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Aug 22, 2019 | Migration

Who Needs A Migration Certificate? Find The Migration Policies Of Australia Here!

Nowadays, people from different countries are making Australia their permanent residential address. In the last few years, immigrants have been significantly contributing to the economy of the country.

The Australian climate, working conditions, community, and the nature of the job suits most of the migrants. This is the primary reason behind the large scale immigration to Australia from different regions of the world.

However, you have to undergo a series of official documentation to apply for an Australian VISA. You must submit some required certificates in English to apply for the VISA.

Many translation service providers are there in Australia boasting of 1000+ experienced and highly qualified translation experts. The migration translators assist you in translating the required certificates in English from the native language.

But besides taking a final decision to shift to Australia, you must delve deep into the details of the Australian migration procedure like how to apply for Australian Citizenship, as it is necessary to get all the benefits while living in Australia. Here we go-

Some Key Benefits Of Migrating To Australia

Australia is an advanced sovereign country with a powerful infrastructure and economy. It is the world’s sixth-largest country in terms of the total area as well as the largest country in Oceania. The immigrants get benefits to work, live, and settle in this country permanently to settle their business.

  • Australia offers huge employment opportunities for the talented, young foreign job-seekers. The skill shortage in Australia makes it a career-growing hub for the workers to explore different types of career profiles throughout the continent.
  • The Skilled nominated VISA or independent VISA provides permanent residency to the migrants with an occupation that is high in demand in the Australian labour market. This permanent residential status offers the people to reside in the advanced continent like Australia.
  • Australia is a bestowing country as you can bring up the family amidst several security benefits. One can also nurture the ailing persons of his family with subsidized health care facilities.
  • Many people want to shift to Australia for establishing their business also. This country encourages ideal democratic policies and a strong economy. Also, Australia is a paradise for financial organizations and international trade. So, many business-minded people prefer to shift to Australia to invest in a business.
  • The world-class education system in Australia makes the country an ideal centre to build up the academic life of an ambitious student. Australia is famous for the University of Newcastle, University of Technology, Sydney (UTS), Monash University, University of New South Wales , and University of Melbourne. Students across the world nurture the dream of studying in these universities. Hence, they try their heart and soul to migrate to the ideal study destination in the world to pursue higher education.
  • It is an exotic place and famous for the mesmerizing beauty of nature. Millions of people from every corner of the world cherish to visit Australia at least once in their lifetime to explore the stunning beaches and spell bounding islands. People want to stay in the world-class cities of Australia, flow in the vibrant lifestyle and enjoy sports and recreation activities.
  • When you are immigrating to Australia, you will experience faster VISA processing and ideal settings. The points-based immigration system makes the country even more suitable to apply for permanent residency.

Also, if your children wish to study in Australia, it is mandatory to have an academic transcript. Thus, you must know details here.

Eligibility Criteria For Australian Immigration

The Australian Department of Immigration encourages uncomplicated immigration policies and an organized immigration system. The most common immigration routes for Australia are nominated/ sponsored VISAs and skilled migration VISAs.

Let’s Check Out The Prime Eligibility And Requirements While Applying For Common Work VISA

  • The applicant applying for the skilled or sponsored work VISAs must be under 50 years of age.
  • An applicant must give an English language proficiency test to get IELTS Certification done with a sound score.
  • The VISA applicants complete their Skill Assessment from a recognized assessing authority.
  • As per your VISA requirement, get the sponsoring from the Australian state and territory government.
  • You can select an occupation to apply from the CSOL/SOL list of Australia. If someone applies for a general Skilled Migration VISA and his occupation are not on the Skilled Occupation List, but on the CSOL, then his application must be sponsored by a State or Territory Government.
  • Afterwards, the immigrants have to submit an Expression of Interest ( EOI ).
  • Applicants must score at least 60 points in the point-based system on the key profile factors like education, age, work experience, and English proficiency.
  • Provide essential certification which confirms that you are in good health and of a gentle character.



Are There Any Australian Immigration Policies And Rules For The New Immigrants?

Australia is a culturally diverse and secular country. But the Australian immigration and VISA rules and policy are equal for all the immigrants regarding their differences in their culture, cast, and origin. The immigration policy has been set up by the Australian government without any prejudice and discrimination.

This policy is based on keeping in mind the development of the society and the community of Australia. It is for the betterment of the requirements and the interest of the Australian Labour Market, economy and industries.

However, the immigration rules and policies of this country are subjected to differ from time to time according to the requirements of the country’s economy, growth, and changing environment across the globe. One should aware of the minor details of the migration policies and rules in Australia. Check out what else you need to submit to get your Australian VISA.


What Is The Point-Based Immigration System Of Australia?

The Australian immigration department conducts the point-based immigration system to permit immigrants to enter and stay in the country. They need to perform well and score good points to qualify for Australia immigration.

The minimum points needed to become eligible for point-based visas are 60 points. However, the more points you score your chances of getting elected increases more.


Take A Look At The Stepwise Australian Immigration Process-

  • Score the appropriate points and complete the IELTS certification
  • A relevant assessing authority will then take your Skill Assessment
  • Select an occupation from a skilled occupation list to apply
  • Get nomination or sponsorship if applicable from an Australian State or territory
  • After that, you can submit the Expression of Interest on SkillSelct
  • The applicant will get an invitation if his profile is selected to apply for the VISA
  • The applicants usually have 60 days  in hand to submit the VISA application

The processing time varies according to the VISA category or types you select. The processing time generally takes a minimum of one month to ten months. It takes even more time, depending on the VISA category you chose.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What was the White Australian immigration policy?

In the White Australia Policy, the legislation was intended not only to limit the number of non-white immigrants entering Australia but also to deport “undesirable” immigrants who were already in Australia.

2. How did the White Australia policy affect migration?

White Australia’s policies had an immediate impact and rapidly changed demographics. In 1947, only 2.7% of her population was born outside Australia, Ireland or Britain. This effect was most pronounced among the Asian population.

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