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Transcription and Translation: Connection, Differences, Similarities and More

Ever entered a translation service organization and wondered what transcription means? Also, what is the connection between translation and transcription? If yes, then this blog will help you know all about both these processes in brief.

With advancement, people are settling down in different countries for numerous purposes. It can be for medical treatment, business, or just migration. However, with new countries comes new rules and new languages. Both translation and transcription act as a helping hand for these people so that the language does not become a barrier.

Today we will be talking about both transcription and translation definitions in detail. Also, we will understand the connection between both these terms in brief.

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What is Transcription?

Transcription is a process in which audio is heard and converted into written form. Unlike translation, the language of the content does not change. Say, If the writing is in French, then its transcripted version will be in French too. Usually, transcription is for instances when a document is given to the translator in audio form. There are numerous instances where a translator might have to do both translation and transcription.

Let’s say a client has requested to translate a document from one language to another. However, they do not have a written form of it. Instead, they have an audio version available. In such case scenarios, the document will be first transcribed in the same language. After that, translators will translate it to the requested language.


What is Translation?

What is Translation?

On the other hand, translation is the process in which content is converted into some other language. For example, if a document is in English, it is translated into Spanish in written form. Translation involves two different languages and is certainly not limited to one. If a client requests document translation, there will be no such scenarios of audio files. Just one document will be provided to a translator, and that has to be converted into the requested language.

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How are Translation and Transcription Connected?

As mentioned earlier, there can be scenarios where translation and transcription are required together. For example, if a translator is given a document in audio form for translation, they do not jump into the translation process directly. It has a step in between, where the document is transcripted first. In simple terms, transcribers will convert the document from audio to written form.

If a document is translated without transcription, the outcome will be inaccurate. Also, one is likely to encounter errors too. So, in the process of translation, transcription has a significant role to play. It helps in providing top-quality and professional results too. Moreover, it makes the process easy and does not involve inputting much effort.


What are the Transcription and Translation Differences?

Specific points make translation different from transcription. Let’s take note of the same.


  • First of all, the language involved in the transcription process is one. On the other hand, translation requires two languages, viz, the target and source language.
  • The format of transcription can be two, i.e., written and recorded. However, the format of translation is only written.
  • To be a transcriber, it is not mandatory to be well aware of the culture. However, to be a translator, you have to be adequately qualified and professional in the target language. They should know the cultures and customs of the same.

What are the Transcription and Translation Similarities?

While both translation and transcription are different from each other, there are certain similarities between them as well. Here are some of them given below


  • Both translation and transcription processes include written format. In translation, the written content is translated into written form but in a different language. While in transcription, the audio content is transformed into a written one.
  • Translation and Transcription help in better communication too. With both these processes, an individual from a different culture or country can lead an everyday life despite having language issues.
  • Both of these processes render information accurately. While translation is the same form of writing in a different language, transcription is the replica of audio content in written form.

Application of Transcription Services

Application of Transcription Services

Now, when we talk about transcription vs translation services, numerous organizations are providing the same. While they might seem to resemble each other that’s certainly not the case. Both these processes involve distinct steps. As we know the definitions of both terms, let’s comprehend how transcription services are useful in today’s world.


The translation is quite essential in different areas like sociolinguistics, conversation analysis, dialectology, and phonetics. It is also considered quite relevant in speech technology.

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It is also utilized for promoting the products of foreign markets. The tactic is used to make sure that the promotional message is clear and precise. One can indeed consider transcription as an efficient way to advertise products.

Legal Transcription:

Transcription is also quite renowned in the legal Industry. During a court hearing, transcriptions are used to translate the verbal contents into written form. It is also used for translating the recorded witness statements as written content.

Medical Transcription:

It is also pretty relevant in the Medical Industry. Usually, it is used to translate the voice notes of Physicians in written form. Various entities like medical history and prescriptions are transcribed through this method. One might also require Medical report translation later. It further helps the patient for better treatment, regardless of the location.

Application of Translation Services

Application of Translation Services

The translation is also applicable in numerous areas at present. They have become petty popular or well-known among people who come from foreign countries. Let’s know some of its use for a better idea.

Document Translation For Migrants

When a person travels from one country to another, they might have to translate their documents. Like, in Australia, you may require Best Translation Services for an accurate translation of all documents before migration. That’s because the document gets checked by professionals for its accuracy.

Website Translation

The translation is also an efficient step for better website reach. If a website visitor spots content translated into their native language, they are likely to stay longer. With website translation, the contents are optimized in the relevant language for a good read.

Legal Translation

In addition to that, translation services are used in the legal Industry too. With translation services, it is confirmed that every vital point in the document is translated accurately. It ensures that the content and information of the original paper are retained.

Business Translation

Translation might also be required in the business industry. It is focused on ensuring that the documents are translated into the language needed with authenticity. Moreover, it is also important to maintain traditions and office culture as per the local language.

Technical Translation

In addition to that, translation is also essential for the technical Industry. From technical documentation to manuals, an accurate translation helps protect the business’s brand image for foreign customers.

Medical Translation

The translation is also required in medical insurance. There are numerous benefits of Translating Your Healthcare Website. It can help the patients to get adequate information about the treatment. Also, the prescriptions and other details will be translated by the healthcare experts.

What is the Process of Transcription?

When you hire a transcription services provider, they do not jump right away into transcribing. At first, they take a thorough look into the requirement of the client. Once they do so, the manager determines which expert would execute the task. They also check for the field in which the requirements fall. It can be anything from medical to financial. As per the chosen area, the experts are assigned for work. Now, the expert will listen to the provided file and convert it into a written form. If the client further requests a translation requirement, it is done in the next step.

What is the Process of Translation?

The process of translation involves the following step mentioned below.

  • When a customer requests for translation of any document, they are asked to submit the original copy of the same.
  • After that, the business and marketing transcription service providers take a thorough look into it and ask for any additional requirements. They also ask about the language in which the document has to be translated.
  • Once all the details are precise, they move on to the next step, i.e., choosing the translator.
  • A translator for translation is chosen as per the target language. That individual should be familiar with the culture, customs, and language precisely.
  • As soon as a translator is selected, they start the translation process instantly. The final translated document with the original ones is then sent back to the client. 

Points to Look For When Selecting a Translation Agency

To get an accurate translation service, one needs to find the right translation agency. Here are a few of the Tips To Consider Before Hiring A Translation Agency.


  • Look if they have qualified and professional translators.
  • Make sure the translators are familiar with the culture of the target language.
  • Read their reviews or take a look into the samples to know about the services.
  • They should be able to render fast and cost-efficient services.


So, that’s all about it. We hope that you efficiently understood both transcription and translation with their connection. To be clear, we have also provided a clear idea of its importance and differences. It is quite clear that both these processes are significant for communication and everyday purposes. These processes have made it easy for individuals to lead a regular life in a foreign country. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the simple explanation of Transcription and Translation?

Transcription refers to converting an audio file into a written script, and translation is the process of converting a document into another language.

2. What is the difference between transcription and translation?

In transcription, a script is converted from audio format to a written document, and in translation, a script is converted into another language. Hence in transcription, only one language is used, and in translation, at least two languages are involved.


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