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Are you seeking a change of name certificate? The rule can differ from one country to another. For example, In Victoria, when someone changes their child's name, the authority sends the document with a new name. It is indeed known as the new child's birth certificate. There is a separate website that is for children born overseas. Also, there is a scope for birth replacement certificates. You can get the certificate/ certificates when you have lost or misplaced them. It is how a change of name certificate VIC works.

Replacement of birth certificate

Replacement of birth certificate

Registering the change of name certificate/ certificates to the government of Queensland is mandatory. Once you have registered for the same, the next step will be to apply for the document replacement. In the case of birth or the adoption certificate, you can choose one among the two options:

  • official birth certificate
  • official certificate of change name

But, for those born overseas, the authority has the right to issue an official change of name certificate.

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How to apply for a child's birth certificate?

  • Firstly, you must check whether you are eligible to apply.
  • Once you are sure about meeting the eligibility criteria, you must download the form from the website. It is the application form for the rbdm change of name certificate.
  • In the next step, you must see whether the supporting documents are certified by the justice or peace authority of birth registration.
  • Now, you must attach your supporting documents. One of which is the ID proof.
  • Finally, submit all your documents signed along with the application fee. It would help if you waited for Australia post to deliver the birth certificate to your address.

Examples of certifications for a name change

When you use a change of name certificate to validate your name change, you must enter the following info into your myGovID app:

-Actual given name or names

-Currently used the surname

-Previous given name or names (insert "no registered given names" if this is how your document reads)

-Last surname (insert "no registered surname" if that is how it appears on your documentation)

-Age at birth

-Identification number (do not include any letters)

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Adding to previously registered certificate

If you were born within Western Australia and have previously changed your surname via Deed Poll or a previous Registry Change of Names License, you can register this on your birth registration by submitting the BDM104 Request to Record a Registered Party Change of Name on a Birth Registration form. If the name change was recorded in another state or territory, you must send a certified copy of the name change certificate with your application.

No money is charged for this service. However, altering the birth certificate or name change certificate is necessary. Also, you must fill out a form.


How to submit the documents for change of name certificate?

How to submit the documents for change of name certificate?

There are two ways of document submission for nsw change of name certificate. The most convenient way is to submit by post. The second option is to present in person. Have a look at the details of both processes:

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Submit by post

The applicant must post the completed application form and certified supporting documents. Also, you must attach the payment along with the documents. Please send by registered post. Following is the address where you must post:

Registry of Births, Deaths, and Marriages

PO Box 15188


Submit in person

Sometimes, few people may not trust the postal department as the documents are essential. Thus, they can choose for ' submit in-person option. In such a situation, there are two options:

  1. You can visit the customer service center of the Brisbane registry. It is at level 32, 180 Ann Street, Brisbane.
  2. Alternatively, you can visit the agent of births, deaths, and marriages at the Queensland Magistrates Court. Also, you can proceed to the Queensland Government Agent Program (QGAP).

If you choose option number two, you must bring your completed form and your original id proof. At least it should be for one parent. If you have filled the form correctly along with all the supporting documents, you will immediately get a change of name certificate NSW. Thus, you have the advantage of submitting in person over submitting by post.

Fee payment for changing the name - born overseas

For a standard certificate, there is a nominal fee. Also, the child's other parent must have complete information about it. If there is a separation among the parents, the family court decides. In both cases, you must pay the required fee.

You can pay:

  • at the client service center
  • credit card or EFTPOS
  • utilizing a business account check
  • using a bank check
  • by using a money order
  • via way of the mail
  • within Australia
  • via charge card
  • operating a business account check
  • using a bank check
  • by using a money order
  • from international
  • Credit card only.

The customer care center accepts cash but prefers contactless payments such as EFTPOS or credit cards.

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Application fees

Application fees

Image suggestion- 

  1. Official change of name certificates ( it includes standard postage) - $52.60
  2. Change/ name replacement on official birth certificate (with standard postage)- $52.60
  3. Urgent application fee - $31.15

Duration of processing

The processing times apply after completion of the application. Also, You must submit identification and supporting papers (as required). There will be an additional fee if there are discrepancies of the deed poll.

These regulations apply to applications made by mail or in person at a Queensland Magistrates Court or QGAP office.

  • No urgent name application - 5 business days
  • Compulsory certificate of name change- 2 days

Wear and tear in transit

Wear and tear in transit

The authority ensures that the certificates of births, deaths, and marriages leave the office in good condition. But, once someone collects it from the office they don't have any control over its wear and tear (if any). Also, they are not responsible for any damage to the complete change of name bdm certificate in transit. But, the receiver has the option of lodging a complaint for compensation through the Australian post. It is the rule on change of name certificate Australia regarding transit.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can a young person change the name on the birth certificate?

Yes, a young person under 18 can easily change the name on the birth certificate. You can change your name through an application submitted by your parents or guardians (you cannot apply to change your name on your own until you reach the age of 18). The application must be filled out within the state's borders.

2. What to do when I want to take my partner's surname?

If you have been married inside Australia and wish to adopt your spouse's surname, you must obtain a marriage certificate to prove your new surname. Who qualifies? Open in slide out What you'll require The cost of an ordinary certificate is $57.50.

3. What is a change of name certificate?

Generally speaking, the procedure of name change consists of only three steps:

  1. Create an affidavit for a name change victoria. It can be through a court order.
  2. Place an advertisement in the newspaper detailing the name change.
  3. Submit papers to the Publication Department.

4. How do you change the spelling of the name on the birth certificate?

One must have a local notary prepare an affidavit specifying the rationale for the alteration or the misspelling on the birth certificate. You must submit this document to the district court once it has been created. It is valid for births, deaths, and marriages NSW.

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