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Feb 9, 2024 | Guide to Language

Good Morning in Different Languages: How Do We Say It?

Are you trying to say good morning in different languages? Have you ever felt that a bit of greeting from a dear one is just what you needed? Did you ever think that a good morning wish is enough to make your day? If yes, then this article is for you.

How magical is the phrase good morning?

Well, Good Morning empowers you. All the people in the world are bound to get fascinated when you wish them in the morning with charming words. Be it dobro utro in Bulgaria, Buenos in Spain, добро јутро in Serbia, or suprabhāta in Sanskrit, greeting someone in the mother tongue gets the person excited.

Even in Turkish language, ‘ good morning’ sounds very soothing. You can learn more about it from Turkish Greetings.

So if you make a little effort to greet a stranger in his mother tongue, you are sure to receive an unexpectedly positive response from the person on the opposite side.


Why Should You Learn To Say “Good Morning” in Different Languages?

Why should you learn to say good morning in different languages?

With more than 200 countries and independent regions in the world, learning a new language is always beneficial. Also, with the whole world coming together in a single digital platform, you should learn different languages and especially learn to say good morning in different languages so that you can develop an interpersonal relationship.

When you greet someone with a good morning, it means you are a well-wisher of the person and wish positivity towards his way. Therefore it is likely that you establish a cordial relationship with the person.

Also, learn some expert tips to say how are you in Spanish to learn the words to greet others.


When should you learn to say good morning in different languages?

In case you plan to explore new job opportunities or upgrade your educational qualifications in a new country, you must do two things- translate your documents through a company like Translation Services in Australia that are copyright reserved and learn good morning in different languages.

Several digital tools help you learn the translations of Good Morning in different languages. You can select the wording and make use of the audio recordings and translations to learn the phrases. Also, you can choose to download an app to learn the Turkish, French, or Hebrew languages. Learning these texts will make you more confident in approaching a business relationship.

For example, when you send an official e-mail to different native speakers, try wishing them in their languages to help them connect with you easily. Want to try Good Morning in Spanish? Say Buenos días!

If you are learning to say hello in a different language, just stay tuned with us.


How to say good morning in different languages?

How to say good morning in different languages?

If you want to know the translations of Good Morning in different languages, you can download an app to trigger the process. Let us take a look at the exciting ways to say good morning around the world:

  • plus Japanese = ohayō
  • plus French = on matin 
  • plus Spanish = Buenos días
  • plus German = Guten Morgen
  • plus Italian = Buongiorno
  • plus Portuguese = Bom dia
  • plus Farsi/Persian = obh Bekheir
  • plus Hindi/Indian = Suprabhat
  • plus Sanskrit = suprabhāta
  • plus Chinese = zǎoān
  • plus  Thai = arùnsawat kráb
  • plus Finnish = tere hommikust
  • plus Zulu = sawubona
  • plus avajo = yá’át’ééh abíní
  • plus Dutch = Goedemorgan
  • plus Turkish = günaydın
  • plus Bulgarian =dobro Utro
  • plus Latin = Dobro Jutro
  • plus Hebrew = Boker Tov
  • plus Zulu = Swahili Habari
  • plus Norwegian = Godmorgen

Good morning in some of the official languages of Australia

When we talk about Australia, we have several languages in mind. According to research, there is no official language in Australia. However, more than 300 languages are spoken in Australian countries. Let us know how to greet in some of the major Australian languages.


Mandarin Chinese has more than 1 billion speakers worldwide. It also happens to be an official language in China, Taiwan, and Singapore. It is one of the six working languages of the United Nations. When you say good morning in Mandarin Chinese, you say zǎoshang hǎo.


One of the most influential languages, with 300 million speakers ranging from the Atlantic to the Persian Gulf, is Arabic. It is a holy language and is considered to be the official language of many regions.

It is a language of historical importance. If you want to greet good morning in Arabic, you have to say Sabah al-Khair. Just like these facts you can also explore interesting facts about Australia here. 


About 100 million people talk in Cantonese around the globe. It originated from Middle Chinese and forms the main language of Canton, South China. But the most incredible fact is that the Cantonese language has six different tones.

So when you greet someone early in the morning who speaks Cantonese, say 早晨!

Sounds interesting yet exciting. Isn’t it?

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How useful is learning good morning in different languages?

When you learn the ways to say good morning, you feel more confident in a foreign land. For example, if you visit the Portuguese land and say bom dia in one of the little stores, the storekeepers would probably become more glad to show you their stock. Or at least if you could learn the American sign language to share your thoughts with a stranger, you will arouse a feeling of oneness in the community.

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The final thought

After learning the language, it is also essential to know the right pronunciation. Put a little more effort So, when you are head held to learn a new text, it is always helpful to start with the morning wish. So, start greeting in the desired language and begin a beautiful day to begin your venture.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you cutely say good morning?

Cutely saying good impression in the person waking up. Some cute good morning greetings are – Meet a new day, sweetheart, Good morning, gorgeous, Wake up to greet the new sunny day, etc.

2. What is the old English word for Good Morning?

In old English, Gōdne morgen is the way to greet Good morning. Also, in Middle English – Gud Mornynge, or Goode morne or Gode morne, was the common expression for Good Morning.

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