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15 Best Beaches In Melbourne

When thinking of Australia, the first thing that may strike your mind is beaches with beautiful picturesque lined up by palm trees. While Sydney is known as the ‘Town of Hundred Beaches,’ Melbourne’s terrific bays are no less than a gem. Whether it is swimming, walking trails, surfing, or picnic, and barbeque facilities, beaches in and near Melbourne will not disappoint you.

So, if you are looking for some outdoor time alone, with friends or your family and someone special, here are our best 15 picks for Melbourne beaches.

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What Is The Most Beautiful Beach In Melbourne?

What Is The Most Beautiful Beach In Melbourne?

Every beach in Melbourne has its own specialty, and when it comes to the most beautiful beach, everyone has their own favorite. However, if we have to name one beach to be the most beautiful in Melbourne, it would be Half Moon Bay. As the name suggests itself, the beach’s beauty lies in its crescent shape bay. It is located in the suburb of Black Rock, south-east of Melbourne.

Stretched about 350 m long, the Half Moon Bay is best known for being an excellent spot to take a walk along the beach. The scenic and serene beach also hold historical importance as it is home to the last surviving monitor warship in the world called HMVS Cerberus, which now acts as a breakwater. The walking trail, beautiful coastal cliffs, and terrific views make it one of the best beaches in Melbourne, Australia.

Which Is The Cleanest Beach In Melbourne?

We know Half Moon Bay is considered the most beautiful among Melbourne’s beaches. But is it clean? When it comes to cleanliness, the title of the cleanest beach in Melbourne is shared between Hampton, Seaford, Canadian Bay, Portsea, Elwood, Sandringham beach, Rosebud, Santa Casa, and Black Rock. As per the 2016 report of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA), these nine beaches were found to be the cleanest and safest to swim in.

If you are planning to go to the swimming beach in Melbourne primarily for the purpose of swimming, now you know what the best swimming beaches in Melbourne are. Half Moon Bay stood score rank ten on the cleanliness scale, a spot shared with Portarlington, Carrum, and South Melbourne.

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Top 15 Beaches In Melbourne

1. Brighton Beach

One of the trendy beaches in Port Phillip Bay, Brighton Beach is known for its simplistic beauty. It is situated by the coastal suburbs, which are residence to some of Melbourne’s wealthiest citizens. Surrounded by some grand beach houses, Brighton Beach offers a perfect spot for walking and cycling path. The Beach Road is a popular cycling route along the stunning coastline, making it one of the best beaches in Melbourne.

Although the beach may look pretty standard and a typical surf beach, the leading attraction here is the iconic beach boxes that belong to the Victorian era. They date back to the 1860s, and these 82 colorful bathing boxes have made the place worth a visit. The beauty of this timeless tourist attraction is the most photographed beach in the entire city. Moreover, the calm waters and low tide of Brighton Beach make it an excellent location for swimming and bathing for people of all ages. Surfing is also safe in the area; hence, it is also known to be among the best surf beaches in Melbourne. You can also do paddle boarding here.

2. St. Kilda Beach

St. Kilda Beach ranks 2 in our list of best beaches in Melbourne. It is the closest beach to Melbourne city, which is well-maintained and clean. If you are looking for a beach where you can enjoy activities other than swimming, St. Kilda Beach is the one. The lined-up markets, amusement parks, Catani gardens, nightclubs, cafes, restaurants, artworks, and a grassy reserve make St. Kilda one of the best family beaches in Melbourne.

The tourists in Melbourne who do not have much time to explore, St. Kilda Beach is a one-stop-for-all. You can see everything here, from sightings to water sports. The shallow waters attract the kite surfers. If you are looking for a beach perfect for kite surfing, visit St. Kilda, where there are many tutors as well who will teach you the sport of kite surfing and paddleboarding.

Situated six km from Melbourne CBD, St. Kilda beach is also known to be among the best beaches in Melbourne for picnic facilities and spots. The Catani Gardens offer free barbeque facilities. So, if you are in search of the best family-friendly beach with the best picnic and barbecue facilities, St. Kilda is your calling.

3. Williamstown Beach

Accessible via public transport, Williamstown Beach is small yet counted as an extremely popular beach among locals. They call it the ‘Willy Beach.’ The beach offers a good place and walking tracks, where you can walk around on soft golden sand enjoying the sunset. You can witness many recreational houses around this. Williamstown’s sandy beach also features attractive and well-designed foreshore reserves, which adds to its glam.

Williamstown holds greater significance as Williamstown was Melbourne’s first seaport, which has gradually developed into a trendy seaside. The beach is surrounded by plenty of cafés and restaurants where you can spend time with your loved ones. Explore the beach on a bike, circling the water’s edge. It is a perfect beach to escape for those who are looking for a quiet spot to sit away from the hustle of city life. Williamstown Beach is also known to be a good spot for young kids to have a splash.

4. Port Phillip Bay

If you want to enjoy the mesmerizing Melbourne skyline, Port Phillip Bay is the best spot. Known for its horse-head shape, this beach is situated on the central coast of Southern Victoria. Situated north to the Mornington Beach, it looks over the city of Greater Geelong to western Melbourne. It is home to some of the best beaches near Melbourne.

Adding to its historical significance is the Black Rock Yacht Club for off-beat-sailing boats, seventeen kilometers from the southern end of Melbourne. The fact is shared between Port Phillip Bay and Half Moon Bay beach, as a number of people used to sail off from Half Moon to Port Phillip Bay, which eventually became a championship. The historical significance of Port Phillip Bay makes it one of the beautiful beaches in Melbourne.

5. Rye Beach

The next beach on the list of best beaches in Melbourne is Rye Front Beach in the Mornington Peninsula. This particular beach is among the great beaches largely preferred by tourists during the holiday season. What makes it an excellent hangout spot are the delightful shops which include ice creameries, restaurants, and cafes you can take away food from.

The Rye Front Beach is perfect for taking a walk in all seasons throughout the year. It also has a foreshore reserve extending along the coast of the beach. The soft sand and the clear water make it a great beach for swimming. You can also experience aquatic life by participating in snorkel and scuba. One can also see fishers involved in rock fishing along the pier. However, visitors are suggested not to dive off the pier as it has shallow water.

Top 15 Beaches In Melbourne

6. Canadian Bay Beach

The sandy Canadian Bay Beach is just a short drive away from the main village. It is among the best beaches in Melbourne, which can offer you peace as it does not remain as busy as other beaches. The Canadian Bay Beach road separates the Half Moons from the Canadian Bays as it touches the coast at a 10m high point. This beach comes with picnic facilities and car parking along with a leash-free dog beach.

It is never too crowded and is among the best beaches in Melbourne for day trips. Mount Eliza oversees the Canadian Bay Beach, and it looks marvelous even when it is cloudy. The mount makes the sunset even more scenic and surreal. Besides, as it does not receive many visitors, Canadian Bay Beach is less crowded, which automatically makes it a cleaner beach to visit.

7. Dendy Street Beach

Situated right next to Brighton beach, Dendy Street Beach has noteworthy areas, including the Green Point, Hollows Beach, Brighton Gardens, and of course, Brighton Beach. It shares the 82 iconic bathing boxes with Brighton Beach, making it colorful and one of the best beaches in Melbourne.

Dendy Street Beach certainly has a picturesque location. You can also see para-gliders taking advantage of the wind. The beach is only 500m long, but its boatsheds have made it one of the most photographed beaches. Moreover, it offers some of the great fishing spots by the southern seawall and the reef points.

8. Altona Beach

Altona beach is among the best beaches in Melbourne as it has a lot to offer, probably more than any other beach. Located by Hobsons bay, Altona beach is known to be the largest recreational beach. The six-lane boat ramp is an attractive feature of the beach.

Situated by the shores of western Melbourne, the playground facilities make Altona beach an attractive spot for youngsters and adults. You can play beach volleyball, involve in rock fishing, and take part in aquatic activities. Altona beach is one of the most attractive and best beaches in Melbourne. In fact, the locals believe that it is a hidden gem that is worth a memorable trip.

9. Elwood Beach

The next beach on the list of best beaches in Melbourne, Australia, is Elwood Beach. Visitors describe this beach as a pleasant little beach, which is less crowded. The shallow water and nice sand make Elwood beach safe and ideal for kids. This beach comes with a lot of perks, including walking paths, toilets, a lifesaving club, cafes, and playgrounds for children.

Elwood Beach is a beauty in itself, which makes it photograph-worthy. You can also take your dog to hang out as it is a dog-friendly spot. Overall, you get a safe environment at Elwood Beach, making it one of the best beaches in Melbourne.

However, Elwood Beach is close to the Elwood Canal, so it is advised for tourists to avoid visiting the beach after rain. Other than that, it is a lovely beach with a beautiful landscape view and seascapes.

10. Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach is Melbourne’s famous beach resort which is famously known for its lively boardwalk. The beach is lined up with souvenir shops, arcades, pizzerias, and ice cream parlors, making it a great hangout spot. What makes it more entertaining is that big touring bands and comedians do their shows at the nearby Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. You also get to explore the ocean world in the Oceanarium, which attracts biologists from around the country and world.

The southern end of Hampton beach has breathtaking views to offer. The barrier island has Hampton Beach State Park on its southern tip, which is very kids-friendly. It also provides an excellent spot for activities such as swimming, fishing, and campgrounds. Hampton Beach is undoubtedly among the best beaches in Melbourne.

11. Mothers Beach

Mother’s Beach is another beach on the list of best beaches in Melbourne, which is situated in the Mornington Peninsula. This beach is the best beach for children as it is a shallow beach with soft white sand. It also has excellent picnic spots, and the reserve area has picnic tables, restrooms, and an outdoor shower.

The adventure-loving people can rent a boat, canoes, kayaks, and stand-up paddleboards for water sports.

12. Ocean Grove Beach

Ocean Grove Beach, or the Main Beach OG, is a lovely beach at Bellarine. It certainly gets a rank in the best beaches in Melbourne because people feel safe here, thanks to the season patrolling and security. It is the best place to witness the beauty of nature and take a breath of fresh air. The rock pools left on the shore by the tides are a good way for people and kids to explore aquatic life.

The focal or attractive point of the Ocean Grove Beach is the Dunes Cafe & Bar, which is located right next to the Surf Life Saving Club. The place is surrounded by lawns, native gardens, and you can also find bollards carved and painted which depict the lives of people. All these surreal features make Main Beach OG one of the best beaches in Melbourne.

13. Edithvale Beach

The next beach in the list of best beaches in Melbourne is Edithvale Beach, which is known for its cleanliness. Described as a lovely beach by the visitors, you can enjoy quiet time at Edithvale Beach. It is only 100m away from the Edithvale Railway Station. The thing that adds charm to the beauty of Edithvale Beach is the SLSC (Surf Life Saving Club) building, which has recently been rebuilt.

It is close to the facilities, and you also get outdoor showers to wash off the sand after spending a fun day at the beach. Edithvale is a clean, sandy beach, which is a great place to take a walk and enjoy the beautiful sunset. You can witness kite flyers and family gatherings, making the beach full of life.

14. Sandringham Beach

This 2.5km long beach is one of the cleanest beaches in the city, which creates a natural amphitheatre. With the backdrop of high cliffs and laid back atmosphere, Sandringham Beach is among the best beaches in Melbourne. The soft sand and clean water offer an excellent environment for people of all ages, as well as dogs. The beach is one of the kids’ favorites as there is a small park and play area is available by the beach.

The perks and facilities include street parking along with a picnic spot equipped with all the facilities. Once known to be a holiday destination, Sandringham is now a relaxed beachside which is a great escape from city life. The local shops and walking trails make Sandringham one of the best beaches in Melbourne. If you want to experience the calmer side of the city, Sandringham is the place for you.

15. Port Sea Beach

The last beach on this list of 15 best beaches in Melbourne is the Port Sea Beach. It is a great beach for surfing. There are consistent breaks that make Port Sea Beach one of the excellent surf spots on the Mornington Peninsula. Wherever you look, Port Melbourne Sea Beach has only serene beauty to offer- catch a wave, explore the stretch of the coast, which seems endless is beach perfect. Have a relaxing day on the sandy shore of Port Sea Beach. The beach is located near the sea port.

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When we think about beaches, only a few popular beaches strike our minds. However, when you are in a country which has beaches all around, it is hard to decide which beach to visit. When in Melbourne, you can take a stroll at all kinds of beaches that have different facilities offer. If you fancy luxury cafes and grand beach house, or a sweet walk in the sunset with your beloved, Melbourne has a beach for all of you. On the other hand, if you prefer being isolated or getting involved in water as well as beach games and sports, Melbourne has got your back. Choose the best beach in Melbourne that you’d like to visit this holiday season!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Melbourne beaches swimmable?

You can swim on Melbourne beaches while relaxing in the summer. Mothers beach, Brighton beach, Half Moon bay, etc., are among the most popular spots for swimming near Melbourne. The water is calm and experienced lifeguards patrol the beaches to stop unfortunate incidents.

2. What is the closest nice beach to Melbourne?

South Melbourne Beach is closest to Melbourne CBD. It is mostly occupied by local people of Melbourne and tourists who don’t prefer to roam far from the city. Also, Altona Beach is close to the city and one of the country’s cleanest beaches.

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