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Nov 5, 2021 | Birth Certificate

10 Instances When You May Need Birth Certificate!

We all have seen new parents worried about getting the birth certificate made for their newborn baby. You must have heard how important this particular piece of document is for anybody in this world. But why does a birth certificate does holds such great importance? What is the requirement of a birth certificate document?                   

As the name suggests, a birth certificate is a certificate of birth that is issued at the time of birth of a baby. It is the first-ever identification document of any human, which contains necessary details. It includes the parents’ name, social security numbers, date, place and time of birth, and other such important information. As it contains the primary data of a person who is registered at the time of there, it indeed becomes an important document.

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When And Why Do We Need Birth Certificate?

When And Why Do We Need Birth Certificate?

A birth certificate is an essential and mandatory document for every human being on this earth, irrespective of the country that they live in. A birth certificate of an individual is a legal document that is issued at the time of birth of a newborn. The service of birth registration is provided by the specific legal bodies set up by the authorities. For instance, in the US, the registration of births is done by the state obliged by the law as they have to present the data annually. Hence, a birth certificate becomes significant from a law point of view. You can get here to know the Australian birth certificate replacement.

There are many instances where and when you may need birth certificate. However, the significant primary uses of a birth certificate are-

1. To Establish One’s Identity

As we established at article’s beginning, a birth certificate is the first identification document a person has after their birth. A birth certificate is a primary certificate that identifies a person and provides proof of their existence.

2. To Prove Where One was Born

The most obvious need for a birth certificate is that it works as proof of someone’s birth. It is the document that states a person was born and describes all the details related to the birth. Date of birth, name of a person, place or city of birth, and other such questions are answered by a birth certificate.

3. To Prove One’s Date of Birth

In any document in the future, the date of birth plays a significant role. Your other records might have a different or incorrect date of your birth. But the date of birth mentioned on a birth certificate is supreme, and it can correct other documents based on your birth certificate. It is the document that you refer to whenever or wherever you need to prove your date of birth.

4. School Admission

When you get your kid registered in a school, the school will surely ask you for the birth certificate for your kid. There are barely any school or educational institution that wouldn’t ask for a new student’s birth certificate. It is required to put the proven and legal data about the student in the school records, which is then used for every other standard or school. It not only ensures someone’s legal identity but also helps the school staff judge that a child is in the right standard as per their age.

5. Driver’s License

To be able to ride or drive any vehicle, a driver’s license is necessary. But, a birth certificate is required for the issuance of a driver’s license. An individual can issue a driving license upon reaching the legal age. As a birth certificate states an individual’s accurate date of birth, it works as proof that a person has reached the legal age for driving.

6. To Get Married

Another important event of a person’s life is the day when they get married. Although it is an amalgamation of two people, legality also matters here. Just like the issuance of a driver’s license, a person has to be of legal age to get married as well. Besides age proof, a birth certificate is also required to state your identification when you receive your marriage certificate.  

7. To Travel Abroad

Are you planning to travel abroad? It is one of those times when you may need birth certificate. You should carry your original or a certified copy of your birth certificate as they are essential to apply for a passport. Also, you might need to get birth certificate translation services if you are going to a country where other prominent languages are used.

8. Obtaining an Identification Card

Wherever you go to study or work, you will have your identification card. Whether it is an office, university, or library, an identification card is a must. Your birth certificate is the first form of identification. Hence you will be asked for yours while issuing any other identification card.

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9. To Prove Citizenship

A birth certificate also becomes essential to state the proof of your citizenship. It is documented evidence of your citizenship and residency in a city, state, and country. Whenever you are required to prove your citizenship, a birth certificate is one of the essential documents needed in such a situation.

10. Opening a Bank Account

When you visit a bank to get an account opened in your name, be it for any kind of account, your identification proof will be required. Your age verification will also be done. Hence, a birth certificate comes in handy during events when you are involved in bank-related proceedings.

What If You Don’t Have A Birth Certificate?

What If You Don't Have A Birth Certificate?

We have established the significance and uses of a birth certificate. Now we know that a birth certificate is not just a decorative paper in your file of documents. It holds greater importance and is needed in multiple situations. If you have not required it yet, it does not mean you will never. But what happens if you don’t have a birth certificate?

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You need not have to worry if you do not have a birth certificate for any reason, you will undoubtedly face issues when you may need birth certificate. In order to quickly fulfill all the activities and basic requirements as an individual, a birth certificate is a must. Even if you join the military or sign up for sport, a birth certificate is a must. Therefore, if you don’t have one, you must get one as soon as possible.

You need not have to worry if you do not have a birth certificate as it can be issued anytime you need it. You just have to apply with the authorized body for the same. Many people lose their birth certificates in instances such as accidents or fires. In such cases, you can issue a new birth certificate or apply for renewal. However, you should get done with the formalities for the same quickly, especially if you need it in the near future.

It can take you around 8-10 days, or even more, to get a new birth certificate. Hence, if you plan to do or have something that requires your birth certificate, get one as soon as possible. You can also apply to make necessary changes in your existing birth certificate if it carries wrong information. Ensure your birth certificate has correct information as it provides a base for majorly all the other legal documents of an individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do you need a birth certificate in Australia?

You need a birth certificate in Australia in several situations. One of the everyday situations is during immigration. Also, when you are going for admission to a school or college, other than that, there may be many more reasons. 

2. Is it illegal to not register a birth in Australia?

No, it is mandatory to register the birth in Australia. However, you get a grace period of 60 days to register the birth. Otherwise, you will be fined $1000.

3. What happens when a foreigner gives birth in Australia?

In such a situation, the kid will naturally have the same visas as you and your other parent if they are born in Australia when you and they are both on tickets. Your child will have the same visa as you if you are a visitor to Australia and the other parent is not a citizen or visitor.

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