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Dec 1, 2020 | Translation

7 Tips To Consider Before Hiring A Translation Agency

We all are experiencing the fact life is expanding rapidly. Lifestyle, education, job, career, everything else is taking up a new shape. Hence, it has become mandatory for many of us to relocate to a foreign destination for better opportunities. Among foreign places, Australia is one such country that is a storehouse of resources subjected to anything required to level up the game of life. Not only that, but for emergency purposes relating to medical issues or scholarships, you may have to travel abroad to Australia. But, you need to get through the fact that if you have to settle down in Australia, you would thoroughly require document translation services. To communicate efficiently with Australia’s authority, such as the immigration department or with the Home Ministry officials. So, it is clear that you need a legal translation agency to assist you in Australia. You might also require transcription. Make sure to familiarise yourself with Transcription and Translation: Connection, Differences, Similarities, and More before hiring an agency.  You will get several options in the prevailing market that will provide you translation services. Yet, you need to look for a genuine international translation agency as documents are essential papers and should not be handed over to any unauthorized agency. Here are some tips that you can follow before hiring any translation agency –

Evaluate the initials

Once you decide to go for a translation agency in Australia, you would need to sit down with a calm mind and sort out the documents which need a translation. Remember that all the papers do not require to be translated. Sort out the essential ones and prepare them in a file. With this, you will be arranged and ready for your journey of translating your documents.

Get A Native Speaker

Though any translation agency would meet your needs, it is also cardinal for them to source you with a native speaker or translator who would be the best person to assist you. It is also crucial for the same person to understand your industry and translate the documents. He or she might have experience transferring medical reports, whereas you need to solve your police report. So, in that case, you can enquire for a person who is adept in handling similar cases. If you are shifting or dislocating for work, it is advisable to get along with a business translation agency.

Go through experience

Whenever you decide on a specific translation agency to do your job, check on their previous work experience. Cross-check on the points as to how long they have been working or did they translate similar documents previously. Mark that being bilingual and being a translator are entirely two different things. For your papers, you need a certified translator but not a bilingual one. The reason being that a translator can hold in many languages, whereas a bilingual is just a store of two languages. If you are looking for a translation agency online, do not forget to check the ratings and reviews by customers. On the other hand you need a translator for several documents. Knowing Why Medical Records Need To Be Translated is a great concern. Get all the details here.

Check authorization

Before settling down for a particular agency, it is necessary to check the credentials of the translator. It is something that is important. The immigration department and the Home Ministry would only accept documents translated by a certified translation agency. It would be better to go for a NAATI certified translation agency as their work would be readily accepted by authorities. Please make sure you fall into the trap of unauthorized or illegal agencies as it can cause you tremendous harassment in the future or while traveling.

It would be much better if your translator is a law student or has NAATI Accreditation and Recognition. This would reduce the risk of your documents being tampered with or the translation process to be a hectic one.


Should not fail deadlines

The documents that are subjected to change are significant, along with the reason to get them translated. Ensure that the agency you are hiring does not fail to meet your deadline. You might need to reach or be present somewhere with the papers, but if the agency fails to deliver them on time, you would be the one responsible for the disaster that might occur. Hence, you can check on the reviews by previous customers online or offline to know if it happened in the past or not.

Explore the cost

The translation rates might be the last thing for you to consider in this case as you are handling your indispensable papers, yet you need to look for the best price always. The cost might be the last thing for you to consider in this case as you are handling your indispensable papers, yet you need to look for the best price always. You might find such agencies providing you with the lowest prices, but in the end, you are delivered with similarly short quality work. So, that should not happen anyhow as the low price cannot be the USP of any agency. On the other hand, many agencies might charge you more than the prevailing market rates. Hence, you are the best person to decide on this. You have to check which one is proffering the best quality work at pocket-friendly prices.

Option of proofreading

Many of us make the mistake that we do not ask whether the agency is providing a reviewing option or not. This is a common fault that we all commit. Just after getting the document, we completely forget to proofread or recheck the translated documents. Later on, we face several issues regarding the inputs of the papers. So, agree on the terms that if there is any wrong input printed by the agency, they would be correcting it without any further charges. Also, allot some time to cross check your original and the translated documents to scrutinize every word.

Here is a list of questions in short which you can directly ask the concerned agency –

✔ Can you show us similar work experiences? Do you have the contact of the person relating to the document?

✔ Is your agency certified by NAATI? Are the working translators certified by NAATI? Are your translators qualified enough to accomplish the job?

✔ Do you provide translation services in Melbourne and other locations in Australia?

✔ Can you indeed agree to the delivery date that you are committing?

✔ Are you available round the clock? Can I contact you at any time of the day?

✔ Are you open to rechecks and edits? If my documents consist of a mistake, will you redo it?

✔ What are the languages that you are providing in translation services?

✔ Can I explain my needs directly to the translator?

✔ What are the rates that you are charging for each document? Is there any package system that you offer? What is the maximum and minimum price that is available?

✔ Will you provide a clear contract mentioning every detail of the work that you will deliver?

✔ How do you examine the quality of the translation? Is there any process to know that the translation is authentic?

✔ Will you keep a backup of my original documents? If yes, then why?

✔ How will you handle any complaints from customers?

Summing up, document interpretation is something that is not everyone cup of tea. While you are boarded with a lot of stress regarding your visit to Australia, your medical issues, traveling tickets, your job, your scholarship, or anything else, you need to calm yourself down. At the same time, it comes to the topic of translation of your papers. So, it is important to find a professional translation service in Australia.

You might feel astray finding the correct partner who can aid your translating issues within budget and give you a timely delivery. The market is full of such agencies who provide you with all-round services at low prices. The offers that they are providing might be incredibly alluring to you. But it would be best if you held on. The more the tempting offer, the more the chances of getting into a trap. It is ultimately your job to perceive the correct one to adhere to your needs. In the points as mentioned earlier, you are fabricated with essential points that will guide you forever on the issue as to how you can look for the best translation services in the market.

Experience the best ever translation services certified by NAATI

If you are looking for such an organized and authentic agency, you can opt for Australian Translation Services for the best interpreting work that you require. Once you submit your documents to this agency, you are all set to concentrate on any other profession and be utterly stress-free about the translation job. Australian Translation Services provides interpreters have NAATI accreditation and so you do not have to worry about the acceptance of your documents by the authorities. It also serves local translation services for families.

Australian Translation Services gives you the best quotation of prices in the market and serves superior quality work. Many customers have already shared their positive reviews and feedback subjected to the quality work delivered by Australian Translation Services. The agency never fails the deadline as they are earnest about the service provided by the clients. This way, they have maintained their image and reputation in the market, which led them to cover thousands of translation cases in languages like Spanish, French, German, Italian, Tamil, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese. They serve in several Australian locations, such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane. Hence, Australian Translation Services is the best translation agency for your documents to get a fruitful translation as here you will be delivered with nothing but the best.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the common mistakes in the translation process?

The most common mistake in translation is a lack of focus on cultural differences and language localisation. Also, missing context and grammatical & syntax errors are other issues a professional translator should avoid. 

2. What are the most common challenges of translation?

Translation involves significant challenges, and translating a figure of speech is the most common among them. Because most of the time, it includes phrases and idioms which might not be applicable in the target language.

3. How do you evaluate a good translation?

A good quality translated document should convey the accurate meaning of the original script. It should follow the localization rules and include the perfect words and expressions. Also, there shouldn’t be any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

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