport of Australian residency can be used apart from a birth certificate to prove your Citizenship. 

2. How much time do I have to stay in the country to become a resident of Australia?

You need to stay in Australia for 4 years to become a permanent citizen. 

3. What documents do I need to have for Australian Citizenship?

You will need your birth certificate with your parent’s name on it. A passport or travel documents are secondary documents to show your Citizenship. 

4. Do I need an Australian citizenship certificate to renew my passport?

No. Your Australian passport will be issued as a “temporary” document due to the lack of a citizenship certificate number for the passport application recorded. Still, you can renew your Citizenship for up to four years after submitting evidence of Citizenship without any problems.

5. How long does it take to get Australian Citizenship?

It takes almost 11 months to process 90% of the citizenship registration in Australia. Almost 90% of the approved applicants can attend a ceremony within seven months of citizenship approval.  

6. How quickly can I become an Australian citizen?

The quickest way for you to get Australian Citizenship is by staying in Australia for four years straight without absences of more than 12 months.