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How Does Translation Services Benefit The Education Industry?

Though Australia is an English-speaking country, it is home to more than 300 different-speaking audiences. Evidently, students face a lot of academic challenges. AustralianTranslationServices bridges this gap to help universities go global. Let’s check out the most important benefits:

Breaking Language Barrier:

Breaking Language Barrier:

To begin with, students face language barriers in the education sector as not every student is proficient in English. Furthermore, schools, universities, other learning institutions, and communities in Australia are home to many international students who speak different languages. Thus, our translators and interpreters bridge the language gap by translating content of test papers, student handbooks, textbooks, etc.

Promotes Cultural Diversity

Promotes Cultural Diversity:

Books have been promoting cultures for centuries. What would have happened if ancient books were not translated into modern languages? We would have zero clue of what the world has gone through in the past, and we wouldn’t be able to understand the different types of cultures. Therefore, translation has acted as a bridge between us and history and allowed us to know more about the past’s geography, culture, and diversity. Furthermore, this exposure is essential for avoiding cultural biases, promoting empathy and appreciation, and making the learning experience more enjoyable.
Improving Accessibility And Inclusivity:

Improving Accessibility And Inclusivity:

E-learning improves accessibility and inclusivity by making education available from anywhere, at any time. In addition, it facilitates people with different cultural and language backgrounds by providing document translation services and making educational content available in multiple languages. This benefits international students, students with limited English proficiency, and educators, allowing them to access course materials and lectures in their native languages.

Making Topics Engaging and Understandable

Making Topics Engaging and Understandable:

For instance, just imagine reading the ingredients of a Chinese recipe without understanding the quantities. This is how learning in a foreign language can feel. Translations and interpretations make educational material understandable and engaging for students. When students access information in their native language, they comprehend complex concepts more easily and become more engaged in their education. Translation services help students to avoid language restrictions and engage meaningfully with the learning process.

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Get Professional Educational Translation Services In 150+ Languages

We provide language translation services in over 150 languages. Whether you need translations in English, French, German, or any other language, trust us, as we will provide you with highly qualified translators and interpreters.

Furthermore, our proficiency and experience in the translation industry guarantee that translations are of the highest quality. As a result, you can get documents and certificates translated into various languages without compromising quality.

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NAATI-Certified Education Translators And Subject Matter Experts At Your Fingertips

NAATI-Certified Education Translators And Subject Matter Experts At Your Fingertips

NAATI refers to the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters Ltd. The translators and interpreters certified by NAATI provide a stamp and signature post translation which affirms that the translation is accurate and the translated document matches the source document. Thus, we will ensure you get a translator who is proficient and skilled in the specific language, guaranteeing the Australian government will accept them without hassle.

Imagine hiring a translator to translate a Chemistry textbook from English to Korean who is proficient in the target language but is from a fine arts background. Do you think the translation will be accurate? That’s why we pair you with subject matter experts who will maintain the language requirements and understand the subject’s complexity. They ensure that all your materials are duly translated helping to reach more students. We can also translate various notices, scholarship schemes, health-related appendices, etc published by the Department of Education.

As for students, we translate certificates, diplomas, and other materials. In essence, you can trust us to provide you the best support regarding all your translation requirements. If you need legal translation services to get your documents for an education visa in check, then come to us.

Why Choose Us For NAATI-Certified Education Translation Services?

Affordability<br />


We offer quality translation at affordable prices ensuring you get great value for your investment. To get effective budget friendly translation services across Australia, contact us now.

Native Translators<br />

Native Translators

Native translators accurately and precisely translate content. So, we offer culturally and linguistically appropriate and accurate translations through our native NAATI certified translation services. Our team of certified professionals ensures the translations are high quality, error-free, and meet all industry standards and needs.

Cultural Sensitivity<br />

Cultural Sensitivity

Our translators possess an understanding of every culture, ensuring that every phrase of your sentences resonates with your target language and audience on a cultural level. Get industry-specific translations worldwide from the comfort of your home today.

247 Customer Support<br />

24/7 Customer Support

Our responsive, 24/7 translation support team is available for your convenience. Get a prompt reply within 30 seconds and have your translation queries resolved from the comfort of your own home. Reach out to us for assistance at any time.
Quick Turnaround Time<br />

Quick Turnaround Time

We understand that timely document delivery is crucial for various purposes in academic or business settings. Thus, we offer a fast turnaround time of as low as 6 hours with an express delivery option. Our services are designed to cater to your needs on a tight deadline.
Confidentiality & Security<br />

Confidentiality & Security

We prioritise strict confidentiality and security measures to ensure the safety of your details and documents. We do not share them with third parties under any circumstances. Rest assured that your information is not accessible to anyone except our team.

Case Studies

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Translation Project between Australian Translation Services and NSW Department of Education 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Get A Free Quote?

Locate the 2-step, easy-to-access form on our website and fill in all the required details, including your name, phone number, email ID, source and target language, and documents. Once we receive the details, we analyse them and send you a free quote.

What Kind Of Documents Do We Translate?

In brief, we translate every document ranging from questionnaires, government pamphlets, books and journals to scholarship documents, e-learning materials, test papers, training books, and handbooks.

Why Need Education Certificate Translation Services?

A degree certificate must be translated into the native language of the host country to get a visa to study abroad because The DIAC, DFAT, and passport authority mandate using NAATI translators for official translations.

Is It Mandatory To Get Certificates Translated By NAATI Translators?

No. You can get your documents translated by any proficient translator. Still, it is mandatory to get them certified by NAATI as the Australian governmental authorities accept NAATI-certified translations without any hassle.