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Feb 16, 2024 | French Translation

Why learn French?

Learning a new language like French would never let you down in life. Let us say you are planning to shift to France to explore a new job opportunity or looking forward to upgrading your educational qualifications. In such cases, you should get well-versed with the language. 

Even if not for any official purpose, you might plan to learn the new language for your new-in laws or because you have selected France as your next destination spot.

If not an expert speaker, it is always good to know the local language of a country you are planning to move.


Which is the best way to learn French fast?

Although love has no language, yet you need to love the language to initiate successful language learning. The best way to learn French or any language is to love the language. Here it is also essential to remember that French is one of the Romance languages.

When you feel the desire to learn French, there is no way anyone can stop you. Undoubtedly you may sound funny and awkward in the beginning, but keep your practice one. It works miraculously for language learners.

Stay away from all the negative and discouraging thoughts that can make you feel low. Build confidence step by step by following the below-mentioned as getting your hand on learning one of the unique languages.

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What else to do along with learning French?

Whenever you plan to visit France or any other French-speaking country, you need to clear the immigration process. For that, you need to keep your official papers ready. If you own English documents, you have to translate your documents through a reliable translation company.

With a translation service in Australia, you get your English documents translated to French or vice-versa.

An accurate translation service will pace up your migration process with accurate translation services. Whether you are looking for a translation of your Driver’s Licence or Bank Statement, everything gets translated within a specific time and at a budget-friendly price.

French facts

France is a place with a population of about 68 million people. France is a democratic state with Paris as its capital. It is an attractive tourist destination spot. For a significant period, French was regarded as the official language of England. A French king Louis XIX was in power for only 20 minutes which is the shortest reign recorded in history.

In the First World War 1915, the French Army was the first to use camouflage. France is the home to the most Nobel Prize winners of Literature and hence holds a record.

Another amazing fact is the world’s first face and heart transplant operation took place in France. French gastronomy is a renowned UNESCO World Heritage.

However, the most exceptional fact of the lot is that you can even marry a dead person in France with the permission of the French president. Isn’t it shocking?

Brainstorm multiple resources to get more of such unknown French facts.

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How long does it take to become fluent in French?

There is no way you can tell how long it’s going to take a foreign language. It depends on your dedication and devotion to the language that actually works the best. You need to focus on developing your language skills and set your goal.

Speaking French is not an impossible mission. Talk about it as a challenge and form a more organized approach to start as a beginner and continue with great enthusiasm. Believe in yourself and set the target to speak like a native speaker.

Start to stuff your brain each day with regular French conversations, words, phrases, and sentences. Do not repeat the same process of learning. Use various methods so that you do not get bored with the process.

Chalk out a serious study plan for everyday learning. You can find the difference and mark your confidence soon. In the meantime, explore 50+ Popular French Sayings And Expressions.


How fast can you learn or speak French?

French learners should consider gathering major resources to enhance the French learning process. Apart from an article or journal, people should focus more on practical conversations.

The new learner should know how to learn French at home so that one feels more confident about the language. For example, if you have a French teacher at home or you are planning to learn French online, never feel shy to use the expression” je ne comprends pas” which means that you do not understand what the person is saying. 

Keep memorizing useful sentences by heart. Try to grab 30 new words and sentences to work more on the French vocabulary faster.

If you have an urgency to visit the land of France, hire a good French translation for your official papers.


Best ways to learn French fast for a beginner

Check out the best 10 ways to know how to learn French fast:

1. Learn French a lot

Try out the most proven and traditional method of reading. Get excited to learn French and look for multiple resources. Go through several texts, stories, journals, newsletters, websites, internet pages, blogs, etc. The learning method is the best course. You get vast exposure to multiple words and sentences that let you one step ahead in learning French.

Attempt to speak like the French speakers and read French books of story. Yes, you cannot simply do it as a beginner. However, if you read some papers on language acquisition, you can expect to get on the right track.

Another way out is to change the language setting of your phone for some time. When you change the settings of your phone, camera, TV, or any other digital device, you learn the technical vocabulary of the language.


2. Enjoy French movies

Tv shows or movies are a refreshing method to learn French. It is a way you learn French on your own terms. When you watch French movies, you get more attached to the language and explore the local tone in a sophisticated manner.

Watch French movies with English subtitles to get introduced to new words. When you feel a little more confident about the language, watch French movies turning on the French subtitles.

In this way, you build up your skill and help you discover the French culture through the entertainment industry.


3.Take a trip to French-speaking countries

Take a trip to French-speaking countries

The joy of discovering a language from its home country is beyond imagination. Visit the places where most of the people speak French. When you mingle with the native French speakers, you know their tone, grammar, vocabulary, and many related language learning tips that help you to have a grip

.Relax in a French-speaking country for a considerable amount of time and talk to people of the target language. When you learn to mingle with the people who speak French, you too will start to read their minds and get influenced.

Explore the food markets, stores, and coffee shops with a resident. There you are bound to read some French texts and labels. Make friendships with native speakers. These tips work best to learn the language when you are in the desired land.

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 4.Register for a French online class

Register for a French online class

There are various online classes that you can register to learn French professionally. The various French classes are focused on offering you multiple courses that can help you systematically learn the French language. Learning French through online classes lets you dedicate your time to a specially designed program.

Multiple courses allow you to discover French vocabulary and French lessons.

Take your mobile phones and other gadgets so that you get access to online classes from anywhere and at any time.

When you learn Spanish online, you dedicate your time to a specially designed program to build up your skills. Thus taking an online Spanish course helps you discover the Spanish culture through the lessons.

You also get a wide variety of cultural information and groom up your reading skills.

5. Reach out to French conversation partners

Learning French from a native French speaker is the most happening way to learn the French language. Native language speakers are the best go-to people to work on your speaking skills. Hence try the method of learning French with conversation partners.

A conversation partner app or site lets you come to terms with a language partner. You can learn a foreign language from the concerned partner and teach your native language to him. Understanding the French language from a native speaker lets you offer you wide exposure to vocabulary and other language settings. Hence it is delightful to chat with a French-language partner.


6. Listen to French podcasts

Listen to French podcasts

French podcasts are an amazing way to learn French. The best part of listening to French podcasts is that you are free from any engagement. You do not need to dedicate any giant amount of time to spend while listening to French podcasts. You can conveniently listen to them while keeping your daily tasks or household chores on the go.

So no matter if you are busy baking cookies or taking around your dog, just keep your plugs in and enjoy learning French simultaneously.

7.Write in French

Try writing the French words. It may sound funny, but it works amazingly for a beginner. The words you write will help you learn French and let you relive your childhood phase when you started to write for the first time.

To be more practical when you start writing in French, you may hesitate to continue. Accept the fact that you would have just started to write some foreign words and hence whatever you write would appear to be funny.

8.Follow the immersion approach

With the term immersion approach, we mean you to take a dive into the French language. Various tips like taking a tour into countries where people are speaking French, reading innumerable books, watching interesting tv shows, movies will help you to get deeper into the language.

Undoubtedly living in Paris or any other city would let you learn French fast. But even if it is not possible, use everything that assists you to learn and speak French like the native French speakers.

You can even try to create a mini France environment at your home. This helps you grow an attachment with French and brings motivation to learn French fast. For example, you can label French words as texts on stickers and paste them on the walls to include them in your day-to-day life.

Lastly, if you grow up in a personal relationship with a person who speaks French, the informal way of learning would work the best.

9.Try various language hacks

Here are a few of the language learning hacks which can pace up your language learning process.

  • Spaced Repetition System or SRS is a revolutionary option for you to learn French fast. In this type of learning, you can work on your memory, vocabulary, phrases. There are multiple free tools where you can make the best use of flashcards and play with French words and sentences. Also, you can learn a lot by developing a customized French phrasebook.
  • Try Mnemonics which is an impressive way to insert a French word into your mind.
  • Also, try the Pomodoro method, the most effective way for a beginner. In the course of learning through this technique, you need to separate your resources and prepare a schedule for your learning time. Let’s say you give around 30 minutes to complete a certain French content.

These hacks help you focus more on studying French and let you speak it like native speakers.

10.Get into the language more

  • Here are the basic four points in which you can get into the language better.
  • Learn French pronunciation quickly by turning on the audio of any French show.
  • Learn French Grammar in a method by which you can understand the explanation in your native language
  • Learn Verb conjugations in French and focus on the comparison with the native language. In this method, you also learn the uses of the tenses.
  • Learn the French vocabulary through various expressions and unlimited words.

However, it may take years to become a good French teacher or a professional writer, for which you need to devote yourself more to the language.

To end with, do not fumble or stop because you are scared. Remember, you have not learned a single thing in a day. So, never get scared to make mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will an individual take to learn French?

It takes between 575 and 600 hours of study to learn French if you are an English speaker (or 23-24 weeks full-time). The same holds for Germanic languages (Danish, Swedish, Dutch/Afrikaans, Norwegian – not German) and other European Romance languages (French, Italian, Spanish, etc.).

2. How can I learn French by myself?

Get to know French grammar with the following techniques

  • Use a French grammar book to study.
  • Make learning grammar enjoyable by enrolling in an online program, such as an application or a website.
  • Engage a tutor to teach you the grammar (try to find a native)
  • Watch grammar tutorial videos online to make learning more engaging.

3. Can French be self-taught?

You can undoubtedly learn French on your own.

Check out some tips for learning French at home and see if you can become fluent through solo study!

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