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All About Dual Citizenship Australia You Should Know

Do you want to know about Dual Citizenship Australia? Are you searching for how to be dual nationals in Australia? This blog will answer all your exciting queries,including insights on how does dual citizenship work. 

Australia has been a country of immigrants for centuries. People move there every year from all around the world to build a better life.

However, most don’t give up their previous foreign nationality and instead opt for dual Citizenship in Australia.

Therefore, when people ask how has Australian Government’s ability and immigration contributed to economic diversity in Australia? It has a lot to do with people opting for dual nationals programs.

Keep reading to get answers to all your questions and further information on the Law governing dual nationality.

What Is Dual Citizenship In Australia?

What is Dual Citizenship in Australia?<br />

Dual Citizenship is an individual’s citizenship status. An individual is simultaneously viewed as a resident of more than one nation under those nations’ and Australian law.

Informally, individuals may “hold” dual national status; at the same time, every country makes a case that the specific individual is viewed as dual citizen.

A few nations don’t allow double Citizenship. This might be by requiring a candidate for naturalization to revoke all current Citizenship, pulling back their Citizenship from somebody who intentionally gets another citizenship, or by some other means.

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How To Apply For Dual Citizenship In Australia

You become a dual Australian citizen if you:

  • Are an Australian citizen, are granted Citizenship of another country and don’t lose your Citizenship of Australia, or
  • Remain a citizen of another country and become an Australian citizen

Australia allows a person to have dual Citizenship. You can only be a dual national if the countries concerned and their local laws also permit dual nationals.

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Dual Citizenship Australia

If you were born and grew up in the country for most of your childhood, have lived there legally for a specified period, or adopted any child. Then it’s time to check out for child custody dual nationality policy with local authorities.

Planning to take Citizenship of Australia? Then you should read these interesting facts about Australia to know more about this country.

Which Countries Does Australia Permit Dual Citizenship With?

The Australian government permit dual Citizenship with the relevant foreign countries:

  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Egypt
  • France
  • Bangladesh
  • Hungary
  • United Kingdom
  • United States, etc

Responsibilities And Privileges Of An Australian Citizen

Responsibilities and Privileges of Australian Citizenship<br />

Having Australian Citizenship is a privilege as it provide consular assistance. Being an Australian citizen means you have additional benefits and responsibilities.

Responsibilities Of Australian Citizens  

  • You need to obey Australian citizenship law.
  • Cast your vote in federal and territory elections, including a referendum.
  • Always defend the country whenever it is needed.
  • Need to serve on jury duty if required.

 Privileges Of Australian Citizens

  • You can vote in federal, territory, and referendum.
  • Children born overseas can quickly become Australian nationals.
  • You can apply for the Australian Public Service and military service.
  • You can seek an election to the parliament.
  • Get an Australian passport easily and re enter Australia freely.
  • Get Australian consular assistance overseas.

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When Did Australia Permitted Dual Citizenship?

When did Australia Allow Dual Citizenship?<br />

From the 4th of April, 2002, the Australian court removed all restrictions (under Australian Law) on holding dual Citizenship. The Government recognised dual Citizenship on that day. Further, you can read about Parents Exemption Australia.

Even before this date, the 4th of April 2002, Australians in certain special circumstances could be dual citizens.

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How To Gain Australian Passport And Citizenship

How to Gain Australian Citizenship

Assuming you’re not already entitled to Australian Citizenship by birth. Then you’ll need to qualify for new Australian passport through various means of Australian Passport Office. You’ll be eligible if you meet the following requirements:

You are a permanent resident of Australia, have lived in Australia for the past four years, and have been a legal permanent resident for the preceding year.

And you have not been absent from the country for a long time during this period.

You’re ‘of reputable character, ‘meaning your police record is clean. You speak at least some Basic English and plan on staying in Australia.

In the meanwhile, learn about the Australian diplomatic passport.

Moreover, you must pass the citizenship examination and interview unless you’re under 18 or over 60 to become a permanent resident. Or fall into various other categories for which there are exemptions, such as for disabilities.

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The Exact Process To Gain Dual Australian Citizenship

Many Australian citizens must be made aware that they can easily get dual Australian Citizenship. Below we have sorted out the complete process.

  • Put together all of your supporting documents. That includes your ID proof, proof of residence, and birth certificate.
  • Get all of these legal documents translated from a reputed NAATI-accredited service if they aren’t in English.
  • Make sure you know all the intricate legal requirements
  • Complete an application form online.
  • Submit the citizenship application, along with a government fee, which can be A$285 at maximum
  • When notified, attend an appointment to verify your documents and take the citizenship test or interview.

After that, you will finally receive a certificate of Australian Citizenship.


An old or a new foreign passport in Australia or two or more nationalities offers many benefits. At the same time, it poses few restrictions too. You won’t be able to join military service, parliament, or foreign affairs.

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog on dual Citizenship. Now you know  the answer of how to get multiple citizenships in Australia or can you have three passports. We hope this answers all your questions on Dual Nationality in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Have Dual Citizenship In Australia?

Dual nationality is permissible for Australian citizens. Australian nationals who aspire to hold multiple Citizenship should confirm with the foreign governments that their desired dual citizenship section is legal before applying.

Which Countries Allow Dual Citizenship With Australia – And Which Don’t?

Many countries generally don’t allow dual citizenship – Austria, Germany, Japan, India, the Netherlands, and Norway. If you’re a national of any of these countries and want Australian Citizenship, you’ll most likely need to renounce your current Citizenship.

Can I Travel Out On One Passport And Back On Another?

There is some specific country’s passport that allows you a hassle-free stay. It would help if you had a facility for ‘immigration at the arrival at the airport.’ Also, there is no penalty for arriving with a passport from another country and leaving Australia with another. But that will be subject to some exceptions. 

What Are The Advantages Of Dual Citizenship In Australia?

You can benefit from both countries as you get dual Citizenship in Australia and any other foreign country that allow dual Citizenship. Also, you will get all types of benefits such as health and other facilities that others get. The most important right is the right to vote in other countries.

How Many Citizenships Can You Hold In Australia?

You might be eligible for one or more Citizenship in Australia. The country permits “citizenship of two or more countries.” If you already have other citizenships and move to Australia, you’ll get Australian Citizenship and can acquire multiple Citizenship as well.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Dual Citizenship?

Dual citizens are subject to taxation and compulsory military service in both nations where they continue to hold Citizenship. Working in a field that needs a security clearance or includes access to sensitive information while having other foreign Citizenship is challenging.

Is Dual Citizenship Automatic In Australia?

Someone may have two nationalities automatically in Australia. For instance, a child born in Australia to parents who are citizens of the United States may be both a citizen of the United States and Australia.

Can You Lose Dual Citizenship In Australia?

The only behavior that compromises the nation’s security and threat to the Australian community, such as actively participating in terrorist operations, will result in the loss of dual Citizenship.

Can I Be A Dual Citizen Of The UK And Australia?

Dual nationality is permitted in both Australia and the UK. This implies that a person might possess the nationality of two nations and their passports.

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