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Oct 31, 2023 | Citizenship

The Complete Guide On How To Apply For Australian Citizenship

Often described as a nation built on immigration, Australia welcomes thousands of newcomers annually. With more than 20% of its residents hailing from foreign shores, cities like Sydney and Melbourne showcase the country’s rich tapestry of cultures. Even though English is the sole official language, it is a unifying thread among Australia’s varied ethnic communities.

Residents in Australia fall under several categories: temporary residents, permanent residents, refugees, Australian citizens by birth, Australian citizens by descent, and Australian citizens by conferral – the focus of this article.

There’s a marked difference between an Australian permanent resident and an Australian Citizenship certificate holder. The latter has privileges and responsibilities that the former doesn’t. This article will guide you through applying for Australian citizenship, detailing the necessary documents, rights, and duties and answering questions.

So, how immigration has contributed to Australia’s economic diversity? While there might be various perspectives, acquiring an Australian citizenship form can be seen as one significant way.

What Is The Australian Citizenship Certificate?

The Australian Citizenship Certificate is a document given to naturalised citizens of Australia to mark the final stage of the Australian naturalisation and citizenship process for immigrants residing in Australia, with the citizenship ceremony happening within six months of its approval. It serves as the official proof that the holder is an Australian citizen and is given by the government of Australia if not born in Australia.

It has two unique numerical codes, the stock number and the evidence number, verified by the Australian Department of Internal Affairs. These numbers are unique to every Australian Citizenship Certificate and serve as proof of authenticity.

Also, explore every aspect of the Australian diplomatic passport.

General Criteria For Getting Australian Citizenship

To apply and become an Australian citizen if not born in Australia means committing to Australia and all it stands for. The requirements in Australia are comparatively extremely lenient, considering Australia’s cultural and linguistic diversity. The conditions, steps, and Australian Citizenship Requirements are listed below:

  • They Must be at least 18 years old as per the birth certificate. 
  • Must be of good character (no criminal record)
  • Has adequate knowledge of English, Australia, and what Australian citizenship entails
  • They Must have passed the citizenship test.
  • Must have satisfied the permanent residence requirements
  • Those who aren’t born in Australia should either live in the country or maintain a significant connection to it, with the expectation of continuing this association.
  • Apart from this, there should be no other grounds for the Minister of Immigration to decline your application.

Here Is A Quick Video On How To Apply For Citizenship In Australia

How Can Australian Citizenship Get Refused?

The Australian Ministry of Immigration government reserves the right to refuse Australian citizenship to anyone for the following reasons.

  • The person’s identity cannot be reliably established.
  • They represent a risk to Australian national security.
  • Unable to satisfy the general or special permanent residence requirements
  • They have pending criminal cases against them.
  • Found to not be of good character
  • They have renounced Australian citizenship within the last 12 months (unless at risk of becoming stateless)

However, even if your citizenship is rejected on one of the above grounds, you can still file an appeal at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal government agency within the timeframe specified in your refusal letter.

 The Process To Apply For Australian Citizenship Online


You can apply for Australian citizenship online by:

  1. Going to the Australian Ministry of Home Affairs immigration website
  2. Logging into an ImmiAccount
  3. Select ‘New Application’
  4. Then Select the relevant application from the list
  5. Provide the information asked, and upload any necessary files
  6. Please review and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Kindly review the website in detail before submitting your application! Also, know more about Parents Exemption Australia.

What Is The Cost Of Becoming An Australian Citizen?

Depending on the Department of Home Affairs form you use to file your citizenship application, the cost of government fees ranges from $180 to $285. Here is a breakdown:

  • Form 1300tFor the general eligibility paper form for people between 18-59 years, the charge is $285
  • Form 1290 For the Other Situations Form used by people over 60 or with a physical or mental disability. The government fee is $180
  • Form 118This is the citizenship by descent form for people with at least one parent/both parents who were Australian citizens. The fee is $230.

Does Australia Allow Dual Citizenship?

Yes, Australia allows citizens to hold dual citizenship of other countries if the laws of those countries allow it. You can even have citizenship in multiple different countries, especially New Zealand. People can become dual citizens automatically if they hold the citizenship of another compatible country when acquiring Australian citizenship. Alternatively, as an Australian citizen, you can obtain dual citizenship if another country grants you its citizenship.

What Documents Do You Need While Applying For Australian Citizenship?

To apply for Australian citizenship, the required documents are categorised into three groups. Category I covers proof of identity, Category II pertains to evidence of good character, and Category III encompasses supporting documents. They include: 

  • Photograph and signature
  • Current residential address
  • Proof of date of birth, birth certificate, and change of name on birth certificate, if any.
  • Passport
  • Police character report
  • Documents for your children – birth certificate or other
  • Proof of any handicaps or exceptional circumstances

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the process for obtaining Australian citizenship?

Typically, over 90% of applicants receive it within a 15-month timeframe. But there can be exceptions to it.

What are the three benefits of Australian citizenship?

An individual with Australian citizenship gets three significant benefits. Those are as follows:

  • It becomes easy for an individual to enter the country anytime,
  • You can apply for a job without the need for a job permit, and
  • A resident of Australia can buy property within the country wherever they wish.
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