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Feb 26, 2024 | Guide to Language

Summary - Did you ever hear about the Romance languages? Most people place French, Italian, and Spanish into the Romance language category. But the Romania language is also on the list, with its beautiful culture and language dialect. This informative blog will help you know more about this language's demographics and other fascinating facts.... As per Wikipedia, around 24 million people speak the Romanian language. The Romanian language is a minority language with stable communities in neighbouring Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia and Ukraine. Also, Romanian is regarded as a middle-level language across Europe.

Did You Know About the Romanian Language?

  • The Romania language is as old as 1,700 years.
  • Romanian is a Romance language, like Spanish, French, and Italian.
  • It is a part of the Slavic family but represents only 10% of its vocabulary.
  • The Republic of Moldova considers Romanian as its official language, i.e., the Romania official language.
  • Romanian is a phonetic language. Thus, it is easy to understand once you learn its vocabulary.
  • Diacritics are special letters in the language of Romania that can be stressful for foreigners.

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The History of the Romanian Language

The History of the Romanian Language<br />

Statistics say about 23,943,000 speakers of Romanian spoke the Romania Language in the early 21st century. Among them, 19,900,000 resided in Romania. The other populations were distributed in Moldova, Israel, Ukraine, Hungary, and Serbia. Also, you can get 147,000 Romanian speakers in the United States. 

Meglenoromanian is considered a Romanian language dialect that has some similarities with Romanian. But today, the dialect is almost extinct. 

5 Special Letters in the Romanian Language

5 Special Letters in the Romanian Language

Do you know why some foreigners consider the language spoken in Romania one of the hardest? This is due to the 5 special accents known as the diacritics. They are:

  • ă, pronounced like the second ‘a’ in the word ‘magical.’
  • ț, pronounced ‘ts.’ 
  • ș, pronounced ‘sh.’
  • â and î, which have difficult pronunciations.

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Culture of Beautiful Romania

Culture of Beautiful Romania

Celebration is an essential aspect of Romanian culture. Since its unification with Transylvania, celebrated on December 1, Romanians have always loved celebrating in every part of their country. Romanians love celebrating every bit of their lives, whether it is about their national day, religion, food, or any event. Romania is known for its natural beauty, as thousands of tourists visit the nation regularly.

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Only natural beauty is not everything. The beauty of Romania includes central valleys, southeast regions’ beaches, and the mountains that crisscross its contours. Romania is known for its beautiful buildings that keep you spellbound; one is Castle Dracula. This beautiful castle is in Transylvania, inspired by the classic novel by Bram Stoker. 

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What are some of the common dialects of the Romania Language?

The standard Romania language dialects pinpointed by Ethnologue are:

  • Moldavian (influenced by Russian and written with the Cyrillic alphabet)
  • Banat (Daco-Romanian)
  • Transylvanian
  • Muntenian (Wallachian)
  • Bayash (the dialect spoken by gipsies and influenced by Balkan Romani and Hungarian)

Use of Grammar in the Romania Language

You will get 7 vowel phonemes in Romanian vowels. Mostly the sounds create differentiation in the word meanings. You will be able to see a good number of diphthongs and triphthongs. The following chart will make it clear.

Front Central Back
Close i ɨ u
Mid e ə o
Open a

ɨ is ‘e’ as in ‘roses. ‘Ə’ is ‘a’ as in ‘about’.

Again, talking of consonants, Romanian has 22 consonant phonemes. Even here, the sounds alter word meanings. The below-mentioned chart has a detailed listing.

Stops voiceless
Fricatives voiceless
Affricates voiceless
Trill or flap
  • /p/, /t/ and /k/ lack are not aspirated; thus, they are produced without a puff of air, as done in English.
  • /k/ occurs in loanwords.
  • /ʃ/ is pronounced ‘sh’, as in ‘shop.’
  • /ʒ/ is pronounced ‘s’, as in ‘vision.’
  • /tʃ/ is pronounced ‘ch, as in ‘chat.’
  • /dʒ/ is pronounced ‘j’, as in ‘job.’
  • /r/ can be pronounced with a trill or flap sound.

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While speaking the Romanian Language, the stress can focus on any of the syllables. But it can also be changed per the stressed letters’ position, which changes the word meanings. 

For example, módele means ‘fashion’, the verb form, and modéle means ‘model’, the noun form. 

In both cases in the above example, you cannot identify the stress in writing except when distinguishing homographs.

Romanian has always preserved Latin grammar compared to other Romance languages. Many linguists say that the reason is due to its relative isolation from other Romance Languages. You can also see an identical grammar structure in the Dacian language. 

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The Romanian Language is a Romance Language. It is a 1,700-year-old language, influenced by Latin, Romance languages, and Slavic, with less than 1% influence of Dacian words. The people of Romania love to celebrate, which is one of their culture’s dynamic traits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Language Is Mostly Spoken in Romania?

People residing in Romania mostly speak Romanian. It is also known as Romanian limba română or Rumanian.

2. Is English an Official Language in Romania?

No. English is not among Romania’s official languages. Rather Romanian, one of the Romance languages, is the official language of Romania. 

3. What Language Is Romanian Similar to?

Romanian, a popular Romance language, is similar to French, Italian, and Spanish.

4. Which are the Top 3 Languages Spoken in Romania?

The top 3 languages spoken in Romania are Romanian, Hungarian, and Ukrainian. 

5. Is It Difficult to Learn Romanian?

People say that the Romanian language is quite easy for individuals who speak English fluently; English has a strong Latin connection. Romanian roots lie in French, Latin, and Portuguese, among others.

6. Are Russian and Romanian Languages Similar?

No. Russian and Romanian are not at all similar languages.

7. How Similar Is Ukrainian to Romanian? 

Ukrainian comes under the category of East Slavic languages. If you compare the Romanian language with Ukrainian, Romanian is much more similar to Ukrainian than Russian.

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