Who I am

Emily Chen

Australian Literature Specialist

Hello. My name is Emily Chen, and I am a writer and researcher specialising in Australian literature.

My Qualification

 I have a bachelor’s in English Literature from the University of Melbourne, and a master’s  in Australian Literature from the University of Sydney.

My Experience

My work in Australian literature spans over a decade, and I have gained extensive experience in both academic and creative writing. My research interests include the works of renowned Australian authors such as Patrick White, David Malouf and Tim Winton. I have presented my research at several international conferences (Association for the Study of Australian Literature), and my papers have been published in various academic journals (Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, JASAL).

My Expertise

My expertise in Australian literature has led me to work as a senior consultant for various publishing houses (Hatchette, Affirm Press) and literary organisations (Writing NSW, ASAL). I have assisted with the editing and promotion of several critically acclaimed Australian novels (The Watched Tower, The Transit of Saturn), and I have worked on projects aimed at increasing the visibility of Australian literature on the global stage.

My Publications

In addition to my academic work, I am also a published author in my own right. My first novel, ’The Secret Life of Eucalypt’, published in 2018, received critical acclaim. This novel explores themes of identity, belonging and the timeless relationship between humans and nature, set against the backdrop of the Australian landscape.
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It was a pleasure sharing this short biography. My passion for Australian literature has driven my academic and professional pursuits, and I am dedicated to promoting and preserving this rich literary tradition. Whether through my research, writing or consulting, I want to share the uniquely diverse Australia with the world.

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