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Dec 21, 2023 | Citizenship

Requirement On How To Obtain And Apply For Australian Citizenship

Australia welcomes thousands of newcomers annually, making it a land of immigration. With more than 20% of its residents hailing from foreign shores, cities like Sydney and Melbourne show a mixture of language and culture. Even though English is the official language, many other languages and cultures are worth noticing that vary. 

There are several categories of residents in Australia, such as temporary residents, Australian citizens by descent, and Australian citizens by conferral. Many of these people apply for Citizenship. In this context, this blog will discuss the procedure for getting your Australian Citizenship.

If you stay in Australia for 12 months as a permanent resident and want to apply for an Australian Citizenship certificate, this article will help you. To acquire Citizenship, you need to know certain processes of Australian law that will assist you. This article will advise you on acquiring Australian Citizenship, detailing the necessary papers, rights, and duties, and answering questions.

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The Process Of Applying For Australian Citizenship

The Process Of Applying For Australian Citizenship<br />

You can get Australian Citizenship online by:

  1. Going to the Australian Ministry of Home Affairs immigration website;
  2. Logging into an ImmiAccount;
  3. Select ‘New Application’;
  4. Then, Select the relevant application from the list;
  5. Provide the information asked and upload any necessary files; and
  6. You need to review and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Process Of Applying Citizenship For New Zealanders

If you are a New Zealander, it is easier for you to apply for Australian Citizenship. The following are the ways for New Zealanders to get Australian Citizenship:

  • You must hold a Special Category Visa (SCV) or a permanent visa as a New Zealand citizen.
  • You must meet the residency criteria of four years, including twelve months, as permanent residency for a New Zealander.
  • To meet the 12-month permanent residency requirement, you don’t need to apply for a permanent visa.
  • You may already be considered an Australian citizen if you are a New Zealander but born in Australia.

Citizenship Test

Citizenship Test

Government officials will contact you once you submit your application. Then, you will be invited for a test and interview to check your credibility. This is crucial to proving yourself as a relevant applicant for Citizenship. 

In this interview, your English speaking skills will be tested. You will be asked about your understanding of becoming an Australian Citizen. Generally, they will see your knowledge and perspective about the responsibilities and privileges of an Australian citizen and approve your application.

To clear this test, you need to answer twenty multiple-choice questions. Then, there are five questions about Australian values that you must answer correctly. On the overall test, you must meet the score of 75% to get your Citizenship. You need to share the scores with your application for the authorities to make their decision. 

What Is The Australian Citizenship Ceremony And Certificate?

What Is The Australian Citizenship Ceremony And Certificate?

The Australian Citizenship Certificate is a document given to citizens of Australia to mark the final stage of the Australian naturalisation and citizenship process. After this process, a citizenship ceremony occurs within six months of its approval. In this ceremony, new citizens make the Australian Citizenship pledge to accept the privileges and responsibilities of an Australian citizen. It serves as the official proof that the present certificate holder is an Australian citizen.

It has two unique numerical codes, the stock and evidence numbers, verified by the Australian Department of Internal Affairs. These numbers are unique to every Australian Citizenship Certificate and serve as proof of authenticity. Through this certificate, you can prove yourself as a resident of Australia. 

Australian Citizenship Requirements

Australian Citizenship Requirements

If not born in Australia, applying and becoming an Australian citizen means committing to Australia and all it stands for. The requirements in Australia are comparatively highly lenient. The conditions, steps, and Australian Citizenship Requirements are listed below:

Residential Status

Permanent residency is the first criterion for getting Citizenship. You can acquire Australian Citizenship if at least one of your parents was an Australian citizen by birth. Similarly, you are eligible for Citizenship if you were born overseas to Australian parents. 

Age Limit For Application

You must be 18 years old and above as per your birth certificate to apply for Citizenship. The citizenship process applies to adults. Children below 16 do not have to uphold the above-mentioned requirements. They have to be permanent residents of Australia to get Citizenship.

Residential Timeframe

To get the residency, you have to stay at least for 4 years. You must leave the country for up to twelve months in these four years. Living in the country for this timeframe is essential for fulfilling citizenship requirements. No matter your personal circumstances, you must stay for this duration in Australia to get Citizenship.

Good Character

To acquire Citizenship, an applicant must have good character and an understanding of Australian laws. A positive character increases your chances in the ongoing process of getting Citizenship. This shows your basic humanitarian aspect as a citizen of Australia.

Clearing The Test

You must clear the citizenship test with good marks. You will have a high chance of getting Citizenship by paying the fee and passing your examination. A good exam score shows your credibility in becoming an Australian citizen. Before the test, you need to fill out the application. 

Language Assessment

You need to speak and write the English language clearly to be an Australian resident. You must attend an English-speaking class or practice independently to improve Australian English. The assessor will check your English knowledge level and whether it applies to Australian society. 

Privileges Of Permanent Australian Citizenship

Privileges Of Permanent Australian Citizenship

Here are some of the Australian values and privileges’ for an Australian citizen:

Application For Australian Passport

Once a person gets Citizenship, they can apply for an Australian passport. Travelling back and forth without applying for a resident return visa will benefit an individual. A passport acts as a legal paper for Australian Citizenship.

Appointment In Public Service

Citizenship gives you the privilege to work in public service. You can also join the armed forces and work towards defending the country. Multiple work options will be available for you after you become a citizen.

Voting Rights

Citizenship makes a person eligible to vote in government elections. An Australian citizen gets the right to vote in federal or state elections. This allows the Australian resident to vote for their selected candidate in the election. 

Medicare Facilities

After you receive Citizenship, you are eligible to receive Medicare schemes. This scheme allows free public hospital care and subsidies for medications and medical services. This privilege will let you take medical assistance without any cost.

What Is The Cost Of Becoming An Australian Citizen?

What Is The Cost Of Becoming An Australian Citizen?<br />

Depending on the Department of Home Affairs form you use to file your citizenship application, government fees range from $265 to $540. Here is a breakdown:

  • Form 1300tFor the general eligibility paper form for people between 18 and 59 years, the charge is $540.
  • Form 1290 For the Other Situations Form used by people over 60 or with a physical or mental disability. The government fee is $330.
  • Form 118This is the Citizenship by descent form for people with at least one parent/both parents who were Australian citizens. The fee is $345.
  • Child/children under 16 years of age and applying on the same form as a responsible parent are exempted from the charges.

For Form 1300t and 1290, you may receive some concession whether you are below 18 or a holder of a Pensioner Concession Card.

What Paperwork Do You Need For Australian Citizenship?

What Paperwork Do You Need For Australian Citizenship?

For Australian Citizenship, the required legal papers are categorised into three groups. Category I covers proof of identity, Category II pertains to positive character evidence, and Category III encompasses supporting legal documents. You need to submit these paperwork: 

  • Photograph and signature
  • Current residential address
  • Proof of date of birth, birth certificate, and change of name on birth certificate, if any.
  • Passport
  • Police character report
  • Documents for your children – birth certificate or other
  • Proof of any handicaps or exceptional circumstances

Apart from this paperwork, government officials might ask you to add documents like a migration certificate. The need for various additional papers outside the essential criteria will depend on your application. You have to make sure that all documents you submit must be valid.

How Can Australian Citizenship Get Refused?

How Can Australian Citizenship Get Refused?

The Australian Ministry of Immigration government reserves the right to refuse Australian Citizenship to anyone for the following reasons:

  • The person’s identity cannot be reliably established.
  • They represent a risk to Australian national security.
  • Unable to satisfy the general or special residence requirements.
  • They have pending criminal cases against them.
  • Found to not be of positive character.
  • They have renounced Australian Citizenship within the last 12 months (unless at risk of becoming stateless).

However, even if your Citizenship is rejected on one of the above grounds, you can still file an appeal at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal government agency within the timeframe specified in your refusal letter. You can take advice for trying again from your close people and can prepare your paperwork accordingly. 

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