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Sep 30, 2020 | Marriage Certificate, Naati

How To Get Marriage Certificate Translated Into English by NAATI Translators

Are you migrating to Australia with your Australian partner? If yes, then it’s time to get your Marriage Certificate handy.  

A marriage certificate is an essential document if you are deciding to move to Australia lately. That’s because it is necessary for numerous tasks once you reach there. With that being said, these documents need to be translated before showing it into the process of any immigration. 

Also, the Translator has to be NAATI certified. So, why marriage certificate translation is needed?Confused? 

To clear all your doubts regarding the same, today, we will be discussing marriage Certificates and it’s importance while moving to Australia. Also, we will be talking about NAATI Certification and Translators in detail for precise information.

When Marriage Certificate is Required While Shifting to Australia?

If you apply for an Australian spouse or partner visa, then you have to show the Marriage Certificate to the officials. It means that if you are married or have a de-facto relationship with an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen, you have to show the proof through the certificate. So, it’s essential to keep the document handy in case you are deciding to shift with your spouse or partner to Australia.

Don’t know what documents you require and how to apply for Australian Citizenship, don’t panic we are here to provide all the relevant information.

Who Can Translate Marriage Certificate?

Now that you know that a marriage certificate is undoubtedly a required entity when shifting to Australia, let comprehend the Foreign marriage certificate translation. Translation of all the documents to English is indeed required while moving to Australia. That’s because only a proper Marriage Certificate Translation in Australia is accepted by the officials for verification and other processes once you reach. 

In that case, the Government approved translation services can assist in getting all the necessary documents translated. Besides, here are some of the scenarios where you may require Translation of Marriage Certificates

  • Citizen Application
  • Overseas marriage registration in Australia
  • Visa applications
  • Divorces
  • Overseas marriages

However, the process of Translation should be executed by a NAATI translator. Wondering who is a NAATI Translator? Just keep reading.

What is NAATI?

Before moving on to the NAATI Translator, let’s understand what NAATI is first. NAATI is a certification issued for the translators and the Interpreters for an efficient translation as well as interpretation of the relevant documents. Individuals certified with NAATI Certificate provide better quality assurance so that the papers could get accepted by the government officials. Also, it is considered as a pioneer for all the Interpreters and translators.

Who is a NAATI Certified Translator?

A Translator certified with the NAATI Certificate for Translating any document is called a NAATI Translator. The documents translated by these individuals execute the process by meeting the quality standards so that it could be accepted by the officials during immigration. Choosing a renowned online translation company is necessary to find the same.

How NAATI Translators Execute the Marriage Certificate Translation?

Now that you know the relevancy of getting all the valuable documents translated from Translation services Australia let’s comprehend the steps that are required for the process.

  • At first, you have to scan and send a copy of the Marriage Certificate to the translator.
  • Once the documents get received by the Naati translator, they will translate the document into English. 
  • As soon as the work is executed, an electronic copy of the marriage certificate translated into English will be sent to you.

What Should I look in a NAATI Translator?

A NAATI translator should be precise in the work they do. As they are certified for Translation, the work delivered by them is said to be high on the standard. Here are some of the qualities a NAATI translator should have 

  • There should be adequate clarity of words so that the documents could be translated correctly.
  • The translators should have a rich vocabulary and accurate translation skills.
  • Also, they should be well resourced with all the relevant entities required for the process.
  • They should be able to translate all the parts of a particular document.
  • The translated document should be accepted by the authorities.

Why Choose NAATI Translators to Translate Marriage Certificate?

To get your Marriage documents translated, it is essential to know how to get NAATI translation and then take assistance from experts who are professionals in the sector. With years of experience, ATS Translators can undoubtedly help you with the same. Here’s how

  • All our NAATI Translators are well experienced within the sector of the administrative process. It involves distinct entities like visa, citizenship, passport, and divorce applications.
  • Besides, our professionals are familiar with all the formalities that are required for the execution of the Translation Process.
  • We make sure to thoroughly proofread the documents after Translation for a high-quality outcome. Thus, with us, you are likely to acquire a document with accuracy and consistency.
  • Our experts have a proper understanding of all the necessary aspects and standards for Translation. With our efforts, we translate a document so that the Australian government authorities could accept it.
  • We make sure to survey the performance of all our experts. Also, we monitor our professionals on behavior, accuracy, and client feedback to discourage any improper outcome. 
  • All our services are cost-efficient and quick. Thus, you can acquire an outstanding result from our group of professionals.
Consult the Experts for an Easy Execution

Now you must have got a definite idea regarding the necessity of getting your Marriage Certificate translated before the immigration process. In Australia, NAATI translators are a significant part of any translation. That’s because they are certified to render you the standards that are necessary for Translation. 

With that being said, you need to consult an expert to get your marriage certificate translated. ATS is one of the most renowned names when it comes to Translation services. We have a group of certified NAATI translators who have experience in the sector for a long time now. Besides, we can also help you with the Affidavit of translation.

Likewise, you will acquire a satisfactory work outcome that is accepted by the officials during verification. So, Contact us today to get your Marriage Certificate translated in an efficient manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I translate my marriage certificate?

You should translate it into English to use in Australia if your marriage certificate is in other languages. You can find several certified translation services in Australia to get your marriage certificate translated at a reasonable cost.

2. How much does it cost to translate a document?

In Australia, you must pay an average of $69.00 for a marriage certificate or driver’s license translation.

3. Why do I need to translate my marriage certificate?

If your marriage certificate is in languages other than English, you must translate it to register for a divorce or dissolution of marriage.

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