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Checklist For Medical Treatment Abroad: Documents You Must Carry

Medical treatment abroad has expanded over the last few decades. Some medical treatment might not be possible in the own nationality.

As a result, the overseas journey has become increasingly popular. If you or your dear ones are travelling for medical treatment, you will find this article relevant.

We have compiled a checklist for medical tourist so as to help them with a seamless travel experience.

Why Do People Go To Abroad For Medical Treatment?

Why Do People Go To Abroad For Medical Treatment?

Most people go for medical treatment abroad when they fail to get sufficient health care infrastructure in their own country of origin. They choose a different country where they find suitable Accommodation, transportation and cost of treatment. Additionally, they look for good quality healthcare facilities and services, high-end infrastructure and excellent doctors.

Finally, medical tourism also plays a significant role in medical treatment overseas. However, the most critical factor is ensuring medical report translation. Before you go on a medical voyage, make sure you translate all your medical documents from a professional translation company.

Which Is The Best Country For Medical Treatment?

Which Is The Best Country For Medical Treatment?

Several countries provide exceptional medical facilities. Some of the countries are as follows.

  1. Denmark
  2. Canada
  3. Australia
  4. Sweden
  5. United Kingdom
  6. Netherlands
  7. France
  8. Germany

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Critical Medical Documents To Carry Abroad

Critical Medical Documents To Carry Abroad

1. Reports And Consultations Of Your Immediate Doctor

Your local doctor must have been your first doctor who has started your treatment. He has all the first-hand investigation reports of your medical conditions. His writings will be immensely useful for further investigation. 

So whenever you go for medical treatment abroad, keep it a point to carry the detailed information of your local doctor. It will assist the second doctor with the best medical support under any complication.

2. Reports Ensuring Immunization

Reports Ensuring Immunization

Whether you are going for medical care overseas or your near ones, you will need a certificate confirming Immunization for everyone travelling along. The immigration department had made standard health preparations a mandate. Connect with your general physician or visit a travel medicine clinic well in advance. 

They will guide you regarding preventive medications or vaccinations needed for a safe medical journey. You will enjoy a happy and healthy journey as your Immunization is ensured. You will need to carry reports on your current health conditions and your vaccination history. 

It will reduce the risk factors in case of known or underlying medical issues. Vaccinations like Typhoid, Hepatitis A, Tetanus, etc., are a few examples of vaccinations for immunity.

3. Soft Copies Of Medical Documents

We are living in a digital era. Hence it is always better to keep the soft copies of each and every document. In case you need to produce a medical document urgently, a soft copy in your portable device can save you from great danger. 

It is an eco-friendly way to procure and store all types of medical tourism and medical data needed at the earliest. When you download the documents on your device, you can refer to them without looking for an internet connection. It is even a great way of storing your confidential document with secure passwords. 

The documents may include a prescription summary, diagnostic details, medication report, etc. Do not forget to translate all your medical reports from a recognized translation solution. It is also advisable to ignore machine translation. 

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4. Post-Treatment Medication Reports

Patients sometimes undergo treatment in their home country and then move abroad for further treatment. It is important to carry a report on the post-treatment medication advice in such cases. 

The new doctor should know about the medicines already used and needs to be continued. The doctor must also learn about the dosage and duration of such medication. It is a good practice for a follow-up treatment. The process of medical treatment abroad may distinctly vary from your native country. Hence it would help if you were extra careful about the follow-up treatment. Distance should not be a barrier in such cases. 

Clear communication in written form is thus the best way to convey your health history. Also, the doctors abroad will know about the medicines the patients are allergic to and avoid unnecessary stress.

5. Medical Claims And Receipts

Medical Claims And Receipts

The most important documents while travelling abroad for medical treatment are your financial documents. Insurance policies are more critical than Medical reports for Treatment Abroad. 

Different medical insurance providers offer different medical policies. It is a tricky process that you need to be clear with. You need to make sure that your policies have not expired. Ensure the information such as the policy holder’s name, member number, group number, and the names of any dependents. 

Verify the details with the service provider once more and confirm that it still holds with your new medical treatment. International coverage is also a big factor. If it is not covered in your policy, try a short term policy to cover your immediate needs for medical treatment overseas. 

6. Keep Your Passport And Visa In Order

Another essential document to be checked is the visa. Visa is an absolute requirement in case of medical treatment abroad. 

The validity of a visa differs from country to country. There is some signature process that is different in the case of patients who are below 18years of age. Again many countries ask for proof of sufficient funds to offer you a visa. They ask for your bank statements or other related documents, which you have to attach with your visa application. 

Make early planning and arrange for required documentation for your medical visa. In this regard, you should check the Benefits of Translating Your Healthcare Website.


We hope we have covered all the basic instructions and names of documents that you need during medical treatment abroad. We understand the intensity of the medical cases and wish for a hassle-free medical travel experience. Connect us now for your health care translation requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you go abroad for medical treatment?

Yes. You can go abroad for medical treatment from specialised, state, and private hospitals. If you selected your doctor or hospital, book an appointment for a checkup. Ask them for the documentation and tentative expenditure for the treatment process. Once you arrange the documents and money, you can go abroad for medical treatment.

Can I get a refund for treatment abroad?

Yes. You can get a partial or full refund of your medical expenses abroad. The refund amount mainly depends on your medical or health insurance. If you are looking for a refund, contact your medical insurance company.

How do I prepare for surgery abroad?

Many people visit foreign countries to receive superior treatment facilities. So, if you are planning surgery abroad, start by researching the best place. Once you have selected a location abroad, contact there to get information about the surgery and the total requirements (Documents, expenditure, etc.). Then start your arrangements and book an appointment accordingly.

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