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40 Best Things To Do In Brisbane

Australia’s Brisbane is a beautiful tourist city that sees almost 300 days of sunshine in a year. It experiences long summer days, making it the sunshine state, giving you more time and chance to do many exciting things and explore the place. If you want to take complete advantage of Brisbane’s, you must visit the place during summer and get to explore the Queen’s beautiful city which exists in this world. 

Now you may think why Brisbane or what are the things to do in Brisbane while visiting. But let us tell you… you are going to have the time of your life as there are many fun things to do in Brisbane. Be it the nightlife you want to enjoy or visit the place with your family and kids; there are a variety of things to do in Brisbane city. Today we are going to share with you around 40 best free things to do in Brisbane, which will make it one hell of a trip for you. 

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How Can I Spend A Day In Brisbane?

How Can I Spend A Day In Brisbane?

Brisbane is the calling for many people who are adventurous but have not enough time to explore the city. But, there is an answer for that too. There are many cool things to do in Brisbane, even if you are in the town for a day. If you ask the tour guide what to do in Brisbane in a day, this is what they’ll tell you- You can divide your day into morning, day, and evening time. In the morning, you must explore the Brisbane River on a cruise. After that, take a look at the breathtaking beauty of the city from a higher altitude when you ride the Wheel of Brisbane. You can also visit Brisbane City Hall in your free time. 

In the afternoon, some of the Brisbane activities that you can enjoy include a visit to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. It is home to 130+ Koalas or other such national park. Climb the story bridge to give satisfaction to your adventurous side, which will take you 80m above sea level. Needless to say, you get to witness the mesmerizing 360-degree view of the city. You can also go quad biking or cycling in the city.

Saving the best things to do at night in Brisbane for the last, visit Brisbane’s rooftop bar called the Elixir Rooftop Bar. Enjoy the original mix of cocktails, followed by a thrilling live theatre and dinner, which will bring you closer to the Aboriginal culture. Don’t worry! We will explain everything to you in the upcoming section. 

What Is There To Do Near Brisbane?

What Is There To Do Near Brisbane?

First of all, if you are near the Brisbane region, try to take some time and enter one of the most serenic cities in the land of Australia, i.e. Brisbane and cross it off your bucket list. You can become a part of many adventurous and playful outdoor activities, including water sports. However, if you are somewhere near Brisbane, you can take a trip to Tangalooma Island Resort or ride the Air Balloon Flights.

Enjoy the taste of the country at the Samford Valley and camp at the Moreton Bay/Moreton Island, known for its protected sand dunes. Other than that, Gold

Coast is one of the popular cities near Brisbane that you can visit.

40 Best Things To Do In Brisbane

Without wasting any minute, let’s get straight into the list of things to do in Brisbane. 

1.  Find the Latest Food Trend

Whenever we travel to a new place, the first thing we explore is the delicious food, and that is what we are going first within our list as well. If food is your calling, then Brisbane has some of the memorable meals and the best high tea to delight your taste buds. Explore the open-air market precinct, i.e. Eat Street Northshore. It is known to be a mammoth riverside hub that has over 180 permanent food stalls. The place is built up entirely of shipping containers, which has become the hub for the locals to hang out. 

2. Brisbane River

As we established in the previous section as well, for a perfect morning, you must go for a walk along the Brisbane River. The boardwalk, which runs parallel to the river, can lead you to witness some of the excellent Brisbane view and the idyllic suburbs. Hence, the Brisbane Riverwalk is one of the best morning things to do in Brisbane. 

3. Picnic at New Farm Park

If you are wondering, what are the things to do with kids in Brisbane? Here is the answer. For a family and kids friendly hangout in the city, you must have a picnic under the enormous fig trees at the New Farm Park. Situated right by the riverfront, enjoy the pictures of the lush green parks. 

4. Theatre at Brisbane City Powerhouse

If art has your heart, Brisbane Powerhouse is the place for you. It is the place where you can witness some of the best theatre shows in town. Other than that, it is also known to be home to plenty of incredible alfresco eateries which you can enjoy by the riverfront.

5. Visit the Farmers Market

Exploring the local farmers markets is one of the top attractions tasks in the to-do lists of the tourists. Farmers market is one of the things that Brisbane excels at. You can visit any of the Jan Powers Farmers Market to enjoy the fresh local produce of Queensland by the local farmers. 

6. Enjoy the Riverlife

The Brisbane River itself has a variety of things to do in Brisbane. Apart from the walk by the river, you can tap on your adventurous side with the crew of Riverlife. Enjoy the sights of the majestic Brisbane river on Kayaks. Sign up for a twilight kayak tour and capture some of the spectacular city views. 

You can also catch the cityhopper by the river which travels between New Farm Park and North Quay.

7. Scale the Story Bridge

Another activity for the adventure lovers in Brisbane is scaling the Story Bridge. If you are looking for adventurous things to do in Brisbane, the Story Bridge will undoubtedly give you an adrenaline rush. Enjoy the bird’s eye view of the region 80m above sea level. 

8. Mount Coot-tha Hike

Get a chance to feel closer to the nature and go on a hike at Mount Coot-tha. Enjoy the sweeping views of the city Brisbane CBD while you improve your fitness levels. Besides, the forest around Mount Coot-the has some of the most beautiful falls to offer. Moreover, this hike also allows you to enjoy other outdoor Brisbane activities, which we will discuss next. 

9. Simpson and JC Slaughter Fall

As we discovered in the previous point, Mount Coot-tha is home to some great falls, which primarily refer to the JC Slaughter Fall. Located in the forest reserve in Brisbane west, the JC Slaughter falls as a starting point for most of the mountain walks.

10. Simpson Falls

Other than JC Slaughter, the Coot Mountain has yet another beautiful cascade fall to offer. The Simpson Falls is tucked well into the bushes, and it is only a short drive away from the city. Hence, you can easily add this to your list of things to do in Brisbane. 

40 Best Things To Do In Brisbane

11. Picnic at the Eugenia Circuit

The next spot offered by the Mount Coot-tha road includes the Eugenia Circuit. Winding through the eucalypt woodland and vine forest, the Eugenia circuit makes the perfect spot to stop for a picnic during your hike.

12. Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Another gem in the list of things to do in Brisbane includes the Kangaroo Point Cliffs. These are the heritage-listed cliffs which are located at Kangaroo Point. Situated right across the Brisbane River, it is a well-known recreation spot where you can show off your rock climbing skills. 

13. Take your whole Family to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

We discussed this point in the beginning as well, where we discovered the Koala Sanctuary among the exciting things to do in Brisbane with family. If you are on a family day trip, visit the furry animal, which is also Australia’s icon. 

14. Mirimar Cruises

To enjoy a beautiful day in Brisbane, make your day with a boats cruise down the river, courtesy of the Mirimar afternoon Cruises. Learn about Brisbane’s history before you arrive at the Lone Pine, the house of more than 130 Koala Bears.

15. James Street in Fortitude Valley

Take a walk down an elegant market, or instead shopping street lined up with trees at the James Street in Fortitude Valley. Take out time for this place as you will not know when the day turns into night. You can enjoy the multitude of laneways, bars, boutique and hotels. Take advantage of kerbside cafes and beer gardens on a sun-soaking day. 

16. Visit Queen Street Mall

If you are more into the lifestyle and shopping-related activities, then Queen Street Mall is just the right place for you. Established in the heart of the city, the Queen Street Mall is a hub for the most significant fashion selection, which homes more than 700 stores. 

17. Explore the Queensland Art Gallery

Visit the Gallery of Modern Art aka the Queensland Art Gallery (QAGOMA). Residing at the South Bank since 1982, the GOMA was established in 1895. Get the onsite art exhibitions experience across the galleries, which are rich in artworks by significant artists, including Pablo Picasso and Richard Godfrey Rivers. The QAGOMA also has a children’s art centre as well. 

18. Breathe Fresh Air at Roma Street Parkland 

Just a 10-minute walk away from CBD, the Roman Street Parkland is an oasis that covers 11 hectares of the centre of the city. Its spectacular sub-tropical paradise displays are home to a variety of recreational areas and themed gardens where you can breathe fresh air.

19. Visit the Oldest Spring Hill Suburb

As the title gives away, Spring Hill is a regular residential suburb in Brisbane. But the thing that makes it special and unique is the fact that Spring Hill is among the oldest residential neighbourhoods in the region. In fact, many of the houses in the suburb were built in the 19th century and still stand intact. 

20. Explore the Queensland Museum

Located in South Brisbane, the Queensland Museum is dedicated to natural history, cultural heritage, human achievements, and science. The museum also hosts exhibitions, and one of their major touring exhibitions was Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum and Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb. 

21. Cover the Attractions of South Bank Parklands

Brisbane’s South Bank Parklands is home to various attractions that you must cover in Brisbane. The list, which we will discover in detail, include- The Arbour, South Banks Piazza, Wheel of Brisbane, Nepal Peace Pagoda, and many lavish restaurants and cafes. 

22. Dine-in at South Bank

If you are longing for good food in Brisbane, you have to walk in the South Bank and pick out from many food establishments. Known to be the significant dining precinct at South Bank, South Bank Parklands gives you Ahmet’s, Café San Marco, Gandhi Curry House, River Canteen, Chez Laila, Mado, The Plough Inn, Timmy’s, Wang Dynasty

23. Soak the Sun at Street Beach

How can we forget Street Beach for a person who is visiting Brisbane, a city in the land of beaches? The Streets Beach is one of the significant features within the South Bank Parklands. Another factor that makes this beach popular is the South Bank Surf Club, which was opened by a celebrity chef named Ben O’Donoghue.

24. Ride the Wheel of Brisbane

To capture the beautiful view of Brisbane city from a higher perspective, hop on the Wheel of Brisbane. Take a ride on the 60m tall Ferris wheel through the beautiful day and witness the panoramic view of the whole city, parklands, and the Brisbane River. 

25. Find Peace at the Nepal Peace Pagoda

Another gem residing within the boundaries of South Bank Parklands is the Nepal Peace Pagoda. The Nepalese Peace Pagoda of Brisbane stands for its architectural beauty and artwork. Needless to say, this is a first-level meditation area that is an attractive spot for tourists. 

26. Attend the Australia Day Festival

Australia Day is clearly one of the crucial days for Australians, which is marked on everyone’s calendar. The entire country celebrates the days, but Australia Day Festival in Brisbane is known to be the best-organized event. The fireworks lit up the night sky, which adds to the beauty. So, if you happen to be in the city during this period, you know what you have to do. 

27. New Farm Park

If you are fond of parks, here is one of Brisbane’s largest, oldest and grandest parks, i.e. the New Farm Park. With more than 18000 visitors every week, the park is a perfect spot to spend a lazy afternoon with your whole family. Enter this Epicurious garden, and you will be welcomed by its jacaranda trees and rose gardens

28. Explore the Brisbane Botanic Gardens

If you are stuck in Brisbane during the monsoon, there are still things to do in Brisbane on a rainy day. The best activities on such days include visiting the Brisbane Botanic gardens. You will find many Botanical Gardens in Brisbane which facilitate free entry inside the park. One of the most extraordinary attractive Botanical gardens is the Tropical Display Dome, which offers 56 hectares of green surroundings to explore. 

29. Feast in Fish Lane

If you are looking for an outdoor dining area, Brisbane’s Fish Lane is a must-visit place for you. Eat under the shed of stars at the Fish Lane, which has also become a hub for international street artists showcasing their ideas with their art.

30. View Brisbane by Cycle

Get local in Brisbane by exploring the city on pedals, thanks to the Brisbane on Bicycle. They take you on tours by bicycle, and you can witness the beauty, history, and nature of the river city. Take in the city’s skylines enhanced by sunsets on your twilight ride. 

Other than the above-mentioned activities, lets quickly view some more exciting things to do in Brisbane-

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  1. Other than soaking the sun, take a dip in the waters of Street Beach.
  1. Witness the CityHopper on your ride on the Brisbane River.
  1. Find a free hobby or activity at The City, which offers you a lot of free things to do both indoors and outdoors.
  1. Brisbane hosts many events and festivals. One such fantastic festival is the BrisAsia Festival, which showcases contemporary Asian arts and cultural events. 
  1. Visit the Queensland Cultural Centre, which is one of the heritage-listed entertainment cultural centres at Grey Street, Brisbane. 
  1. Go on a morning trek to King Island, which is now a conservation park, via the path of natural sand.
  1. Visit the Old Petrie Town, and the restored historic village will take you back in time as it is a replica of the 1930s.
  1. Make sure you visit the Epicurious Garden, which offers some exotic and fragrant plants and shrubs which is rich in greenery.
  1. Barbecue at Kangaroo Point and enjoy Brisbane’s balmy and temperate nights. 
  1. Hit the open road and go on scenic drives. Explore the roads less traveled and enjoy some ‘me’ time in the scenic beauty. 

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By now, you must know you will find beauty wherever you go in Brisbane. Be it to the North or South or any direction for that matter; you will find something worth noticing in Brisbane. The city has plenty of things to offer to all the people who have all sorts of interests. Whether you want some quiet time or get adventurous, or enjoy some local and lavish meal, Brisbane has got your back. For those fond of art, culture, and history, Brisbane has some of the best museums, galleries, and permanent exhibitions for you. Make sure you go through this list when or before visiting Brisbane. This article will be worth your time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Brisbane best known for?

Brisbane, also known as River City, is famous for many things, such as sports, lamingtons, koalas, and many others. It has the world-famous “Australian zoo” of Steve Irwin and the unique underground opera house. 

2. Is Brisbane expensive?

Brisbane is not as expensive as Sydney. A single person can live in Brisbane for around $1,657.50 per month, and a family require about $5,908.50 per month. A tourist can spend a week in Brisbane for around $400 to $750, depending on their standard of living.

3. Does Brisbane have nightlife?

Yes, Brisbane has splendid nightlife. The river between the city is magically lit during the night in celebration, and there are several other exciting options to enjoy. Street shops for foods and non-alcoholic drinks remain open until 2 to 3 am. Also, nightclubs and bars stay open until the last drink ordered by visitors is consumed.

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