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Documents Required To Be Translated To Apply For Student Visa Australia

Australia is proud to have eight top universities among hundred in the world. That’s much more than kangaroos and beautiful beaches. Students worldwide move to Australia to avail quality higher education. Moreover, the country offers amazing post-study work opportunities. The students need all their documents to be translated when applying for the student’s visa to Australia.

The Australian government and immigration department accept all the documents in English only. The countries offer various opportunities once your student visa is approved. However, the students should know the essential documents required to apply for a student visa for Australia. Here, we will understand the complete Study visa requirements for Australia and we will also learn about the whole process on how to apply for Australian Citizenship.

How Can I Apply For a Student Visa in Australia?

How Can I Apply For a Student Visa in Australia?

An Australian student visa is dependent on your age, the type of study, and how many years you are going to stay in the country. Subclass 500 is the most common student visa to Australia. It is valid in almost every field of your study.

When you get admission to an Australian university, you need to complete the Australian student visa application form. You need to translate all your essential documents when submitting the application form. 

Documents Required To Be Translated For Australian Student Visa

While presenting the Australian student visa application, you need to show the following documents:

  • The Digital Proof of Your Enrolment
  • Your Passport
  • Your Student Visa Application Fee
  • Statement as a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)
  • Proof that you have the finance to cover your tuition fees, living expenses and return airfare to your country of origin.
  • Details of Your Health Insurance Cover
  • Passport-Size Photographs
  • Statement of Purpose
  • In case you have not attained 18 years, you will also need to provide your parental consent document.

Some supporting documents for an Australian student visa application must also be submitted. These documents need to be translated before your visa is approved to study in Australia. So you need to contact the best Translation Services Australia. Here is the list of documents for student visa Australia requirements:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Driver’s Licence
  • Educational Certificates;
  • Employment records
  • Degrees, Diplomas and other Certificates

You will also need to show some translated documents with your basic documents. Here is the list of those documents:

  • Change of Name Certificates (if applicable)
  • Identity Documents
  • Military Certificates
  • Police Clearance Certificates
  • Proof Joint Bank Account Statements, and other De Facto Relationships
  • Academic Records and Transcripts

How Much Does a Student Visa to Australia Cost?

The fee for the Australian Student Visa “Subclass 500” is around AU$575 or US$414 at present. You will need to get the Overseas Student Health Cover OSHC to apply for the student visa. It is also required for family members coming to accompany you to Australia. It needs to be valid for the duration of your stay.

OSHC Australia offers a search function. It is helpful for you to compare quotes for medical insurance from authorized providers. This way, you can get affordable OSHC for yourself and your family members. The cheapest OSHC starts from AU$2,149 when you have don’t any family members with you. It’s time to get the best student visa document translation

How Long Does it Take to Get a Student Visa For Australia?

How Long Does it Take to Get a Student Visa For Australia?

The student visa Australia processing time Processing times can vary based on the field you have applied for. However, 75% of applications have twenty-nine days for complete processing. Similarly, 90% of applications are processed forty-two days for higher education.

75% of applications are processed in forty-three days for the vocational education and training sector. Similarly, 90% of applications are processed in seventy-seven days. You may assume that visa applications take four weeks to process.

If you study in Australia for a course of fewer than ten months and finish at the end of an Australian academic year, that is mid-December. In that case, your visa will be valid until 15 March the following year. In the meanwhile, explore The Best Place To Live In Australia!

How to Check Student Visa Application Status For Australia

How to Check Student Visa Application Status For Australia

When your student visa application is under process, you will receive a tracking number. You can easily track your Australia visa status online. The official government website provides this facility. The entire process of tracking the student visa application status is explained in detail below.

Steps To Check Australia Visa Status Online 

Step 1: Go to the Australian Government’s Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) homepage.

Step 2: Click on the button “check your visa details with VEVO.” The enquiry screen opens up when you click the button.

Step 3: Enter the “Transaction Reference Number” (TRN), Visa Evidence Number, Visa Grant Number or Password in the field called “Reference Type.” These details you have already provided during application processing and acknowledgment.

  • The TRN is provided when you apply for an Australian Student Visa online.
  • You will get the Visa Evidence Number on the visa label.
  • The Visa Grant Number is mentioned when the applicant receives a notification about obtaining a visa successfully.
  • The government will provide you with the password. However, it can be acquired only if the applicant is in Australia and contacts the “General Enquiry Line.”

Step 4: Now, enter the date of birth, country of the passport, Immigration card or passport number in the given fields.

Step 5: Before clicking the submit button, recheck the entered details. If you have entered any incorrect information, click the “clear” button. Now begin the whole process again.

Step 6: Click on the “Submit” button. You can email, save or print your VEVO copy.

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Last Few Words

An accredited translator must translate all the documents you provide with your student visa application. In Australia, NAATI translators are approved by the government and immigration department. AustralianTranslationServices.com.au is the most trusted translation platform online. The professional translators have years of expertise in the immigration and student visa field. The quality translation and faster turnaround will surely amaze you!  

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