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10 Interesting French Language Facts

French is the only language after English spoken in all the five continents. Nearly 300 million people speak French all over the world. French is the most widely learned language and is taught in almost every country. The ability to speak French is greatly appreciated in the international job market.

French is also considered the international language of culture, art, cooking, visual arts, theatre, fashion and architecture. The knowledge of French opens the door for great French literature, movies and songs. Besides that, French offers exciting opportunities to learn in French universities and schools. Which are ranked among the top educational institutes in Europe.

The French language also provides you with insight into European and France history. It is fun to learn a new international language, and that’s imperative too, as we live in a global village. If you are on the verge of learning French, you are on the right platform. On this page, we will discuss the 10 Interesting French Language Facts.

That will surely make you love the language more. But before moving to that, let us see some more exciting aspects of the language.

What Is The French Language Known For?

What is the French Language Known For?

French is a beautiful language, and its popularity is increasing every day. Even it is the official language of the Olympic games. The language hides the exciting background, and there are various interesting things to know about the French language. French originated from Latin and is considered the language of romance. But Latin French descendants are different from traditional Latin.

Academie Francaise has been preserving the French language’s literary integrity. Cardinal Richelieu created it in 1634. The 40-member academy oversees the French language, adds new words, and contemplates the changes to modernize the language. In 2016 the academy announced significant changes in the French language.

One of them was to remove the circumflex over both the “i” and “u”, which changed the spelling of many words. Some of the words also changed, like “oignon” to “ognon,” which means onion. They also suggested removing some silent letters making the language easier to learn. 

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What Is Unique About French?

The United Nations works in six international languages – English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French and Russian. It is also the official language of many international institutions. Along with English and German, French is another European Union’s procedural language. UNESCO, WHO, NATO, and other such institutions also function in French.

One of the interesting facts about the French language is it was not popular in France until the French Revolution. Many other dialects were popular in France before the epic revolution. Another fun fact about the French language is that 7.27% of English vocabulary comes from French, while it shares the strongest similarity with German. Currently, about 50,000 English words come from French.

Every language has its counting approach, but with French, it is sometimes strange. one of the French language facts for kids is that there are no clear words between 80 to 99 in French. In English, we can say eighty-three, while in French, it’s “quatre-vingt” or “four-twenties.” It’s really interesting when we get to 99; instead of saying ninety-nine, you would say “quatre-vingt-dix-neuf” or “four twenties, ten, nine.” Let us now move to 10 interesting facts about the French language.

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What Are 10 Interesting French Language Facts?

1. French Language is the Lucrative Career Asset 

The ability to speak French and English can open the doors for you to many multinational companies. French is a communication medium in a wide range of sectors like retailing, automotive, aeronautics, luxury goods, etc. France is the fifth-biggest economy globally that attracts entrepreneurs, researchers and students from all over the world.

2. French Culinary Words are Globally Popular 

French culinary and cuisine is famous worldwide for its exceptional quality dishes. But it’s not just cuisines; French words have also provided a new dimension in preparing the food. The words like blanching, sautéing, julienne, cafe, chefs etc., are world-famous.

3. Many Celebrities Can Speak French

One of the most interesting facts about the French language is that many famous global celebrities can easily speak the language. Celebrities like Shakira, Joseph Gordon Lewitt, Tom Hiddleston, Jodie Foster, Gwyneth Paltrow, Johnny Depp and Bradley Cooper can easily speak French.

4. French Media is Popular 

Some of the most popular films, books, and artwork created in France. Asterix, the famous comic character, is loved all over the world. Millions of copies were sold and about 13 feature films were made on the same. French cinema produces more than 200 films in a year, and one of the prestigious film festivals, the “Cannes Film Festival”, is hosted in France.

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What are 10 Interesting French Language Facts?

5. French Doesn’t have Any Words With “W” 

Another interesting fact about the French language is that it doesn’t have any words with “W”. In case you find any, that’s only because it is borrowed from other languages. The Wifi, WC, and web design come from English which is utilized in French.

6. French Has a Lot of Homophones 

Homophones are those words that look similar and almost have a similar pronunciation. But they have got different meanings, and learning these words can be challenging. Although they make fun tongue twisters, some of the examples are given below:

  • Si mon tonton tond ton tonton, ton tonton sera tondu – That means ” If my uncle shaves your uncle, your uncle will be shaved.
  • Cinq chiens chassent six chats. – Five dogs hunt six cats.

There are many such fun tongue twisters, but keep reading; our last fact is even more exciting.

7. French Language Popularity is Increasing 

After World War II, the number of French speakers has tripled in numbers. Interestingly, the language’s popularity is increasing in countries like Africa. The current projections show that the population of French speakers could rise to 750 million by 2050. The reasons are obvious; around 5,00,000 French tutors are teaching over 120 million students globally.

8. It’s a Language of Debate & Reasoning 

French is an analytical language that helps to develop critical thoughts and structured thinking. It is also known as the language of great philosophers like Descartes, Sartre, and Derrida. Many eminent scientists, Pierre and Marie Curie, Pasteur, Georges Charpak, etc., come from France. While learning French, children also learn how to argue and put their point of view. That’s the valuable skills utilized in debates, discussions, and seminars.      

9. A Language of Travel 

France is one of the top tourists destinations and attracts millions of tourists every year. The skill of talking even a little French can make your visit to France more exciting and enjoyable. The language also offers an opportunity to explore French culture and traditions. If you are making plans to visit Australia, you will need NAATI certified French translator.        

10. French is Easier to Learn Than You Think 

This is one of the most amazing French language facts. After reading these facts, you may want to learn the French language. The surprising aspect is that French is very easy to learn. Thanks to the similarity between the English and French. If you want to reach French fluency and the fastest and most efficient way, click here! How to Learn French Fast!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the significance of learning French?

The second most beneficial language in the globe for business is French. You get wiser when you study French. French is one of the top ten disciplines that will most likely result in lower unemployment and better earnings.

What quality of the French language stands out the most?

The joy of learning a lovely, rich, melodic language—often referred to as the language of love—is the primary benefit of learning French.

When was French first spoken?

In the 9th-13th centuries, the French language was first used. Ancient French, derived from the languages of Northern Gaul. It evolved into a different language with a unique syntax. Ancient French’s Strasbourg Oaths are an excellent example of Old French(Francien).

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