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A Full Guide On How To Get An International Translation Of Your Driver’s License!

Australia is a nation of immigrants, where every year, thousands of people swarm from across the world to work and live in the Land Down Under. Since most of these home countries are ones which do not speak English, and English is the only official language of Australia, most immigrants require English translations of their foreign language documents, some of which may include driving licenses, birth certificates, marriage certificates, medical reports, college degrees, report cards, police inspection reports, death certificates, and other myriad governmental bureaucratic paperwork. 

Step by step instructions to get English translation of a driving license in Australia will be made fully clear to you in this blog. Australian Translation Service is a pro in making immaculate record translations of foreign language driver license translations into English, and always 100% affirmed by NAATI. 

Our driving license translation service can be used for each and every official and bureaucratic reason in Australia, for instance, a visa application to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP), Australian Passport Forms application, and for admission to Australian Colleges and Universities. We are unimaginably joyous here at Australian Translation Services to inform you that we can offer you a NAATI accredited driving license translation English for the best rates in the business, keeping your translation costs for translating your driving license from a foreign language to English low!

 All translations of driving licenses in Australia ought to be done by a translator that has been approved at the Professional Level by NAATI. All of our interpreters working away during on driving license translations, birth certificate translations, marriage certificate translations, police report translations, medical report translations, school report card translations, Australian citizenship certificate, and other Legal and official state-related documentation, have NAATI

What Is A NAATI Translation And How To Get A NAATI Translation Of Driving License?

NAATI is short form for the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. NAATI certifies interpreters and translators in Australia and makes sure everyone is up to a common standard. NAATI accredited Birth certificate translation is the perfect answer to how to get English translation of a birth certificate!

NAATI is a short form for the National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters. NAATI guarantees translators and interpreters in Australia and ensures everybody is up to a standard norm. NAATI licensed driving license translation is the ideal way to get an English translation of a driving license!

NAATI is the National Accreditation Authority of Translators and Interpreters and is liable for setting and keeping up high public norms for language professionals in Australia. It is the primary association approved by each province of Australia to give accreditation for interpreters and translators wishing to provide professional language translation and interpretation services in Australia. They award affirmation to professionals of regular languages and acknowledgment to language experts for unique dialects. The association is available inside each state and domain in both Australia and New Zealand. 

NAATI is a non-profit driven association, restricted by charter, set up in Australia underneath the Corporations Act 2001. The organization is controlled mutually by the Commonwealth, State and Territory legislatures of Australia, and is managed by the Board of Directors, who are named by the proprietors. The individuals from NAATI are the nine clergymen answerable for multicultural issues and citizenship in the Commonwealth, State, and Territory governments. Individuals may delegate an agent to practice any of their powers concerning NAATI. These Member Representatives are discrete from the NAATI governing body. Also, if you are looking for international migration especially in Australia, NAATI certification there are ways to get the Swedish translator.You can avail it today.

It would be most ideal if you had your driving license changed over into English from a foreign language or English into a foreign language only by a NAATI acknowledged translator in Australia, considering that most Australian government divisions and various specialists in Australia need all translations to be NAATI licensed. Our NAATI certified translators in Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, and Melbourne are experts in giving NAATI approved driving license translations. Our NAATI authorized and affirmed professional driving license translations are available in all languages imaginable. 

A few of the languages and dialects that our NAATI language translation service is available in include Thai, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Spanish, Guarani, Catalan, French, German, Dutch, Luxembourgish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Khmer, Burmese, Laotian, Malay, Javanese, Sundanese, Filipino, Fijian, Hawaiian, Samoan, Tongan, Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hakka, Tibetan, Mongolian, Russian, Kazakh, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, Turkmen, Italian, German, Polish, Finnish, Hungarian, Irish, Welsh, Scots, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Albanian, Greek, Turkish, Kurdish, Persian, Pashtun, Arabic, Swahili, Romanian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Czech, Slovak, Maltese, Amharic, Oromo, Tamil, Bengali, Urdu, Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Sindhi, Assamese, Oriya, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Nepali, Sinhala, Ainu, Uighur, Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Hebrew, Somali, Chechen, Circassian, Berber, and Icelandic! 

As you can see, we offer driving license translations in all commonly used languages in the world! So don’t delay; get your driving license translation approved by NAATI now! 


How Much Is a Driving License Translation, And How Would I Approach The Process?

Australian Translation Service is an online run translation provider. To organize your English translation of a driving license from Australian Translation Services, visit the Free Quote form on our site. You will have a choice to upload a pdf or photo of the driving license that you need to be translated so we can give you an accurate statement. We will provide you with a tariff quote inside 2 minutes. Without a single doubt, this is the most reasonable, wallet-friendly, and best value for money driving license translation services that you can discover!

When And Why Do Foreigners Require a Translation Of a Driving License?

Nobody can honestly say with full certainty exactly when one will require your verification. It just lies there in your old closet for an incredibly long time until one day, you all of a sudden may need it for some official procedures! Here is a rundown of the situations where licensed driving license translations will end up being helpful, particularly for the individuals who moved to Australia from a non-English speaking nation! Likewise, we are accessible at various locations for you, for example, Sydney, New South Wales, Melbourne, Victoria, Perth, Western Australia, Hobart, Tasmania, Adelaide, South Australia, Gold Coast, New South Wales, and Canberra, which is the national capital of Australia. 

 Some of the situations in which an English translation of your driving license comes extremely useful, apart from actual driving, of course, are-

 Getting A Professional License

To obtain or reacquire a professional certification, many spots require driving licenses as proof of your identity. These must be in English, as it is the primary official language of Australia.

School Registration

A ton of schools demand a copy of driving licenses as verification of your ID and age. This ensures the student will be set in the right class, reliant on his or her age and capabilities.


Now and again, often, some NAATI affirmed proof of personality is required for a marriage license. Couples are likewise legally required to give a birth certificate or some other identification, such as a driving license, which should be in English.
Travel Purposes

to get a visa, you’ll need a translation of the driving license, especially if you wish to drive abroad. A couple of logistics and the travel industry services will ask their passengers after boarding to show a driving license as evidence of character. 

Moreover, there are times when seeking to drive the car by themselves in foreign lands. In such cases, the blog on how the translation of a driver’s license can improve your travel experience will help them.

General Identification

As a driving license is, generally, used to prove your identity and is carried around on your person, you’ll never even know when you will be mentioned to submit it, whether it is work and profession related, a home loan advance, car insurance or a budgetary equalization issue with the tax authorities. It is ideal to be prepared for this outcome always. Do some assessments, prepare your driving license translation, and have various copies of it as a contingency for possible crisis purposes. Before taking any service suggesting you to read this blog on reasons to choose NAATI Translators for translating a Driving License. This will help ensure you never fall on the short end of how to get English translation of driving license. 


Much thanks to you for reading this blog, and we trust this clears all questions on the best and most reliable method to acquire an English translation of driving license! Australian Translation Services is the best document translation service around, so get your translations now, don’t delay!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What documents do you require to translate a driving licence in Australia?

You will need to translate several documents for your driving license in Australia. Those are:

  • Identity proof
  • Overseas permit if it is in any other language rather than English
  • PDF form of license application
  • Payment for translation

2. How do I get an international licence in Australia?

         You cannot get an international license automatically. It is mandatory to apply for it

          With the correct document and process. The following are the steps:

3. How much is a driver’s license translation in Australia?

The diver’s license translation in Australia varies from one province to another. Also, the pay varies with each translation company. However, some organizations offer 49 AUD for all languages. Also, another organization has fixed the price at 66 AUD.

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