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Nov 24, 2020 | Translation

What are the Benefits of Translating Your Healthcare Website?

By reading the blog’s title, you must be thinking, why does a healthcare website need to be translated? What’s wrong with English? Well, there is nothing wrong with a website developed in English but a translated website can be a helping hand for both the patients and the medical staff. 

If you are still wondering what we are talking about, keep your eyes glued to the screen. That’s because, by the end of this read, you will understand the importance of a translated healthcare website for patients. If you are a healthcare professional or an owner of a healthcare website, there are some bonus tips through which you can get website translation.

Why Does a Healthcare Website Need To Be Translated?

In the medical industry, it is important to know the Transcription and Translation: Connection, Differences, Similarities, and More. That’s because both of these processes are quite important in the industry.  A healthcare website is an excellent medium for the patients to grasp all the relevant information in a single place. Thus, if patients get the same, then a lot of problems associated with it can be solved. That’s the reason why here we cited some of the benefits of it.

Satisfied Patients

Imagine a situation where you are stuck in a medical emergency (god forbid) and searching for a trustworthy name for your treatment. However, when you search for it, the provided information is in a completely different language. Frustrating, right? Obviously, it will be. 

That’s because, during medical emergencies or any other medical situation, we require immediate access to all the information. If we fail to get accurate information, we might feel anxious. 

To retain such situations, it is best to get a translated version of the website. By doing so, patients will have access to all the necessary topics like frequently asked questions and appointment bookings. 

Also, the website will be trustworthy for the patients, and it will be an efficient business expansion tactic for the owner. It will also grant a sense of satisfaction in their mind as they will get answers to most of their questions on the website. 

Apart from that, it will also be helpful to them through other means. For example, most of the additional necessary information like address and entry instructions will be accessible to them. That will further help the patients to reach the healthcare building without any convenience. 

Moreover, the native language also provides a sense of comfort. When a person gets to read the instructions in their own language, they might feel that the website is safer and reliable for their requirement. 

Saves Time For Medical Staff

In fact, If a healthcare provider takes assistance from translation services, they save a lot of time for their medical staff. That’s because most of the information will be accessible on the website itself. 

Not only will it become easy for the patient to get the information about the treatment and products, but it will also prevent the medical staff from explaining the same to patients. 

In simple terms, many times, people who do not understand English face difficulty interacting with the medical staff. They panic a lot and get frustrated when they don’t get the information. 

Similarly, the medical staff also fails to convey the necessary instructions as the patient does not understand English, and the staff might not know their native language. 

Thus, if a website is translated into some common languages, medical staff can instruct the patients to visit the website for reference. 

As all the information will be graspable easily, both patients, as well as medical staff, will not face any concern in the future regarding the same.

Get New Patients

Out of all the benefits, a translated healthcare website can surely help them to get new patients. Now, remember, a patient usually reaches a website to get information or services. If they are switching to another website, then it signifies that they did not get the same in their past searches. 

Thus, if a healthcare website consists of all the relevant instructions and services like medical report translation in different languages, then there are chances of getting more patients. The primary reason behind it remains reliability. 

Imagine a situation where you are in a completely different country, and you need medical assistance. After a long search, you find a website that has all the information and that too in your native language. 

Can you imagine the sense of relief and satisfaction one can get from it? To be honest, it’s more like having a near one behind your back. With such factors, the patient will immediately consult the healthcare provider and get the treatment accordingly.

As per the statistical data of Harvard Business Reviews, 72% of people spend most of their time on websites in their own language.

Also, 50% of people consider more about getting information in their native language rather than the price of the product. Thus, it is pretty clear how translating a website can be beneficial for any healthcare business.

There are a lot of reasons Why Businesses Should Localise Their Website.

Good Health Prognosis

Of course. There is no doubt in that. If a patient has most of the information regarding medical processes, products, or treatments, they will end up in good health. 

One of the primary concerns for healthcare specialists dealing with foreign patients remains the lack of communication. 

Now, by lack of communication, we mean that both the patient and the staff fail to comprehend the essential requirements during a discussion. 

The reason behind such a scenario can be patients not knowing English or the staff being clueless about patients native language. By either means, communication can become a chaotic situation.

 In such a case, it could become challenging for the patient to grasp the necessary instructions, and that might lead to adverse health effects. It can lead to poor disease diagnosis, drug interactions and complications, and limited health literacy. 

As a website is the easiest and accessible mode of communication, healthcare professionals can simply ask the patients to follow it for more details. 

With that being said, the website has to be translated precisely as well. By combining all the necessary factors with a well-translated website, a patient can achieve good health and a better prognosis. 

Moreover, one must know Why Medical Records Need To Be Translated. Click the link to get complete detail.

How to Translate Your Healthcare Website In Common Languages?

From the above context, we hope you understood the perks of a translated healthcare website. If you are an individual or a healthcare provider looking for different ways to get the website translated into common languages accurately, then we can be a helping hand for you. Below, we have suggested some of the most effective tactics through which you can get started with the website translation process. So, let’s take a look to know more.

Avoid Free Translation Tools

When translating a website, the last thing you need to do is rely on free Translation technology. It was observed that many websites translated their content through Google translate and presented the same on their website. Now, this can have numerous disadvantages. 

First, Google has upgraded its standards, and the website is likely to rank high if the content is solid. By using a free translate tool, you might not get the quality, and ultimately it will fall big time. 

Secondly, the information may not get translated accurately. There are numerous instances where free tools do not work precisely to deliver accurate information. 

Third, as its a healthcare website, any misinformation can have adverse effects on a patient’s health. It’s a risky and unprofessional step. So yes, for these reasons, it’s best to avoid free translation tools for a healthcare website.

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Research Well

Instead of jumping right into the content itself, it is best to research well. Make sure to look at competitors’ website localisation tactics and check what they are adding to their pages. 

Besides, it will also be great if you list out the languages in which the website needs to be translated. Here you have to be a bit smart and choose the languages that are common in the country. 

That’s because what’s the use of getting a website translated into an uncommon language which nobody speaks much? Take a thorough look into the spoken languages and include it accordingly. 

Also, research the keywords and add them to the content. Try to focus more on essential terms for efficient outcomes. You can also check the website analytic and city demographics to deliver a good layout.

Take Professionals Help

If you are unable to manage so many things at once and thinking how to translate a website, then it’s best to take professional help. You can hire experienced translators to translate the website into the required language. 

As these individuals are trained and skilled, there are chances of getting high-quality outcomes from them. Apart from that, you will not encounter any issue with the language. No matter which language you choose, all you have to do is let the experts know, and they will translate it accordingly. 

In addition to that, it is pretty time-saving as well. While translators do the work, you can dedicate yourself to other areas that need focus. With expert assistance, you can acquire quick, standard quality, easy, and affordable results without any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a translator do in health and social care?

Professional translation services help protect patients from coercion. It also helps healthcare workers identify patients with hidden adult and child protection issues, such as human trafficking, gender-based sadism, and other forms of mental and physical abuse.

2. Why should you translate your website?

You should translate your website, especially if you focus on your global presence or expand your business in a new linguistic region. If the natives can’t understand the content on your website, they simply avoid it and never come to you with their queries. But if the website content is in their local language, it will build trust among them, and they will make purchases seamlessly.

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