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Amazing Things To Do in Adelaide With Family & Friends

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is world-famous for its around-the-calender festivals, incredible food, and premium wine dens. The elegant city is beautifully placed between the South Australian Coasts and the Mt Lofty Ranges. The scenic sunsets and picturesque landscapes can just awe anyone. The city is beautifully crafted by nature and welcomes visitors with open arms. Anyone will be happily surprised to know the most amazing things to do in Adelaide.

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Before moving to things to see and do in Adelaide, let’s get introduced to the “Amazing Adelaide.” The Kaurna tribe was the original habitat before the Europeans explored the city. The Adelaide region was known as “Tandanya” by indigenous people, meaning the “Place of Red Kangaroo.”

The early 1930s was the period when the British decided to settle in the region. The new colony was planned by the British, and residents were free people, not convicted. General William Light established the new colonies in South Australia. The naturally planned Adelaide got its name after the wife of King George IV.

The 19th century saw the golden era when many new buildings were erected. The foundation stone was laid for the world-famous Holy Trinity Church. Followed by establishing Old Adelaide Jail in 1841 and Government House in 1855. Adelaide saw many new constructions like St Francis Xavier Cathedral in 1958 and Ayers House in 1846. These are one of the most famous Adelaide tourist attractions on the kangaroo island.

Know More About Adelaide! Adelaide, a city of intellectual culture and splendid entertainment

Adelaide The Happening City of South Australia

Adelaide The Happening City of South Australia

The Adelaide population was 162,000 in 1900 and was proliferating. That resulted in the construction of more buildings, apartments, and public sites. The Parliament House of the city was built in two phases. The first West Wing was completed in 1889, and East Wing was completed in 1839.

The great explorer John McDouall Stuart statue was erected in 1904, followed by the unveiling of the Statue of William Light in 1906. The Adelaide was not only improving in other amenities, but Botanic Gardens came into existence in 1857.

The city was equipped with all the modern developments, as the people utilized gas supply in 1863 and electricity in 1900. Within the same period, Adelaide Oval came into existence in 1871, and Adelaide University was established in 1874. The world-famous Art Gallery of South Australia was built in 1881.

In the 20th century, Adelaide experienced many more developments. Adelaide airport was functional in 1921. In 1931 the war Memorial was built, followed by the opening of Flinders University in 1966. The amazing Rundle Mall Shopping Center was open to the public in 1976. And, the most happening Adelaide Festival Center was introduced in 1980.    

Within the span of seven years, Adelaide Convention Center was inaugurated. In the next two years, i.e., in 1989, Tandanya Cultural Institute saw the sunrise. Other attractions of the city are the South Australian Museum and South Australia Maritime Museum; both were opened in the same year, 1986.

The city has been offering the happening time for centuries because of its family friendly environment. The Amazing Adelaide has a population of 1.3 million presently, and there are many exciting and amazing things to do in Adelaide city.

Adelaide attracts many tourists all over the globe every year. And if you are the one planning to visit South Australia, we will list you the most amazing things to do in Adelaide. Let us start with the famous tourist attractions.

10 Top Most Exciting Adelaide Tourist Attractions

Adelaide is thriving with entertainment, events, culture, and flavors. Within minutes you can explore the world-famous wines or post picture-perfect sunset moments on social media. The whole city is engaged in festivals every day. What more do you want? There are superbly best things to do in Adelaide for families. But, let’s get introduced to world-famous tourist attractions in the city. So, here we go:

1. North Terrace

North Terrace is the best place to explore Adelaide. The beautifully lined up trees speak in historical and cultural style. The Parliament House is one of the most amazing buildings intersecting King William Street and North Terrace. The South Australian Museum, The Art Galley and State Liberty of South Terrace proudly offer a glimpse of art and culture. The place is full of impressive craft shops. The University of Adelaide borders all three and hosts the Mitchell building. The finest example of Gothic Revival style. The other attractions of North Terrace are Adelaide Botanic Garden and Ayer’s historic House.     

2. Adelaide Botanic Garden

The garden is equipped with wrought iron gates and is located at the East of North Terrace. The Adelaide Botanical Garden brings you to the wonderland of botanical adventures. Educational-themed paintings like the Mediterranean Garden, medicinal plants, and Australian native species will mesmerize you. Get a glimpse of how plants are important to us in the Santos Museum of Economic Botany. 

3. Art Galleries of South Australia

Art lovers can experience the finest art collections at the Art Gallery of South Australia. The famous art gallery is situated in Adelaide’s cultural precinct. The Victorian architecture elegantly constructed the building in 1881. It’s a treasure of paintings, textiles, sculptures, jewelry, furniture, metalwork, ceramics, and photographs for art enthusiasts.     

4. The Tour of Adelaide Oval

Aussies are sport-loving people; that’s why stadiums are dynamic in Australia. The Oval Stadium has connected the city’s history. The world-famous stadium was established in 1871 at the fabulous riverbank precinct. The first test match was hosted in 1884 in the Adelaide Oval. The stadium hosts more than sixteen sports, including AFL, cycling, hockey, archery, tennis, and lacrosse. The stadium also hosts prestigious music concerts and events.    

5. South Australian Museum

Situated adjacent to State Liberty offers world-class research facilities and is renowned for classy Aboriginal heritage collections. It provides you the glimpse of local history. Besides that, the tourists can enjoy the artifacts from South Pacific Islands. Which is situated in the Permanent Pacific Cultural Gallery and get mesmerized with the South Australian Biodiversity Gallery. If you want to explore the 19th century pubs and hotels! Port Adelaide is the perfect spot for you.

6. State Library of South Australia

The State Library will surprise readers with huge contrasting collections under the same roof. The entrance is built with glass with a contemporary Spence wing. The visitor can enjoy the modern facilities in the Library, including free Wi-Fi.

7. The Adelaide Central Market

Adelaide offers one of the best spots at Victoria Square for shopping enthusiasts. The Adelaide Central Market is one of the oldest indoor markets established in 1870 that attracts shoppers worldwide for its impressive collection. Anyone can get swayed by the fresh fruits, vegetables, bakery items, tons of cheeses, and flavorful multi-cuisine culinary treats.

8. Glenelg

Not satisfied with the crowded market? Visit a sheltered and surf-free Gulf St. Vincent. The Glenelg will relax you in its own way to recover from crowded city life. The Glenelg beaches have been fascinating tourists globally for many decades.

9.  The Glimpse of Adelaide Zoo

The Adelaide zoo was established in the 19th century and is situated near Adelaide Botanical Gardens. The zoo is world-famous for its charismatic collections of animal species. Besides that, the zoo focus on the educational aspects of the flora and fauna that can delight the heart of any age.

10. Cleland Wildlife Park

It takes only twenty minutes to drive from the city to Cleland Wildlife Park. Situated at the slopes of Mt Lofty preserved the animals in a natural environment. You can spot kangaroos, potoroos, wallabies, and emus roaming freely in the natural surroundings. You can even enjoy their company by wandering with them, feeding them, and enjoy the day trips.

What is Adelaide Best Known For?

What is Adelaide Best Known For?

Adelaide is known for its round the corner festivals, and events. The world-class wines and flavorful multi-cuisine. Besides that, the scenic beauty and historical culture wrapped in museums and libraries will mesmerize you. We know it takes time to satisfy enthusiasts. And here comes the moment when we are going to list the best things to do in Adelaide. We know you want to know much more about the happening city Adelaide. You can have fun with kids and family here, can enjoy Adelaide’s summer. In fact, many residents get confused about things to do in Adelaide this weekend. And the best part is the nightlife in the city. Getting excited? Let’s get to the most amazing things you can do in Adelaide!

Things To Do in Adelaide this Weekend

The South Australian capital is 727 km (452mi) from Melbourne. You can spend your weekend exploring the best of Adelaide and its surroundings. Here are the ten best things to do in Adelaide in the coming weekend:  

1. Party All Night At Mary’s Poppin

It’s one of the best places in the city if you want to party the whole night. The vibrant gay bar is open for 18 years old and above. You will enjoy some of the best live performances in the city. You may meet the divas and can book your own private booth skipping the queue. Also, don’t miss the Rolling Vineyards winery.     

2. Explore Giant Panda at Adelaide Zoo

Giant Panda is another famous resident of Adelaide where you can enjoy the walking tour. The only breeding pair of Giant Pandas family in Australia are Wang Wang and Fu Ni. You can even listen to haunted stories if you visit the zoo after the evening by zookeepers.  

3. Tour Hahndorf

Tour Hahndorf is the country’s longest-surviving German settlement. Now it has become one of the best tourist attractions. Almost millions of people visit here every year. You can try the exotic German cuisine made with a range of local produce, including wines. The local crafts will just mesmerize you! You may also visit the historic sites of The Cedar, providing shelter to Hans and Nora Heysen.  

4. Visit Morialta Conservation Park

The park is only ten km from Adelaide and offers a range of activities. You can enjoy the walking tracks through pristine woodlands and cascading waterfalls. The perfect rock faces attract climbers for more adventure. Mukanthi the Adelaide’s biggest playground, is situated in the park consisting of five playing areas.  

5. Go For Adelaide Over Roof Climb

The two-hour roof climbing experience offers 360-degree views of the city, and the surroundings are just incredible and unforgettable. The guide will help you traverse across the Western Stand leading to River Bank Platform, which stands fifty meters above the Adelaide Oval’s famous turf. You will be provided with the safety equipment.  

6. The Colorful Adelaide Central Markets

Every second local will ask you the visit central markets, and the reasons are obvious. More than seventy stalls showcase the best things about the city. The markets are packed with local produce, arty crafts, and flavorful bakery items. You will surely have the most sophisticated multicultural vibe. You can even explore the Peel Street for the exotic cuisines and shopping malls..  

7. Climb Tree in the City

Tree Climb Adelaide is Australia’s first adventure park. It is the perfect spot for adventure lovers and offers the perfect challenge. The park has eight separate elevated courses that include zip lines.  

8. Go For a Gallery Tour

The Art Gallery in the southern hemisphere offers the most extensive collections in Australia. It is full of exhibitions across a wide spectrum of arts. The gallery also takes you on a free guided tour at 11 am and 2 pm on weekdays. Every month, the first Friday comes with a program of free live music, talks, and tours.  

9. Walk Through Adelaide Botanic Gardens   

Adelaide Botanic Gardens, situated at the heart of the city, is spread over fifty hectares. The garden offers a great combination of flora and fauna, including world-class architecture. Don’t miss the Santos Museum of Economic Botany, which features the history of plants amazingly. The institute was founded in 1881.  

10. Get Behind the Bars at Adelaide Goal

Adelaide Jail was the notorious prison once, now converted into a museum. It is situated just north of the Adelaide City Center offers a fascinating glimpse of Adelaide’s crime and justice history. It offers a self-guided tour every day from 10 am—the perfect place to observe the grim history of the former correctional facility.  

Things to Do in Adelaide With Kids

Adelaide is usually referred to as a “city of churches,” famous for its history, grandeur, and European charm. But the Adelaide provides the most diverse activities and offers relaxed vibes. The impressive architecture, expansive parklands, al fresco dining options, wide boulevards, and colorful festivals provide loads of things to do with kids and families. So let’s get a glimpse of the ten best things you can enjoy with your kids in Adelaide.

1. Mega Adventure

One of the best spots for thrill-seekers. The aerial obstacle course in West Beach will offer a thrilling experience. The kids must be 120 cm above to perform the things on their own, or the kids between 120-140 cm can be accompanied by their parents. Don’t forget to visit the cafe there offering wines.  

2. Mega Swing

One of the latest addition in mega-adventure and offer every dose of adrenalin. You will be hoisted up long in the air and dropped. The swing is towards the ocean views with great speed. The 18 meters high giant swing for three-person will surely offer lifetime excitement to kids above 120 cm.  

3. Bee-Themed Park in Glengowrie

This is another new addition opened in May this year. The park has been buzzing with natives and tourists since its opening. Situated in Stanley Street in Glengowrie, the bee-themed park offers a load of excitement that cannot be found in another playground.  

4. Latitude

You kids will jump, fly and bounce in this giant playground. It features a giant trampoline, climbing walls, parkour courses, and much more. It is perfectly suitable for kids between 18 months to 5 years of age. The parents can watch their kids in action from the cafes upstairs.  

5. Bounce

Let your kids bounce on the wonderful trampolines. Your kids can spend the whole day bouncing in the Bounce. There is a separate kinder gym for kids between 2-5 years. You can also enjoy the stand up paddle boarding with kids.

Things to Do in Adelaide With Kids

6. AFL Max

The AFL Max allows your kids to discover their inner AFL superstar. It is an immersive playing experience that allows your kids to test their abilities. The series of bespoke kicking, passing, fitness, and tracking activities will surely enhance their skills. Here kids are allowed to host parties, isn’t that exciting?

7. Beachouse & National Parks     

Here everyone has something to discover. From mini-golf, arcade games, waterslides, dodgem to bumper boats and playgroup. The Belair National Park is just 13 km away from Adelaide. The best place to spend time with kids and family.

8. Marion Aquatic Center & Slides

The aquatic center offers one of the best things to do in Adelaide in Summer. You will find the cool weather in the Marion Aquatic Center. Here the kids over six years will enjoy the inflatable WIBIT obstacle course, and some cool slides are waiting for the kids above ten years.

9. Water World Aquatic Center

You can enjoy yourself here with the whole family swimming in heated pools, racing down slides, or just trolling around. The toddlers and preschoolers will just love the splash pads.

10. Kart Mania

Your kids will love racing in 550 m tracks in 200 cc karts. Kids should be 12 or more to race, and the younger can ride as a passenger on dual karts. 

Top 10 Things To Do in Adelaide At Night

Adelaide provides a much exciting and satisfying light life experience. Nightlife is one of the best features of Adelaide. So, let’s start exploring the ten best amazing nightlife experiences in Adelaide. So, here we go!

1. Watch a Movie at Moonlight Cinema Under The Sky

It is the best way to explore nightlife by experiencing the open sky outdoor cinema. The Moonlight Cinema is located in the Adelaide Botanic Garden and Adelaide Zoo. So you can spend the daytime enjoying the zoo and garden. And experience the nightlife enjoying open sky cinema.  

2. The Mesmerizing Sunset

However, this is not the activity that you exactly do at night. But it can be a great start to enjoy the nightlife in Adelaide’s beautiful beaches. You can experience the mesmerizing and relishing view of the sunset every day. There are wine region around from where you can enjoy the sunset.

3. Explore Point A

Must be wondering what is Point A? It’s a community training house that is famous for hosting open training classes. That includes fire-spinning, tumbling, and circus acrobatics. The place is known to host many other classes depending upon your skill level. 

4. Spend Time Relishing The Exquisite Art

The Adelaide streets are adorned with exotic arts and murals. Experiencing these places is probably one of the best things to do in Adelaide at night. Of course, you can enjoy the same during the daytime, it all depends on your schedule. But certainly, an evening filled with exotic street art and murals is surely and unique experience.

5. Take Food Tour At Central Market & Chinatown 

Both the places, Central Market and Chinatown, are the perfect spots for food connoisseurs. The places are loaded with restaurants, clubs, bars, cafes, food courts, and pubs to provide you with a diverse food experience. You can relish a wide range of cuisine from Japanese to Thai to Korean to Chinese.  

6. Enjoy The Beaches in the Evening

The couple can spend long hours spending time together on the city’s beaches. You will never forget the moment you spent on those exotic beaches at night. Glenelg is one of the best beaches in Adelaide. Imagine walking with your partner along the seashore, and it’s really a lifetime experience. You can even visit the Victor Harbor to observe the wild penguin colonies, or Henley Beach to enjoy the food at sea shore. Granite Island is other wonderful spot, a small island next to Victor Harbor, Southern Hemisphere, is 80 km south of Adelaide.

7. Go For Stargazing in The City

It’s time to spend the night camping under the stars, sounds interesting? You can spend the night in South Australia at one of the most exotic national parks. The national parks not only offer you to camp but you can also experience the night safari. You can even opt for stargazing as there are a number of observatories located in Adelaide.

8. Enjoy The Sports Event

Adelaide is the only city in the country that is packed with sports events around the calendar. You can enjoy the Cricket to Football at the Adelaide Oval. The stadium hosts both sports, Cricket matches, and Football competitions.

9. Enjoy Live Musical Events

Live music is another attraction and one of the best things to do in Adelaide at night. Both local and international artists perform live music. And if you are more inclined to culture, just explore the Art Gallery of South Australia or festival theatre.

10. The Ebenezer Night Market

Shopping is one of the best activities that can happen in any city. But, the shopping on Friday night in Adelaide at the Ebenezer Night Market is a unique experience. One of the wholesome spots for shopaholics having the wide range of jewelry, craft shop, and handicrafts. The place is loaded with numerous eateries.   

Fun Things To Do in Adelaide

The charming and fascinating city with exotic beaches and a laid-back lifestyle offers its natives and visitors plenty to offer. In fact, there are many fun things to do in the South Australian capital. So, let’s have a look at the top ten fun things to do in Adelaide.

1. The Adelaide Goal

It was the unique Adelaide attraction, built in the 1940s and became operative in 1988. It is known for its British architecture and lurid history. The frequent ghost sightings will surely thrill you or press your funny bone. Take a ghost tour and enjoy the stories of past days from the localities.

2. St Peter’s Cathedral

The city is also known as the “city of churches,” and St Peter’s Cathedral is the most fascinating. It was constructed in the 19th century and became one of the most iconic Anglican churches. The church is open daily, and you can also enjoy the internal tour.

3. Leafy North Adelaide

Sometimes the quiet and soothing suburbs make you understand the city in more better.  The Leafy North Adelaide is one of the most happening areas of the city. Surrounded by historical buildings, greenery and River Torrens are just the perfect spots for exploring the city.

4. Haigh’s Chocolates

Adelaide is known for many exotic food products, and one of them is Haigh’s Chocolates. The family-run company has been producing chocolates for hundred years. It is one of the best chocolate-producing companies in Australia. You can even enjoy the factory tour in Central Adelaide, taste the chocolates and explore the well-stocked gift shop.

5. Victoria Square

Central Adelaide has six planned public squares, and the Victoria Square is situated at the Adelaide city centre. The largest amongst them is Victoria Square, also known as Tarntanyangga. It is one of the most loving meeting points in the city. The square is loaded with statues, fountains, and greeneries. It is also South Australia’s original survey mark. Everything in the state was planned, keeping Victoria Square in relation.

6. Adelaide Festival Centre

Adelaide is an excellent place for art lovers, and Adelaide Festival Centre is the heart of art hubs. The large complex is located at the riverbank and place where you will enjoy theatres, exhibitions, art houses, playhouses, bars, and restaurants. The great operas, vibrant music, and comedy shows will charge you up.

7. Rundle Mall

The rundle mall is one of the biggest shopping districts. Here you can shop for all kinds of items. You will also find the fantastic art display, and the place is full of restaurants, department stores, luxury boutiques, pubs, cafes, bargain stores, and much more.

8. Migration Museum

The interesting fact is 30% of South Australians were born overseas. Besides that, 50% of one parent is from outside Australia. That makes migration a crucial part of the country. The Migration Museum is meant to showcase the stories and experiences of those who crossed the oceans to make their fortunes in the 19th century in Australia.

9. Riverbank Precinct

Central Adelaide is exactly located on the Torrens River. It is beautifully surrounded by parklands, bikes, and walking streets. Some of the most important buildings of the city are built here.     

10. The World Famous Adelaide Hills

The Adelaide Hills feature some of the best wildlife and conservation parks. It is the home of world famous Australian animals. The region is covered by numerous walking trails, spectacular gardens, and bike and horse riding areas. The locals and visitors can enjoy the wonderful environment filled with amazing flora and fauna.

How to Enjoy Adelaide When It’s Raining?

Most of the winters in Adelaide experienced a fair share of rain. But don’t let the rainy day spoil your enjoyment. When it rains, visitors don’t know where to turn it on? So, let’s learn some of the amazing things to do in Adelaide when it’s raining.

1. Enjoy Movie At Mercury Cinema

This can seem to be little mainstream on a rainy day. But Mercury Cinema will offer you a unique experience that you remember for years. It offers the most recent cinema, including the cult and classics. Media Resource Centre runs it, and it’s a non-profit organization.

2. Indoor Ice Skating

You need to be a skater or ice hockey player before trying your hands in ice skating. You can enjoy your evenings at the ice rink on those rainy days. Don’t forget to visit “IceAreanA” with friends and family and enjoy the laugh the ice skating brings.

3. Enjoy High-Tea at Mayfair Hotel

You may have enjoyed lunches and dinners in restaurants, but it’s time to relish yourself with High-Teat at Mayfair Hotel. The elegant restaurants offer exquisite treats, teas, and champagnes. You can spend hours here with friends and families when it is gloomy outside.

4. Explore MOD

It’s a Museum of Discovery where you can experience philosophy, art, science, and innovation. It is one of the future-focused museums of Australia. It provokes new ideas in innovative ways. It is a perfect spot when art and science meet each other.

5. Replace Rain With Wine

If you are passionate about wine, you can have a wine tour to many cellar doors and wine bars. You can even visit the National Wine Centre in those rainy winters to experience one of the best wineries. You can spend hours there, and it offers a lot many things to do.

What Is The Best Month To Visit Adelaide?

Mild winters and warm, dry summers are Adelaide’s weather. Spring and Autumn offer pleasant temperatures with mild rainfall. Winters can be chilly, and June is the wettest month of the year.

Autumn experiences one of the biggest festivals like Adelaide Fringe, WOMADelaide and Tasting Australia. It’s a great time to spot autumn foliage in wine regions around. 

The Spring brings colorful canola fields all over the Clare Valley. It is the best time to spot baby kangaroos and koalas oozing out from the mother’s pouches. Winters are best to head towards Barossa Valley and McLaren Valley.

When you are in a party mood in Adelaide, one single mistake can ruin the fun. Australian government, and immigration officials require all the documents to be translated in English. They accept only NAATI certified documents. Your immigration related documents must be translated by a NAATI certified expert. You can get all the translation related help at Translation Service Adelaide.  

When it comes to the best month to visit Adelaide! March to May and September through November are the perfect months to visit Adelaide. During this period, rainfall is rare, and temperature ranges between the 60s to 70s.

All the international and domestic flights arrive at the Adelaide airports. It takes just fifteen minutes to drive to the city. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Adelaide best at?

The best-selling opals on the market can be found in Adelaide, the opal centre of Australia, which is well-known both domestically and abroad. As you compare prices to discover the best opal for you, lighten your pockets!

How is life in Adelaide Australia?

Adelaide is welcoming and multicultural, making it the perfect place to stay when travelling. Despite being compact enough to navigate readily, it offers all the perks of living in a large metropolis.

How is the nightlife in Adelaide?

There are many exciting ways to enjoy Adelaide’s nightlife thanks to the vibrant laneways and major streets that are packed with quaint bars and live music places.

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