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We provide comprehensive transcription services in all major areas. Get the best prices, accurate transcription and faster turnaround time. 


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Transcription is recording conversations, speeches, interviews, meetings, and audio files in writing. We provide high-quality transcription services in Australia. Our accurate transcripts in written or electronic text documents fulfil industry needs for transcriptions.

Transcription Services

Our expert transcribers deal with the entire transcription process efficiently. We listen to a speech audio recording and type in words into document files.

This process is time-consuming and requires a high level of concentration and accuracy. Sometimes, transcribing one audio recording takes about four hours and demands excellent hearing.

Problems like background noise, fast speech, and low-quality recordings make transcription more challenging. We deploy the best audio transcribers to provide professional transcription at a competitive rate. You can also count on us for expert marketing translation services to promote your business in foreign languages. 

Our clients trust our entire online transcription process and services. We have been a significant transcription player in Australia for many years.

You can get the best transcription services now.

Transcription Services<br />

Transcription Services in a Wide Range of Industries

Transcription Services in a Wide Range of Industries<br />

We are an Australian-owned transcription company known for its high-quality, specialised, and accurate transcribing services. Our expert transcriptionists have experience understanding the requirements of various fields and industries.

Likely, legal translation experts guide you precisely, adhering to the target language’s legal standards.

We are part of a global transcription services network enabling us to serve clients’ transcription needs across the globe. 

Our transcriptionists can handle areas:

  • Medical Transcription Services
  • Online Transcription Services
  • Court Transcription Services
  • Legal Transcription Services
  • Academic Research Transcription Services
  • Audio Transcription Services
  • Government Transcription Services
  • Interviews, Meetings, & Speech Transcription 

Benefits of Choosing “AustralianTranslationServices”

An ISO-Certified National Transcription Services

Our ISO certification ensures world-class deliveries with high-quality services and products. We efficiently maintain and improve our information security management system. We strive to offer a continuously improving suite of solutions, empowering us to provide accurate and quality transcription services.

Handle Large Volumes

Our expert team of industry-experienced transcriptionists is present in all major cities in Australia. Our clients from around the world entrust us to handle a large volume of work, and we provide the best quality audio transcription services for all file sizes. Whether you need media or medical transcription, we can help with your transcription requirements. 

Benefits of Choosing “AustralianTranslationServices”

Deliver All Work Within Timeline

Our transcriptionists work on tight deadlines‌. The turnaround time can range from two hours to a couple of weeks. We always meet the turnaround time to transcribe audio and video files to match your needs. Our accuracy and low rate make us the leading professional transcription services in Australia and worldwide.

Helpful & Friendly Professional Support

Our dedicated support staff is always available for all our clients to answer phone calls, promptly respond to their emails, and have live chats to provide comprehensive support during business hours. You can even fill out the simple form on our website mentioning your transcription needs. We will appoint a dedicated project manager to handle your work. We also provide comprehensive brochure translation services in a time-bound manner.

How Does Our Transcription Services Online Work? 

Get your audio or video file professionally transcribed with our perfectly crafted five simple steps. We have simplified the entire process of translation:

  1. You record audio or video files you want to transcribe.
  2. Upload video and audio files to your ATS account.
  3. Our audio transcriber creates text forms for your files.
  4. We check for quality before delivering the work.
  5. You receive the finished audio transcription within the turnaround time 

We handle every audio file with utmost care. Send us the order form following the process above to get the best Australia Translation.

How Does Our Transcription Services Online Work?

How Much Do Transcription Services Cost?

How Much Do Transcription Services Cost?<br />

Professional transcription services may charge per audio minute of recording. For example, a 60-minute transcription at $1 will cost $60. Some companies also charge extra costs for transcriptions. These companies use verbatim files that include “aahs” and “ums” to transcribe.  

If you often need audio transcription services, you must take subscription-based services to save money. We offer low-cost, high-quality transcription services in Australia, always on time. We also handle audio files with multiple speakers. The charge goes up when you provide a poor audio recording. Get the free quote now.

Handle Every Type of Document

Multiple Formats

Our experts can transcribe from video or audio formats, including MP3, MPEG, WAV, or traditional audio players and cassettes.

You can send the audio to us via email or directly on CD, whatever suits you. That is why clients’ location is not a barrier for us. You can request our transcription service in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and anywhere. 

Multiple Languages

We also transcribe the audio you wish to translate from one language to another. That implies you get quality Transcription and Translation under one roof. 

Our skilled transcribers have decades of experience in the field and can handle critical projects of varied scale, complexity, and urgency.

Call us for the best deals now.

Handle Every Type of Document

Hire the Professional Transcription Service

You can avail of the best Australian transcription services to fulfil your academic, interview, general, medical, legal, business, and other requirements.

Best Pricing

We provide the transcripts of audio and video in your desired formats. We commit to providing the best pricing in the industry without compromising the quality of the transcript. Our transparent service rates and promptness in service delivery place us as the leading transcription service. Call for the best rates now. 

Perfect Academic Transcript,

Our highly skilled transcribers cater to fulfilling global clients’ needs.

Hire the Professional Transcription Service<br />

Our expert transcribers easily handle the healthcare industry, academic interviews, police interviews, etc. We proofread all transcripts thoroughly and undergo rigorous quality checks before delivery. Get quality interview transcripts now.

100% Confidential

We sign confidentiality agreements to provide solid data security for all your documents. All your confidential data and information are in safe hands. We do not divulge any of your details to third parties. We are strict with our ethics and committed to our clients to provide quality translation service.

Easy & Simple Process

We provide in-depth and specialised transcription services. We have simplified the entire process to provide excellent customer satisfaction. You can send us the order and receive the quality transcription using just a few simple steps. You can even fill up the simple form on our website to send us your transcription requirements.

What Do Our Clients say About Us?

What Do Our Clients say About Us?<br />

Thanks for your services, and I appreciate the quality of your work. You will always be on my list for future transcription work, and I will recommend my colleagues. All the best to the team.

ATS provides true satisfaction, and I am a witness to this. The friendly and professional approach mesmerises you, and transcription experts thoroughly understand their work. They know what is required and provide quality services with faster turnaround.  

I can take responsibility for the authenticity of the services provided by the AustralianTranslationServices. They offer the best quality and the most affordable transcripts at your doorstep.

You may connect with them during business hours for any query. Thank You, Guys!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much is a transcription service?

The reasonable estimate of the transcription service varies for different companies. However, the scale of the project, complexity, poor background noise and urgency will add more cost to the overall transcription service.

2. What does a transcription service do?

The transcription service is a business that hires industry experts to convert live or recorded speech into written or electronic text. Many academic, medical, and legal companies require transcription.

3. How long does it take to transcribe 1 hour of audio?

It depends upon the quality of the audio. We will complete the audio within a few hours if it is clear with no background noise. However, if there are issues, it might take over four hours to transcribe one hour of audio. 

4. What does a 1-minute transcription cost?

We price general transcription services between $1.50 and $5.00 per audio minute. However, it may vary depending on the project’s complexity, scale, and urgency. It is always better to subscribe to transcription if you often need it.

5. What are Medical Transcription Services?

Medical transcription, or MT, does the manual processing of voice reports. Physicians and other healthcare professionals dictate these reports. The MT team of a hospital typically receives the voice files with the dictation of medical documents from healthcare providers. We then converted the voice files into text.