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If you are looking for high-quality document translation services Melbourne Australia, then we can proudly boast of the fact that we have been providing such translation services in Melbourne with great success over the last 5 years or so.

At Australian Translation Services, we make it a point to hire only those who can provide our customers in their preferred languages to English with the best NAATI Melbourne translation services, whether you are from Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, or from any other city in Australia.

Moreover, our NAATI document translation Melbourne services are considered by many in the country to be the most efficient and accurate in the whole country as the translators deal with the perfect professional work to people from all over the world. So all kinds of languages are translated to English and sent to the people via email within a very short span of time to the people who want to reside in the country. Our Translators Melbourne Are Well-Trained In Providing Translation Services From Any Language To English. Avail certified translation services in Perth now!

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We offer state-of-the-art NAATI translation company Melbourne, where our expert translators show their skill by translating documents to English from nearly every other language that is spoken in the world.We offer the best document translation for all the following languages, as well as many more!


NAATI Translation Services Melbourne: Some Of The Documents For Which We Provide Translation Services

If you are really planning on moving to Melbourne, one of the most heavily populated and developed cities in the world, then you have to make sure that you have all your documents ready and translated from your native tongue to English. The clients who are in pursuit of the NAATI translator Melbourne for an error-free document translation, get huge benefits from us.

The translators or the interpreters translate all of the documents like trade certificates, school certificates, and medical certificates for all the people who want to settle down in Australia and reside in Melbourne. There are no better document translation services in Melbourne!

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Some of the certificates that the NAATI certified translator Melbourne can translate are:

We also provide the quality translation of your medical reports, VISA related documents, translation of divorce certificates, and the list goes on. The certified interpreters take the maximum effort in translating all the certificates and the documents to proper English language thereby keeping in mind that they are very much confidential and not at all shared to any of the third parties. Medical report is a very confidential document and the clients need it for medical emergencies. If you are thinking How to get local translation services for families in Australia? Our translators are dedicated to translate it within a very short duration.

We provide 24/7 Support services in the following locations 


Pricing Guide For NAATI Certified Translations in Melbourne

  • Documents For Translation
  • Cost in AUD (inclusive of GST)
  • Birth Certificate Translation
  • $69.00
  • Migration Certification Translation
  • $69.00
  • Academic Transcript Translation
  • $88.00
  • Driver’s License Translation
  • $69.00
  • Marriage Certificate Translation
  • $69.00
  • Police Report Translation
  • $69.00
  • Degree Certificate Translation
  • $69.00
  • Translator NAATI
  • $69.00

Interpreter and Translation Services Melbourne - Why We Recruit Only NAATI Certified Translators

If you have already visited our website, then you must have seen the term NAATI used over and over again. Well, there is a reason for that! The NAATI certified translators translate all the documents into proper English, such as our NAATI translator Punjabi to English Melbourne, as they are able to respond very quickly to the needs of the clients. We have the best translation service in Sydney!

We do so, because the Australian authority that is responsible for handling all migration-related issues, gives priority to those documents that have been translated by NAATI accredited translation services Melbourne. All you need to do is to submit your quotes to us and we promise and the customer support will surely get in touch with you according to your convenient time. After that the translation agency Melbourne is going to get in touch with you to translate all the certified documents to English.

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This is mainly because we have the necessary skills to provide quality assistance regarding translation services whether it be in Melbourne document translation services, Sydney, Brisbane Translation or in any other city in Australia for that matter. Avail Certified Document Translation Services Melbourne For The Following Benefits

Flawless translation for all languages

We recruit translators for each language, such as our Chinese translation Melbourne. They have fluent knowledge in their respective language and are able to translate a particular language to English quickly. Rest assured, we provide the best language translation in Australia by far!

Quick delivery to meet any translation need

You may need to submit important translated certificates urgently to apply for VISA. In many cases, the clients require the translation services in Melbourne Australia within 24 hours. We are here to meet your very need regarding the document translation. Contact our customer care team and let them know your deadline. Our translators will work accordingly and send you the translated document within the mentioned time. 

So, what are you waiting for? Visit us at Australian Translation Services to get your high quality translation now!!

  • 24/7 Service
  • Fast Turnaround
  • NAATI Accredited Translations
  • Express Post Options
  • 5000+ Happy Clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can NAATI translator certify documents?

Our NAATI accredited translators can provide you with the necessary certification on your translated documents. It ensures that you can submit them to various government agencies, such as Home Affairs or VicRoads, universities, etc.

2. Who can translate documents for immigration Australia?

NAATI translation services are helpful if you wish to move overseas; for instance, you can get your transcript translated and certified to study abroad. When applying for jobs at overseas companies, certification is also required. Home Affairs will only accept certified translations from NAATI accredited translators.

3. How soon until I receive my NAATI certified translations?

We can quickly translate your documents within 1 to 3 working days. Please forward us the details of your translation as soon as possible to begin work on it early.

4. What do I need to supply to get a quote?

Please send us the following:
a) Name of organization for which you are using the translation,
b) Purpose of translation,
c) Type of document to be translated (e.g., CV, resume, birth certificate, marriage or death certificate, etc.), and
d) Quantity we will translate from your original document and quality (standard or certified).
We can also provide a quote over the phone, so please feel free to contact us.

5. What do I need to supply to get a quoteWhere is your Melbourne office located??

We do not operate an office for walk-ins. The majority of our translations take place online. You can contact us by email, Live Chat, or by filling the order form.

Australian Translation Services

We only employ NAATI translators and have been operating translation service in a wide range of categories for more than five years across Australia.

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