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Aug 8, 2022 | Police Certificate

A police clearance certificate is frequently needed when applying for a visa, a job, moving abroad, or enrolling in school. But what precisely is it, and why does every citizen need to care about it? When you have this paper, what does it mean? What elements have an impact on a police clearance certificate? These thoughts may be running through your mind, don’t they? Don’t worry. The blog will provide detailed guidance on the topic. Get familiarity with the process and start learning all there is to know about the Australian national police certificate.

What is a police clearance certificate?

What is a police clearance certificate?

A police clearance certificate (PCC) is evidence of someone’s moral character. It attests to the PCC holder’s excellent character and verifies that they have no criminal histories. It is a formal document given out following a background investigation by the police to find out if the applicants have any criminal background. In general, such types of Police Clearance Certificate Australia get issued by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission. PCC is also known by other names such as:

  • Good Conduct Certificate.
  • Certificate of Clearance.
  • Police Checks.
  • Identity History Summary Check.
  • Criminal History Record Check.

Moreover, PCC issued by the Australian federal police can consider national police certificates. Now, you might wonder why people look for Police Clearance Certificates. Follow the passage below to understand more. Meanwhile, click here to learn about the Police Report Translation services.

Why do people need Police Clearance Certificates?

Why do people need Police Clearance Certificates?

PCC is often necessary for immigration, job, education, and visa applications. It comprises fingerprints and other crucial personal information about a person. People need it as it shows that you have no criminal history dating back to the beginning of your stay in a nation. Thus, yes, certificates with police clearance are necessary. Whether you follow the law or not, it affirms your character as a person. It reveals your moral character and sense of responsibility as a citizen, immigrant, tourist, employee, or student. 

Shifting to Australia, you must know how to apply for Australian Citizenship by clicking here.

Here, it is worth notifying that people need to get the certificates from their nearest local police station. Let’s say it will not work out if you belong from western Australia and seek to get certificates from the police in the east. You can obtain the certificates from the local police station by looking for a national police checking service. Do you want to know how to get an Australian Citizenship Certificate? If yes, click here.

We all know that identity documents are required if you apply for a new job in Australia or relocate abroad. Clearance certificates by national police check are becoming more common for a background check as part of your visa application process. You might need to serve the clearance certificates that include a person’s disclosable court outcomes by the police in the mentioned situation —

  • Whether the candidate is eager to pursue a job in South Australia or other parts of the country.
  • In the processing of visas and immigration.
  • At the employers’ request, as a character reference.

What is the significance of a national police clearance certificate?

There is no doubt that the clearance certificates are necessary for several things. Most people seek it when they are about to relocate to another country such as Australia. It is a fact that the Australian police jurisdictions strictly ask tourists, international students, and employees to submit their certificates as a document during their visa application process. 

The clearance certificate will include a notation stating the violation if, for any reason, your past and present records reveal that you have broken the law, including through convictions, lawsuits, criminal proceedings, or any involvement in illegal activities. 

Only law-abiding citizens will grant a police clearance. As said, the police department in Australia reserves the right to refuse to give any permission to an applicant if the outcome of a background check reveals that the applicant is a danger to society or has a case pending in court.

A police clearance certificate serves as evidence of your moral character. Australian federal police AFP inspects all green card petitioners to guarantee that only morally upright candidates are accepted. Yes, your completed application form for visa application might get rejected if police find any criminal record during further investigation. 

Foreign Applications can be made online or in person at participating Australia Post app. We will learn more about it in the following passage regarding the application process and online payment methods. Also, click here to learn about the official language of Australia.

Which documents do people need to apply for police clearance certificates?

Which documents do people need to apply for police clearance certificates?

Fingerprint records are necessary since it is the job of the police or other law enforcement to verify that the appropriate individual is receiving clearance. No matter for which Australian Capital Territory you apply, supporting documents like a valid passport is necessary when asking for a police clearance. Besides that, you need to serve the below mentioned as identification documents—-

  • The authority’s specified application formats.
  • An identity card of the applicant.
  • All of your fingerprint imprints together (if required).
  • Passport-size multiple images
  • A letter outlining the justification for the police clearance certificate request.
  • Copies of current Australian passport with self-attested photocopies.
  • A copy of the applicant’s appointment letter, employment permit, dependant pass, residency permission, etc.
  • The proof of the applicant’s most recent living address.

How to apply for the national police certificate?

How to apply for the national police certificate?

You must fulfil specific conditions to apply for a green card, also known as a permanent resident card. You will have to provide evidence of your moral rectitude. Australia only accepts people who uphold the law and contribute to society. A police clearance certificate from each nation you reside in is required. You’ll have to get it on your own. You must apply through an Australian police station in your state or territory or online services to acquire a copy of your police clearance. Yes, you can apply online with the help of an accredited agent.

For example— You can apply police clearance certificate western Australia and receive your national police clearance in New South Wales. Even though you use your application through a state provider, it applies to all states and territories. A complete history of disclosable offences committed throughout Australia will be included in the police clearance check because it is a nationally coordinated criminal record check. 

Applications submitted in person or online need more investigation. And thus, it might take up to 10 business days to be approved. In rare circumstances, the complexity of the check may cause this process to take longer.

Directly applying online is an alternate strategy for acquiring your police clearance. You have two options for submitting your application for a PCC run by the QPS: online or in person at an Australia Post outlet. Online services include delivery, ID verification, and payment. Applications that don’t need to be looked at further can be finished in an hour. 

Applications submitted using this method will receive a hard copy certificate and have a minimum 3-week turnaround time. If your legal name is a valid mononym (single name), you will not be able to submit your online applications; instead, you must visit an Australia Post location to do so. 

Yes, applying for a police clearance certificate for Australian immigration alone might be tricky. In that case, I would suggest people take help from the agency. Yes, you can apply online with the help of an accredited agent. Click here to know more about the translation services Australia.

It is a fact that often PCC needs to get translated from the local language to English. Eventually, the agency can help you translate your documents. You will get to know more about it in this blog later. Now, coming back to applying for PCC, the agency can submit your application form without hassle. The saving of doing it yourself is a benefit, but there are additional benefits to working with an agency. 

The agency will generally be quicker and will know exactly what paperwork you need to submit and what is necessary to obtain the clearance certificate. Still, they will charge you for their services.

Which factors might affect your national police clearance certificate?

Several factors might revoke your clearance certificates. If you are aware of such factors, it might help you to get prepared before applying for the NSW police clearance certificate. So, here are the factors that might become a hassle and suspend your certificates—-

Have a lengthy criminal history —

It will reveal any past convictions or imprisonments on your PCC. Remember that a sentence of more than 12 months in jail or prison may impact your police check application. Keeping any pending charges in mind, it would be challenging to get a PCC if you have unpaid debts or electricity bills.

Connection to a crime organization —

The legitimacy of your PCC may be affected if you belong to a group, fraternity, or sorority with a poor reputation with the Ministry of Criminal Evidence and Information Department. Any association with the group will raise questions, mainly if it engages in illegal activity.

Engaged in offensive behaviour—

It could be challenging for applicants to receive a police clearance certificate if they have engaged in unlawful or criminal activity. Human trafficking, illegal substances, smuggling, genocide, sexual assault, slavery, crimes against humanity, and global issues are only a few examples of frequent incidents.

Convicted of evading capture—

Breaking out is a type of escape, whether you did it before, during, or after incarceration. If you have been found guilty of fleeing from officials like immigration or police, you can have trouble obtaining PCC.

Evidence of immoral behaviour—

Your past and current track record demonstrate your integrity as a citizen. The authorities have the right to refuse you a police clearance certificate if they believe, for whatever reason, that you lack moral character or might pose a threat to the nation.

It would be difficult to clear the PCC processing if you have any previous records following the factors mentioned. As said, PCC is for those without a criminal history check. No country wants to grant a visa to a person with past criminal records. So, be aware of such factors before applying for the PCC online application.

Can you use the same PCC in many countries?

It is one of the most often asked questions by those who decide to apply for PCC. The answer is a big NO. Australia or any other nation produces each certificate attestation with the intention that it only be used there. Applications must be filed individually for each country if clearance is necessary for usage in more than one. 

Also, you can request English or any other language when applying. But what if you find no option to get the PCC in another language? Don’t worry. We will talk about it at the end of the blog. First, let’s learn more about the national police clearance certificate, as this blog is complete guidance on it.

How long is the clearance certificate valid?

The certificate’s expiration date is subject to substantial alteration. Depending on the regulations established by the nations where the certificate will be used, it may be the time duration indicated on the certificate, the period specified on it, or both. For example—- For both visa and citizenship applications, Australia accepts police certificates for 12 months after their issue dates. But, Police clearances are only sound in the UAE for three months after the date of issuing.

A police clearance certificate in the language that the government issues are available. Additionally, there is a charge for the entire procedure that varies according to the applicant’s language proficiency, country, and region of residence. People should be aware that a police check for volunteer work costs a little less than a regular application. Before paying the application cost, it is crucial to select the appropriate application type. You might need to resubmit your application and pay the necessary price if you choose a volunteer application and your employer refuses to accept it. So, look for the appropriate PCC before paying.

What to do if PCC is not in the English language?

Many people have this query when they think of applying for PCC. The country will always provide the certificates in their national language. And, many countries’ national language is not English. Still, some countries’ Govt issue the certificates in English besides their national language. But, what about those countries which only provide certificates in their local language? So, in that case, what to do?

Yes, you are thinking right. You need to translate the documents into English. You would need a translation if you had to get police clearance certificates from nations where you had previously resided and were not written in English. It is obvious for countries that speak different languages to maintain records in their native tongue. Your police clearance certificate will need to be translated if it is written in a language other than English. 

Your translation from a certified or approved agency will undoubtedly be required. You must submit your document with a translation certificate to guarantee that the translation is thorough and correct.

Depending on your requirements, you might use expert translation services for this. For some purposes, PCC is a necessary document, and several service providers can help you obtain the correct translated paperwork. Yes, it is essential to get help from accredited translators when translating official documents. Why? Let’s learn about it in the following passage. 

Why should people hire an accredited translator for official documents?

Why should people hire an accredited translator for official documents?

The qualified translators from top-notch translation services understand how crucial it is to preserve the authenticity of the original text. Also, the translators will ensure that your text has the search-engine-friendly keywords that government officials will be looking for. 

The message you wish to convey will be conveyed accurately since they have the knowledge to match the translation to the original material’s vocabulary, tone, and style. Moreover, they can quickly and accurately translate your content into any language. Because the skilled experts know how to do things correctly. They ensure quality work with the calibre and grade of their work.

The following are some advantages of working with a professional translator:

The following are some advantages of working with a professional translator:

A capable translator uses words and phrases your target audience will comprehend and is familiar with your target market. To maintain uniformity in the translation, a skilled professional translator will identify the correct terminology or ask you for a list of technical phrases.

A systematic approach— 

A project manager, translator, proofreader, and editor are all included in an organised workflow process that some of the top translation service(s) providers use to ensure the translation passes a rigorous quality assurance system.


Often, translation projects need to complete on time and under rigorous deadlines. You can be confident that the expert will translate efficiently and correctly by working with a reputable translation company.


Precision is essential when translating writings for medical, legal, commercial, or any other form of content. You risk weakening the language’s correctness without working with an expert. Professional translators ensure that all writing is accurate regarding punctuation, grammar, spelling, symbols, and other language translation considerations.


As stated, A police clearance certificate aims to show your moral character, as previously stated. Thus, you should not take it lightly since if something goes wrong, you may not be able to complete the visa processing. Therefore, opt for the PCC through a certified translation agency if you cannot obtain English credentials.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should one do if a police clearance certificate is not available?

You will want a personal affidavit if your native country or another nation you resided in does not issue a police clearance certificate. You need to provide a written explanation of your inability to get a police clearance certificate and a summary of your efforts.

2. When is a National Police Certificate required?

National Police Certificates are frequently utilised to obtain a job or a licence. Because some companies and licencing authorities apply other screening procedures, you should ensure that a National Police Certificate is acceptable by speaking with your employer or the relevant licencing agency.

3. How can You find out how my National Police Certificate is coming along?

The turnaround time for a National Police Certificate is 15 business days; if you need a status update, wait until after this time has passed.

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