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Mar 4, 2024 | About Australia

Population Of South Australia : Know From Australian Bureau Of Statistics

Do you know the population of South Australia? The population in South Australia is 1.7 million. With 984,321 square kilometers, South Australia holds 4th position among the Australian territories and states.

South Australia’s population stands in 2nd position with regards to centralized view just after western Australia. You will be surprised to know that around 77% of South Australia’s population resides in Adelaide.

The Population Of South Australia As Per Australian Bureau

As stated above, the approximate figure of the South Australian population is 1.7 million. Also, as per the experts, it is expected to rise to the figure of 1.783 million by June 2024. Some of you may be wondering about the process of estimation.

The calculation is based on the country’s average growth rate based on its population. Since 2011, the population has increased by 71% every year. Thus, population growth as per the Australian Bureau in the year 2021 males was 49.3%. But, the female population for the same year was 50.7%. The sa population 2021 as per statistics population estimates, forecasts growth in the future.

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South Australia’s Population Change

Let us find out south Australian population data from 2006- 2021

  • Between 2007 to 2010, there was a significant boost in NOM (net overseas migration). As a result, it boosted the population growth
  • From 2011 till 2016, there has been a massive decline in NOM. As a result, the NIM or the Net interstate migration has reduced. Thus. South Australian population in 2016 had a downward trend.
  • The impact of COVID-19 in 2020 has impacted the bar in overseas migration. Thus, the population of South Australia in 2021 again declined.
  • In addition, if you analyze the population of South Australia in 2022, the growth was observed at 0.3%.

What Is The Population Of New South Wales, Australia?

As per the report published in 2022, the population of New South Wales Australia, was 8.24 million. The New South Wales of Australia is located in the southeastern portion of Australia.

With a total area of 800,642 km², New South Wales covers 10.4% of Australia.

Is South Australia A Rich State?

The economy of South Australia generates an income of $243.886 billion. Now, comparing the income of other states in Australia, the southern part contributes 5.8% of the $4.200 trillion.

Some of the worst-performing states in Australia about income generation are Tasmania ( 26% low-income generation) and South Australia ( 19% below the household income).

What Language Is Spoken In South Australia?

You must specify only a single language that is spoken in South Australia. Some of the languages widely spoken in this area are Italian, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Greek, Punjabi, German, Polish, Arabic, Hindi, and Spanish.

What Is The Population Of Adelaide In 2024?

What Is The Population Of Adelaide In 2023?<br />

In the year 2021, the population of Adelaide was 1,345,000. The city receives a growth of 0.67% from the previous year, 2020. Again, the figure rose by 0.82% in 2022, and the exact figure was 1,356,000 in 2022. Now, in 2024 the growth rate was 0.81% with a number of 1,367,000 heads.

Is Adelaide Good For Migration?

People thinking of migrating from a different country and residing in Australia will always look for a suitable place. According to the reviews of people who migrated to the southeast of Australia, Adelaide suburbs are a good place to live and work. Also, the South Australian company in this area offers a proper work-life balance.

Once you have migrated from another country to Australia the next step will be How To Apply For Australian Citizenship.

Is Adelaide A Good Place To Live?

One of the most significant parameters for people migrating from a different nation to Australia is the affordability of stay. Now, if you compare Sydney and Adelaide, the latter is 45% less costly than Sydney.

The other factors in southern Australia are quality of life and other vital amenities. Even in this regard, Adelaide is a good option.

Is Adelaide A Big Or Small City?

Adelaide is a small city with a moderate population. People find the place cozy and affordable. Also, the job opportunities in Adelaide Hills are increasing compared to the northern territory.

Is South Australia Cheap To Live In?

One can find out whether South Australia is cheap to live in or not as they compare it with other cities in Australia. The report says that South Australia is 10% – 14% cheaper than other places in Australia. Also, the South Australian Economy has an output of $243.886 billion as per the latest statistics.

Is It Safe To Live In South Australia?

You can find heavy regulation in the air envelope of the South Australian region. If you focus on air pollution and control of emissions, you will find that environmental quality is perfect. Thus, environmentally it is safe to live in South Australia.

What Is The Average Price Of A House In South Australia?

What Is The Average Price Of A House In South Australia?

As per the above image, the average price of a house or a property in the south is between $745,000 to $459,000. But, if you are looking for a house for investment.

Is It Convenient To Find A Job In Adelaide?

As per a recent study, the job market in South Australia is a challenge. The graduates are especially facing difficulties in getting jobs, even at the entry-level. As per the data, in 2017, there were 46 applicants for every job position for graduates. Also, per the prediction, by 2030, one in every five jobs in Adelaide will disappear.

Thus, with the above facts, it is clear that getting a job in Adelaide is hard. But, Australia is a good place to stay. However, you must find out the Best Place To Live In Australia.

How Big Is South Australia?

South Australia is the state in Australia that covers the southern as well as a central part of mainland Australia. It has an area of 983 482 square km. Did you know that this area is quite the same as the size of Ontario in Canada or the entire Egypt?

Unknown Facts About Australia (North And South)

  • Northern Australia is the place for 110 mammals, 460 species of birds, and 225 species of freshwater fishes
  • The British parliament passed an act in the year 1834 that was about South Australian Colonization.
  • The mainland states border the south of Australia. It has a beautiful scenic mountain with a coastline of 3,700 km.
  • The Australian colony was the pioneer in bringing male adult suffrage. It was passed in parliament and became law in 1895.

The above Interesting Facts About Australia have made you fascinated with the positive impact of the nation Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Many People Live In South Australia?

According to the report in September 2020, the number of people residing in the particular area was 17.7 lakhs. Also, the research says that by June 2024, the population will reach 1.783 million. The increase in population is optimum as per the size of South Australia.

2. What Percentage Of South Australians Live In Adelaide?

Adelaide was declared the capital city of Australia in the year 1836. Before that, the state was known as Tarntanya ((red kangaroo place). Even today, some people call it Kangaroo Island.

The state has a population of 1.8 million, among which 80% of them were South Australians.

3. What Is The Population Of Adelaide And Its Suburbs?

The estimated resident population in Adelaide and its suburbs in the year 2024 is 1.41 million. With an area of 3,259.8 sq km, the city is most prominent in South Australia. The Australian Bureau of Statistics also has the same data. It also says the population of (Adelaide) the state stands in 5th position.

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