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Do you need a change of name certificate in Australia? Nowadays, it is usual to change names. Even though there are some restrictions, everyone can exercise the right to change the name on their birth certificate or other legal documents. Anyone in Australia who wants to change their name must submit a formal change of name application for birth, death, and marriage. In this post, we will compile the required details to change the name of your legal documents.

What are the Rules for applying for name change certificates in Australia?

What are the Rules for applying for name change certificates in Australia?

There are guidelines for changing your birth registration name certificates:

  • You cannot change your identity for any criminal activity.
  • You can change your name identification documents once a year.
  • Your new name cannot be an illegal name that is obscene, insulting, or too lengthy.
  • To change your name in id documents, you must provide reasonable explanations.
  • You cannot apply online for name change certificates for a restricted person.

All valid requests must accompany the applicant IDs to file a child’s name change. The applicants would also need to prove the child’s citizenship or position as a permanent migrant for the child born outside of Australia.

Who are Eligible to Change the Name on the Certificates in Australia?

In Australia, citizens can change their names. You can apply via an application form to the Australian states for Registration of Birth, Death, and Marriage. You can change your official name in your identity documents if:

  • You are 18 or older.
  • You were born overseas or adopted in Australia.
  • You usually live in Australia.  

For a child’s birth certificate recorded in any specific Australian state, contact that state’s Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages to learn how to change your name.

If you DON’T fulfill the previously mentioned factors, you must provide the following to get the changed name certificate certificates:

  • A letter of authority
  • Three copies of identification from the subject or next of kin.
  • Three duplicates of your ID.

If you want to change one name, all names, the spelling of your name, or the order of your name, you must submit a formal name change application. Let us look at why you might need to change your name in the Australian Citizenship Certificate.

What are the different reasons to apply for name change certificates?


The most frequent causes for name changes are typically marriage and divorce before taking marriage Certificate Translation services. Many women change their names by adding or removing their partners’ names following marriage or divorce. 

Spelling mistakes:

Our names frequently have writing mistakes on certificates and official papers like passports and driving licenses. Many people in these situations intend to alter their names to correct typographical mistakes.

What information must you provide in the standard certificate name change application?

When you use a change of name certificate to validate your name change, you must enter the following info into your myGovID app:

  • Exact name or names.
  • Currently used the surname.
  • Previous given name or names (insert “no registered given names” if this is how your document reads).
  • Last surname (insert “no registered surname” if that is how it appears on your documentation).
  • Age at birth.
  • Identification number (do not include any letters).

If you are on the list of restricted persons, you are not eligible to change your name on the certificate.

How to apply for the change of name certificates?

How to apply for the change of name certificates?

The most convenient way is to apply online application form. Or else, you can use the other two options to avail name change certificate. Have a look at the details of all the processes: 

Online application process

  • Visit the official site.
  • Enter the change of name details.
  • Enter your/applicant’s details.
  • Use reCAPTCHA to prove that you are not a robot.
  • Confirm your order details.
  • Select and upload all the required identification documents, such as the partner’s surname, one parent, or the other parent’s name.
  • Read the declaration and sign it.
  • Enter your payment information.
  • Submit your application form for processing.

Certain classes need to be more advanced with the technology and thus do not prefer to submit applications online. In that case, download the Replacement Change of Name Certificate Application Form, then proceed with the procedures below before taking birth certificate translation Australia.

Submit using Australia post

The applicant must post the completed application form and certified supporting documents. Also, you must attach the payment along with the documents. Please send by registered post.

Submit in person

Sometimes, a few people may not trust the postal department, as the documents are essential. Thus, they can choose for ‘ submit in-person option. In such a situation, there are two options:

  • You can visit the state’s customer service center where you want to change your name certificates.
  • Alternatively, you can meet the Australian state’s agent of births, deaths, and marriages

You must bring your filled-out application and genuine documentation if you select choice number two. Ensure the information and papers are accurate before applying yourself or the forensic patient.

What are the different payment methods to avail of change name certificates?

For a standard certificate, there is a nominal fee. Also, the child’s other parent must have complete information about it. If there is a separation among the parents, the family court decides. In both cases, you must pay the required fee. Here are the different methods by which you can opt to pay:

  • credit card or EFTPOS
  • using a business account check
  • using a bank check
  • by using a money order
  • via charge card
  • operating a business account check
  • using a bank check
  • by using a money order
  • Credit card only.

The customer care center accepts cash but prefers contactless payments like EFTPOS or credit cards.

How long does it take to get name change certificates?

Once the government has received your accurate and complete application, processing of your change of name registration will start. You can expect most of your documents and changes to your new name within 6 to 9 weeks. The processing period does not include delivery. The delivery of certificates happens via certified mail. Please visit the Australia Post website for up-to-date dispatch estimates within Australia or abroad.

Even though the steps to file for a formal name change may appear simple, but may get complicated. We hope this article has cleared all your queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you change the spelling of the name on the birth certificate?

One must have a local notary prepare an affidavit specifying the rationale for the alteration or the misspelling on the birth certificate. You must submit this document to the district court once created.

2. Can a young person change the name on the birth certificate?

A young person under 18 can easily change their name on the birth certificate. You can change your name through an application submitted by your parents or guardians (you can only apply to change your name once you are 18). 

3. Where do I apply for a name change?

If you were born in Australia, apply to the state where you were born. If you were born outside of the country, file in the state where you now live, but you must be able to show that you have continuously lived there for at least 12 months.

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