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Summary - If you are willing to visit Australia, you must learn some common slang phrases spoken by the ... genuinely Australian Aussie people in everyday life. Read here! This blog will give you a better idea about 67 common slang words you can learn and master.

Know In Brief The 67 Australian Slang Words Used Commonly

I. Introduction

Australia is great for vacations, business trips, or you want to live here. Have you ever heard a man in Australian sayings, you G’day, mate? Then he greets you with a gesture, “Hello, friend.” This is an everyday slang australian words while conversing with an Aussie. Aussie slang is a vibrant and integral part of the country’s linguistic landscape. Understanding this interesting Aussie slang jargon will help you to navigate proper conversations with Aussie people. In this blog, we will learn 67 Australian slang phrases and words. So, let’s dive and unravel the mysteries of Aussie Slang!

II. The Origins and History of Australian slang words and phrases

The Origins and History of Australian slang words and phrases

When you hear these Aussie words in slangs like “Arvo, Avo, Bail” from an Australian Guy, you might feel weird! Because you do not know their meanings, to learn and grasp the depth of these words in slang, you have to step back to their history and how they originated. Take a brief idea here: –

A. Early Influences: Aboriginal, British, and Convict Origins

The indigenous Aboriginal language of Australia has given a new dimension to the early Aussie slang, particularly concerning flora, fauna, and geographic features. Here are a few Australian slang words list for Aboriginal.

1. Bunji: Indicates friend/mate.

2. Unna: Roughly word said by the Western Australian people, Meaning am I right/is that right/true.

3. Gammon: Mean fake or pretend.

4. Shakealeg: Slang word for Aboriginal dancing.

With the arrival of British settlers, the British language dominated the influence of Australian slang words. The working-class expressions shaped the early slang vocabulary and gave a new path to revamp the Aussie slang words.

After that, the influence of convict origins during the colonial period they mix up their regional British dialects and criminal jargon, which diluted with the existing linguistic landscape to create a unique convict slang known as “Flash Language.” Here are a few examples of flash Aussie jargon; –  

5. Croak = to die.

6. Bolt = to run.

7. Chant = dwelling place

8. Cly-faker = pickpocket.

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B. Development of Distinctive Australian slang phrases during Colonial Times

Chinese, Irish, and American are a few languages intermingled with Aussie slang words. Bushrangers and Larrikins, Gold Rush Era during the 1850s, and Cockney Rhyming slang during colonial times influenced Aussie Slang. Some local lexicon has adopted these integrated distinctive words in slangs contributed by these colonial groups.

C. Modern Influences and the Continuation of Slang Evolution

Multiculturalism, Pop culture, media, technology, and the Internet youth culture have given a new shape and dimension to the au slang. Various popular pop cultures like music, film, tv, and sports have introduced a whole new realm of slang, which has given a new way to Australian slang sentences. The continual evolution of English-speaking country has constantly evolved the slang word, adapting to societal changes, attitudes, and norms. The dynamic nature and regional and generational variation are a few factors for changes in Australi words in slang.

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III. Key Characteristics of Australian words in slangs and phrases

Key Characteristics of Australian words in slangs and phrases<br />

When you learn or read any Aussie bloke slang; every slangs word has its unique distinct characteristic. And here, you will get to know slang words phrases.

A. Distinct Vocabulary and Expressions

The Influence of Aboriginal Languages on Australian English Vocabulary, particularly in flora, fauna, and geographical features, has impacted a lot. A few common Australian slang words examples of these Aboriginal Languages on Australian English Vocabulary are:-

9. Kangaroo – roo

10. Boomerang – “Boomerang” – A traditional hunting tool

11. Wombat – Wombat sometimes refers to lazy or lacking energy

12. Sheep station – Refer to large rural property

13. Arvo – Afternoon

14. brekkie- Breakfast

B. Rhyming Slang and Playful Word Creation

This rhyming word means replacing a word with a phrase or expression that rhymes with it. A few fun Australian slang examples are:

15. Have a caption cook – Aussies refer – have a loo

16. Butucher’s hook – For a look

17. Frog and toad – For Road

18. Dog and bone – For phone

Here are a few examples of Australian playful word creation for “o,” “-ie,” -“y” to the end of the words such as:-

19. Bottle becomes “bottle-o for a bottle shop

20. Barbecue turns into Barbie

Such as adding Australis slang nouns like -o or -ie to the end of the word like: –

21. smoko – for a short break

22. ambo – for an ambulance

C. Unique Pronunciations and Accents

The Australian Accent and Australian words are known for distinct features, such as the pronunciation of the I sound with words like:- 

23. Car – Pronounced as cah

24. Right – roit 

25. Mate – mite

26. Day – Become die

27. No – Become na

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IV. Aussie Slang in Everyday Life

Aussie Slang in Everyday Life<br />

1. Commonly Used word in slangs and Phrases 

Australis slang words and phrases are not only a language but also add to the phenomenon of cultural diversity. Australian slang word also add vibrancy and character to everyday life in Australia. If you are a visitor or a local, understanding and using Australian local slang language is essential. These are a few examples of common day to today slang words, which are discussed here: –

28. G’day Mate: A Traditional Australian Greeting 

29. Fair Dinkum: Authenticity and Honesty 

30. No Worries: Embracing the Easy-going Aussie Attitude 

31. Maccas: McDonald’s Down Under

32. How ya doing – How are you

33. when someone says shout – it is my shout means offering to pay for a round of drinks or shared expense.

34. Servo – For service station 

B. Slang in Conversation and Social Interactions

Local words in slang in Australia are mostly used in Australian expressions. To create a better bonding, one must understand the English vocabulary, Context, and nuances of these words used in their day-to-day conversations. Here as follows: –

1. Slang as a Bonding Mechanism

When meeting an Aussie man for the first time, you must know all the greeting gestures to greet him. Here are some Aussie slang phrases.

35. Hey there, the legend – Australians offer the term “legend’ to refer to someone they admire in a relaxed conversation.

36. How’s it hanging, cobber? – here, cobber is an Australis slang term for friend or mate.

37. Gday, champion! – Champion is another term for praise and admiration.

38. Howdy, bloke! – Bloke is Australis slang for a man or a guy

When using all these above Australis slang words you need to understand where to use and where not to use them.When you use all these above words in slang like Hey there, the legend, Gday, champion!, Howdy, bloke! Fantastic mate. Check first with whom you are talking. You can use it when talking with younger ones or close friends, no matter how you greet them. But to an older adult greeting them in this way can’t be a good gesture at all!

Other things you have to see when you are using these Australian slang words where are regional variations, social gatherings, and family events. However, in certain cases, you can use this informal setting at your close friend’s party or event and get together.

When conversing with the locals, pay attention to how locals use slang in their discussions. Feel free to clarify if you come up with unfamiliar slang terms. 3 things to be considered when you are talking with the Aussie people.

The tone of the slang

Context of the slang

The situations in which words in slang are employed  

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V. Regional Variations in Australian Slang

Regional Variations in Australian Slang

Australia is a large country with diverse landscapes and cultures. The diversity in unity is reflected in its slang. From ranging to state to state and territory to territory, regional variations of slang, add more color and character to the language.

A. Slang Differences Across States and Territories

1. New South Wales:- In this region most common Australis words in slang are servo; service station, brekkie; breakfast, arvo ; afternoon , good friend; mate, which is discussed in this blog earlier. But a few new words in slang are:- 

39. chuck a sickle – take a sick day

40. Pash – kiss passionately

The slang directly mixes aboriginal, British English, and multicultural influences. 

2. Victoria :- Example are:-

41. Brekky – Breakfast

42. Footy- Australian Rules football

43. Sanga – sandwich

44. Grouse – excellent or great

The strong British influence has shaped Victoria’s slang.

3. Queensland: Examples are:-

45. Sunnies – Sunglass

46. Ute – utility vehicle

47. Swimmers – swimsuit

Queensland Australian slang phrases laid back influence coastal lifestyle and tropical climate. 

4. Western Australia: – Examples of Australian slang words are: –

48. Mozzie – mosquito

49. Rego – vehicle registration

50. Bogan – an uncultured or unsophisticated person

51. Mulla – money

Western Australis slang influences maritime and international influences closer to Asia culture.

5. South Australia: Examples are:-

52. Chook – chicken

53. Esky – portable cooler

54. Middy- 285 ml beer stubby holder

55. Cuppa – a cup of tea

South Australis slang strongly influences European culture, wine heritage, and unique events like the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

6. Tasmania;– Example are:-

56. Tassie – Tasmania

57. Pot – 250 ml beer glass

58. Nuddy – naked

59.Brekky – breakfast

60. Pokie – slot machine

This culture is influenced by beauty, close-knit communities, and isolation have shaped their slang languages.

7.Northern Territory: – Examples are: –

61. Crocs – crocodile

62. Bush- the Outback

63. Durry- cigarette

64. Barramundi – a type of fish

65.  Stupid person- Numpty

66. Fish and chip shops – fisho, chippy,

The northern territory’s close to Aboriginal heritage, unique wildlife, and remote landscapes that often incorporate the Australian slang indigenous words. 

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VII. Understanding and Using Australian Slang Effectively

Understanding and Using Australian Slang Effectively

Australian slang words require some knowledge and practice. You can speak confidently when you properly know that particular slang words. The proper navigation of speaking words in slang effectively can embark you into the right conversation with the local people. Here are important steps to learn Australis slang words.

Watch Australian TV shows and films; immerse yourself in the language deeply.  

Listen to Australian Radio and podcasts.

Learn commonly used expression

Expand your vocabulary

Pay attention to the slang context.

Listen to the conversation about how local people use slang in their conversations. 

Ask for clarification

Learn from locals

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Mastering all these 67 Australian slang words takes time, practice, and much more. Following all these steps discussed above, such as watching tv, listening to the Radio, and learning from locals, speaking proper English can enhance your speaking of Australis words. Then you can use it effectively while expressing your emotions and feelings perfectly. You can connect with people easily and build good relationships with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are 5 Aussie words or phrases in slang?

5 Australis words in slang are: –

1Arvo – Afternoon

2 brekkie- Breakfast 

3 How’s it hanging, cobber? – here, cobber is an Australian slang term for friend or mate.

4 Gday, champion! – Champion is another term for praise and admiration.

5 Howdy, bloke! – Bloke is Australis slang for a man or a guy

2. What do Aussies usually say?

Few Aussies speak are; –

  • I have a lot of things shit to do, OK?; I’m snowed under.
  • See above. Rarely requires actual running; I’m run off my feet.
  • Usually used at work to tell someone you’ve got it covered; I’m across it.

Aussie Bloke Buckleys Chancelittle chance

3. What is the Australian slang for a baby?

The Australian words in slang for baby are bub or bubby.

4. What is Australian lingo for friend?

One can say aussie lingo to mate or cobber for friends.

5. What is Australian slang for happy?

Stoked, chuffed, and larry are few words in slang expressed for happy.

6. What is Australis slang for awesome?

You can say ripper, bonza, beaut, unreal, bloody riper, ace, these are few words for awesome.

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