Youth Law Australia: Enhancing Legal Support for Young Workers through Multilingual Translation

Youth Law Australia

About The Project

Industry Government (Youth Law Australia)
Services Professional translation
Languages Chinese (Simplified), Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, Burmese, Sinhalese, Hindi, Tamil and Nepali.
Documents Flyers


Background<br />
Youth Law Australia (YLA) is an organisation dedicated to providing free, confidential legal advice and support to young people under the age of 25, including domestic and international students, apprentices, and trainees. YLA addresses a range of legal issues such as employment, education, health, and more, ensuring that young individuals can access the help they need without barriers.


To expand its reach and ensure inclusivity, YLA recognised the necessity of providing legal information in multiple languages via flyers. This would cater to the diverse youth population in Australia, many of whom may face language barriers. Consequently, YLA entrusted AustralianTranslationServices (ATS) with the task of translating a critical document into nine languages: Chinese (Simplified), Hindi, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, Burmese, Sinhalese, Nepali, and Tamil.


Language barriers often prevent young people from accessing crucial legal information and support. International students, in particular, might struggle to understand their rights and the available legal resources due to limited English proficiency. This can lead to unaddressed legal issues, exploitation, and a lack of awareness about their rights and protections.



AustralianTranslationServices took on the project to translate YLA’s essential legal information document into nine languages. The document covered various aspects of legal support, including:

  • Employment rights and issues
  • Education-related legal matters
  • Health, love, and sex-related legal advice
  • Public transport and technology concerns
  • Violence, harm, and welfare issues
  • Obtaining official documents like visas



The translation project followed a structured process to ensure accuracy and cultural relevance:

  1. Initial Consultation: ATS collaborated with YLA to understand the scope of the document and the specific legal terminology that needed precise translation.
  2. Selection of Translators: Experienced translators with proficiency in each target language were selected to ensure high-quality translations.
  3. Translation Process: Each section of the document was translated carefully, maintaining the legal integrity and context.
  4. Quality Assurance: The translated documents underwent a rigorous review by bilingual legal professionals to ensure accuracy and clarity.
  5. Final Approval: The final translations were approved by YLA before dissemination.



The translated documents enabled YLA to reach a broader audience, ensuring that young people from diverse linguistic backgrounds could access free and confidential legal advice. This initiative resulted in:

  • Increased Accessibility: Young individuals who speak Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Vietnamese, Thai, Burmese, Sinhalese, Nepali, and Tamil now have access to vital legal information in their native languages.
  • Empowerment: The translated materials empowered young workers by informing them of their rights and the available support, leading to better protection against exploitation and legal issues.
  • Enhanced Outreach: YLA’s ability to connect with a wider audience strengthened its mission of providing inclusive legal support to all young people in Australia.


The partnership between YLA and ATS highlights the critical role of language services in promoting legal awareness and support among diverse populations. By translating essential legal information into multiple languages, ATS helped YLA break down language barriers, ensuring that young workers and students in Australia can access the legal help they need, regardless of their linguistic background. This case study underscores the importance of multilingual communication in achieving social justice and equality.