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The rules and quality standards the Australian Immigration System maintains upon the approval of migrants’ documents are in real-time overwhelming.

And the overall procedure turns even more complicated when an applicant submits translated copies of required papers.

That exact meaning of the original document and grammatical accuracy (with regards to both the source language and English) has been maintained to become two prime check-points of migration authorities. If not to mention the multiple other norms they put forward over migration document translation!

And to gain approval, it turns imperative for an immigrant, with translated papers at disposal, to fulfill both of the two principal criteria. And meet, as well, all the ‘other norms’.

Such a situation indeed makes it vital to access such Australian translation services, which are ‘capable’ in the real sense of the term.

What essentially a client migrant requires is the guarantee that work done will satisfy every relevant government body he/she needs to face. And fetch as well the readiest sanction over documentation from all.

Now, if you, in particular, are looking for such serviceability over the Persian language, then our firm’s Persian document translation services stand as the ultimate answer for your pursuit.

And why? Learn the five prime reasons here –

  • We will follow the best practice of assigning a NAATI Persian Translator for your project. Such a professional knows every hack and ‘formula’ of making an official translation government-approved in no time
  • Before delivering to you, work shall pass the ‘Two-Stage Quality Control’ process via senior translators and migration-expert proof-readers. Thus to make it absolute error-free and professional
  • Precise rules for migrants vary from districts-to-districts in Australia. Our translators do take into account the official documentation criteria of the district an immigrant aims to settle at. They conduct at-depth R&D to customize work strategy at par with them. Thus whether to offer Persian translation in Perth or serve Persian translation in Adelaide; approval comes as their apparent guarantee
  • Maintenance of a unique translation team to provide immigrants adept help over the protocols and ways to draft CV and prepare their own Skill Report (s); The success rate? Know by counting the ‘stars’ our customers for Persian translation in Brisbane service give to this end
  • The only Persian Translation Services amidst contemporaries offering clients to pay by a transparent EMI procedure. The aim is to let you avail each premium facility without worrying ‘what it may cost’

Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate

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Driving License

Driving License

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Can Your Persian Translation Services Fulfill Legal Requisites? Most Certainly Yes

In the way of approval for visa/permanent citizenship, migrants do require to gain consent from the Family Court of Australia over certain documents like divorce decrees, change of name affidavits, transformation certificates, etc.

And if those are to be presented in their translated versions, then it turns aptly necessary to avail expertise over a legal translator. Who is one such?

The professional officially acknowledged by the Court and who follows each of AUSIT’s (Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators) Code of Ethics over legal paper(s) translation. The prevalent standards of this Code appear as –

  • Perfection
  • Neutrality
  • Maintenance of Privacy
  • Professional Integrity & Skill

Now, reality shows that settlers often need to appear before the Family Court, along with translated copies of relevant documents.

Realizing the fact and in the effort to provide some real help over it, we maintain a distinctive wing of ace legal translators against each language offered for translation.

All the pros involved, retain due knowledge over AUSIT’s ‘Ethics’, and are savvy enough over the fundamental practical techniques that lead to satisfying any and every judge.

What about the formal recognition of Court? Well, the professionals we recruit are not just acknowledged, but most readily preferred by the Family Court over each legal translation matter of migrators.

So, if you need Persian to English translation service for specific legal purposes, connecting with us is the best move you can make.


Desiring The Persian Translation Services To Be Technically Savvy? Australian Translation Services Is Your Best Choice

We are well aware of the unique preferences the millennial customers possess. We know that to be appealing, a service must appear smart and futuristic to them.

Thus, and with due recognition to the data that over 31% of regular immigrants are particularly millennials, our language translation infrastructure stays technical evolved in the soundest of sense.

From every-day operations to the very approach taken to translation, certain ‘doses’ of smartness and sleekness get portrayed in every aspect. All kudos to the trending tech hacks our employees religiously refer to while ‘at work’.

And in effect, not only customer satisfaction but also due speeding up of projects is accomplished by us.

Once you resort to our Persian Translation Services, you achieve as ‘default perks’ –

  • The facility of getting the completed work e-mailed or auto-uploaded through the safest network
  • Provision to conduct the end-to-end of interaction with us through the virtual platform, thus saving you the time and effort to actually visit. This one feature has made us especially acquire a huge client base searching for Persian translation in Melbourne service. Given, they cannot physically make it to a firm, for one or more reasons
  • High-quality scanning of every single paper; thereby guaranteeing no detail from the source document is overlooked by the translator on the ground like “too blurry or small to read” Following of necessary global data security standards to ensure no soft copies produced are mistreated or infringed in any manner
  • Up-to-date chatbots to entertain your any and every query for 24*7; and not just this! Gain an all the more first-hand idea about the cutting-edge UX our website caters by one single click over language translation services
  • One of the few Persian services to English in the land that enjoy reputation amidst customers for offering the securest of digital payment infrastructure
  • Readiest arrangement of Skype and video communications with translators and project managers

En final, our Persian Translation Services aim to aid every Iranian realize very own Australian dream. Waiting to be tested!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much 1000 words does a translation cost?

The translation rates differ according to the specific translator. However, the translation cost usually ranges from $0.10 to $0.50 per word. That means 1000 words translation work can cost you anywhere from $100 to $500. That’s why it’s best to hire quality and affordable translators.

2. Is Google Translate accurate for the Persian language?

You will never get a 100% accurate Google language translation for Persian. However, translating idioms from English to Persian is almost accurate in Google translate. You must hire a professional translator to get an accurate Persian translation.

3. What is the most accurate Persian language translator?

AustralianTranslationServices offer the best and most affordable translation. We staff native translation with years of experience working for every industry. Just mention your Persian language translation requirements and get the best work.