Vietnamese Translation Services: Translate Your Document From Professional NAATI Translators In 2020

Vietnamese has about 300,000 speakers in Australia, and this number is only growing larger every year. Thus there is a large market for Vietnamese to English translation services in Australia to translate official documents to English, as the Australian government does not accept any other language. But not translation is sufficient, as a NAATI approved translator is needed. So keep reading to find out about the Vietnamese language, the need for Vietnamese English translation services in Australia, and also which Vietnamese translator to choose for your needs!


  • Vietnamese is the most spoken language in the Austroasiatic family. Other languages in this family include Cambodian and several smaller tongues throughout Southeast Asia and parts of India. 
  • Vietnamese is the official and national language of Vietnam, where the Vietnamese people speak it as their mother language. Several ethnic minorities in Vietnam also use it as a second language. 
  • Vietnamese has heavy influence from Chinese and French due to many years of foreign rule. Around one-third of Vietnamese language consists of Chinese borrowed words. 
  • Vietnamese is one of the few tonal languages, meaning pitch is a factor in speaking. Vietnamese like to play a language game called Nói lái which involves switching words and their tones.
  • The writing system of Vietnamese was originally based on Chinese characters. However, in modern times, a Latin-based script is in use with added signs and symbols to suit the Vietnamese language.
  • The most significant work of Vietnamese literature is considered to be The Tale of Kieu, which is an epic poem by Nguyen Du. Written in 1820, it is still widely taught in Vietnam till today. Translations are available online.
  • In Vietnam, English is now growing very fast, and has overtaken other foreign languages like French, Spanish. Now, there are even several English Vietnamese dictionaries to help you informally translate text!


For every migrant headed to Australia, successful completion of immigration documentation becomes quite an obstacle. One major reason for it is the difficulty in getting accurate and reliable translations of documents from language translation services. Luckily we are the best Vietnamese translation agency in Australia!

For a less-famous language like Vietnamese, which often gets unjustly overshadowed by larger languages, it can be tough to get premium-quality and error-free Vietnamese translation services. Deciding which online Vietnamese translator has the professionalism and skill to translate your documents to English flawlessly is quite difficult. 

Since the Australian government only accepts error free NAATI accredited translations, any translations will not do. That is why every Vietnamese translator needs to be NAATI certified and experienced in all Vietnamese dialects,


We at Australian Translation Services offer the best-in-class Vietnamese translation services for all documents and text including birth certificates, medical reports and driving licenses. The highlights of our Vietnamese translation services are many. For example - 
  • For 7 continuous years, we have a flawless track record on providing the best Vietnamese translator services via a world-class team of translators. Better than any online dictionary translations!
  • We are NAATI-certified, which ensures that all your Vietnamese translation to English, or English Vietnamese translation, are governmentally approved and accepted for official purposes. 
  • We also offer interpreter services, who are NAATI-certified and ready to fulfill all your needs.
  • We have infrastructure maintained to global standards, and guarantee satisfaction and excellence to our customers, at an affordable cost
  • Availability of face-to-face discussion with a translator on request. 
  • We have branches in many Australian cities, for more information look at Vietnamese translator Sydney and Melbourne! 
With our sky high standards and commitment to perfection, we promise to secure the Australian dream of every Vietnamese migrant . So what are you waiting for? Avail our online Vietnamese translator services now, and get the best error free Vietnamese to English translation text now! We offer our services in a variety of locations including Melbourne. Know more.

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We only employ NAATI translators and have been operating translation service in a wide range of categories for more than five years across Australia.

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