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Melbourne, a city of unlimited attractions

In Australia, where Sydney is the most iconic city, Melbourne is the city to fall in love with. Founded in the year 1835, Melbourne is a city of immense beauty and pleasure. It is glorified with its rich culture and lifestyle, eventful urban life, distinct market places, and luscious cuisines. Melbourne cannot fulfill your wanderlust in just one go, and you will love to revisit each of the locations. 

Melbourne is a city of an individual and unique lifestyle. The numerous brands, restaurants, and chain stores display individuality. With so many distinctly different bars, cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, and companies, Melbourne promotes a valuable and dignified lifestyle. This feature of the Australian city forms a sharp contrast to the cities of the UK.

According to research held in 2018, Melbourne is scarcely populated with only 49.4lakh people. Hence the city promises to help you explore the places calmly and maintain privacy. Diversified culture, magnificent weather, mouthwatering dishes, and a spectacular landscape make the visit worth every bit.

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What makes Melbourne the best place for settlement?

A stable economic growth positively benefits the city of Melbourne. It is marked with sound healthcare, educational and infrastructural facilities. Thousands of people come to Melbourne with desires in their hearts and dreams in their eyes. Each year, students and working professionals from different countries migrate to Melbourne after getting their legal papers fixed by certified translation services in Melbourne to make the best use of its abundant working opportunities.

Australia is a strict country that abides by some strict laws. In the recent years of time,, there has been a gradual decrease in criminal cases. Hence your visit to the country will undergo several legal procedures. A successful document can opt from certified and dignified experts of translation services Australia to make your journey quick and hassle-free.

Melbourne is a bewildering destination

There are various reasons why a visit to Melbourne remains in your memory for years. Let’s look into a few of them. For example, you can explore Australian mythical creatures after visiting the country.

Multicultural population

Melbourne is a metropolitan city with a diverse culture. Melbourne’s culture includes a host of exhibitions, screenings of films, concerts, and marketplaces. You get the true flavor of Melbourne culture on your visit to Federation Square. 

Unlimited shopping

Shop at your heart’s content in the glorious marketplaces of Melbourne. Since the people of Melbourne are extremely fashion-forward, you will find some unique items round the corner of the entire city. Everywhere you go, be it beaches or marketplaces, you will get to grab some amazing and trendy pieces of clothes and pieces of jewellery that you simply cannot ignore.

Melbourne is Australia’s hottest shopping center. You would love to spoil yourself when you visit the most happening showrooms or come across the thousands of incredible brands. How can you not step into the luxurious shopping malls in the CBD South Yarra and Brunswick?

Tempting dishes

Melbourne is blessed with some mouthwatering dishes. Since it follows a diverse culture, you can find some authentic Italian and Vietnamese dishes. Visit the Lygon Street and Brunswick Street to enjoy a sumptuous meal. The unforgettable hot cakes have pistachio, berry and mascarpone in them. Also try the incredible and irresistible Melbourne coffee at Starbucks to complete your journey.

Unique festivals

Melbourne is crammed with some eclectic festivals throughout the year. Some of the most interesting are the International Jazz Festival, International Comedy Festival, Fashion festival, Food and Wine Festival, Writer’s Festival and International Film Festival. Since the festivals are scattered round the calender, you must be a part of one of such eventful occasions.

Crazy temperament

Do you believe that somewhere on the earth you can enjoy different seasons in just a day? Yes, you heard that right. In Melbourne the weather is unpredictable. You should not get confused if you see someone carrying an umbrella for an all of a sudden drizzle or if you have to remove the layer of clothes to beat the unnatural heat of a winter morning.

Spectacular beaches and river

The beaches and river will surely play a major role in your Melbourne trip. The popular Yarra river is bordered with a large number of restaurants and shops. Increase your moment of entertainment by taking a long walk along the beaches or taking a boat ride.

Contemporary highrise

Enjoy the Melbourne nightlife by visiting the modern structures of Melbourne. A moment of amazement is sure to take a hold of you when you stand and gaze at the entire city from a trendy roof-top. A beautiful starry night from an unimaginable height is something to fall for. Among the noteworthy are the RoofTop Bar and the Goldilocks.

Vintage marketplaces

Explore the hidden treasures of the vintage Queen Victoria Markets. You might be coming across some rarest piece of past glory. Visit the Prahran market to derive some fresh produces. The Rose Street Artist Market gives you a delightful view of some artistic creations. Finally, do not forget to grab a hot jam donut from the Camberwell Market.

Where to visit when you are in Melbourne?

Eureka Tower

Eureka tower melbourne

If you have traveled with your partner and are looking for some romantic things to do in Melbourne, visit the Eureka tower. Opened right from 10 am, this magnificent highrise is excellent to experience in the evening. The thrill of getting a splendid view of the entire Melbourne is merely indescribable. Standing at 297metres from the ground level, this tower gives you an opportunity to click some amazing photos to treasure for a lifetime. Melbourne is incomplete without the Eureka tower.

Federation Square

Federation square tops the list of Melbourne tourist attractions. It is centrally located and is known for the good excellent exposure to the fantastic culture that Melbourne inhibits. Being the most happening spot, this place is perfect for hopping around. Enjoy some tasty delicacies from its numerous cafes and restaurants or shop till you drop at the exciting shopping outlets. While at the Federation Square, you can just take a long walk towards NGV Australia Art Gallery to explore some world-class events.

Royal Exhibition Building

Known for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this place has historical importance. Till the year 1901, several international exhibitions were held in this heritage. It was transformed into a hospital during the First World War when it became a part of the parliament. The building looks spectacular with its architectural excellence with superb interiors and preserves the primitive customs and art in pride for generations to come.

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Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne cricket ground

This world-famous stadium had witnessed some of the most eventful and historic matches. Melbourne Cricket ground is one of the finest cricket grounds where international players like Sachin Tendulkar, Sir Don Bradman, Adam Gilchrist, and many more tremendous players have made a mark with their games. It has also been the shooting spot of the famous Bollywood biopic of Milkha Singh named Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

Melbourne museum

The MCG Museum, also known as the National Sports Museum, is home to many interesting facts and details of the cricket world. If you are a cricket lover, this spot is a must-visit for you. it is one of the best family attractions to gain some knowledge about cricket and entertain yourself. It forms the greatest southeast Melbourne attraction.

Royal Botanic Gardens

For a true lover of nature, the Royal Botanic Gardens is a place of amazement. Formed in the year 1846, this garden has been home to numerous Rose, Arid, Ferns, Bulbs. The total land measures about 38hectares. It conducts several events to draw tourist attractions and also entertain the locals of the city.

Melbourne Zoo
Melbourne zoo

To find the most endangered species of tigers, you need to pay a visit to the Melbourne zoo. This place is undoubtedly a fun-filled tourist attraction spot. Here you get to see some of the rarest animals like Sumatran Tigers. You enjoy the playful penguins, the unknown marine creatures and some furry living beings. Do not fail to visit the Orang Utan Sanctuary and the Butterfly house. Finally, bring a spark in the little one’s eyes by showing them the elephants and Baboon.

State Library of Victoria

Enjoy the maddening collection of around 2.5millions books in the State Library of Victoria. The spectacular octagonal structure has an extensive lawn area where you can enjoy some personal book reading moments. The architecture is dome-shaped and has a spellbinding interior. You can even step into the place to find books related to art and music or just visit to enjoy some events like a workshop or an exhibition.

Luna Park

The Luna Park is the most loved destination of every age. The park marks a 100th year and is equipped with a lot of fun rides and games. The Silly Serpent, the Ferris Wheel, and the Carousel let us live your childhood again. The Great Scenic Railway and the endless roller coaster rides makes the amusement park even more exciting. If you have an issue with avail of the thrilling rides you can just pay a visit which does not incur any cost. It remains open every weekend and holiday.

Melbourne Aquarium
Melbourne aquarium

The giant Melbourne aquarium is actually a 2.2million litRE oceanarium. Here you get an awe-striking view of the underwater creatures. You get a chance to encounter a host of weird and bewildering sea-animals which includes Grey Nurse Shark, Sandbar Whaler Shark, Freshwater Shawfish, and the Royal King Penguin.

National Gallery of Victoria

The National Gallery of Victoria promises to hold your undivided attention with its 68,000 artworks. It is the oldest art museum which has two major divisions-

The Ian Potter Center-it includes the major Australian art collection.

The NGV International- has an exclusive European collection of art

Here you can watch a documentary film or just enjoy a talk show to get some refreshing time.

Brighton beach
Brighton beach

Enjoy some private moments in one of the colorful huts of Brighton beach. These huts adorn the beauty of the Melbourne coastlines. The barbeque dishes and the adventurous rides add to your merry. The exciting windsurfing, yachting, and boating make your trip a never-ending experience.


gift yourself an offbeat spot and enjoy the scenic landscape of Gippsland. If you are a painting professional or an artist, you will know the essence of such a visit. Not very far from the main city, this place looks stunning with lush green forests and meandering rivers.

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If you have a little more time, there is much more to explore in Melbourne, and believe it, or not every corner of the city is unique and astonishing. 

All set for the tour? Quickly get your papers ready and start your lifetime journey to this charming city of Melbourne.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Melbourne a tourist attraction?

Melbourne, known as the cultural hub of Australia, is home to a number of well-known tourism destinations that provide a wide range of artistic, cultural, and natural experiences.

Is a trip to Melbourne worthwhile?

Melbourne, one of the finest towns in Australia, is situated on the Yarra River in the stunning southern state of Victoria. It is the world’s sports centre, Australia’s cultural and artistic hub, and a haven for foodies, among many other titles.

Why is Melbourne a habitable city?

The Global Liveability Index 2022 has ranked Melbourne as the 10th most habitable city in the world and the most comfortable living metropolis in Australia. According to a report, the title is given to the metropolis with the best ratings for technology, infrastructure, healthcare, culture and environment, and security.

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